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over the mountains of the moon, down the valley of shadow

"ride boldly, ride," the shade replied. "if you search for el dorado."

fall down. get dirty.
Hi, I'm Ana.

s t u f f

I am into a lot of shows and books. Currently watching/into Teen Wolf, Elementary, Lucy Liu, Natalie Dormer, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Shameless, Parks and Rec, Community, Merlin (sob), Spartacus, Black Sails, and probably some other ones that I haven't listed. If you follow me on tumblr, they're all there. I have the same screen name everywhere for easy access.
t o

This profile was outdated. I have since added a bunch of indie songs to my Itouch, deleted old songs, and have fallen in love with Kesha. Nothing really to add.

k n o w

Most of my writing is on AO3 now, but you might get the occasional fic on drownwith_me. AO3 name is static_abyss.
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