LJ Idol Season 11 Week 14: Raising Barns

This is my official sacrificial post.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and read my stuff this round. I appreciate the time you all put in and I can't tell you how much the encouragement has meant to me. I joined Idol last season at Dreamwidth and I am glad I joined this season, too.

Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way. There are things I have to do that will take time to sort out, but I hope to have everything in order in time for the next season. So, if all goes well, I will see you all again, and I will do my best to keep reading and commenting.

Best of luck to you all.

A Different Sort of Introduction

Hello, my name is Ana.

I recently introduced myself in a roundabout and vague way for LJ Idol's introduction round. I haven't ever really done an introduction post because some part of me is afraid of evil strangers on the internet, despite having made most of my close friends online. I suppose, some things from our youth never really leave us.

Not really introducing myself is probably also part of my personality. I like to talk to people for a while before I really give away intimate details. That's not to say that I don't share with my casual friends or don't consider the people I talk to my friends. I just don't feel like I should put my problems on other people when we all came here to have fun. Which is an issue I have always struggled with, not asking for help when I need it. I'm working in it.

In any case, I want this to be a more direct introduction than just me inserting details of my life into my stories. Hidden so that no one would ever be able to 100% guess what parts are me and which are not.

My name is Ana. I am queer and first generation American. My family is Mexican. My mom's family is native Mexican as far back as any of them can remember. My dad's family is mixed, about 15% with either Spanish or French. Not willingly, but that's just something we all have to deal with in some way.

I don't specify either my gender or my sexuality because I am not sure whether I fully understand what my relationship with gender is, and if I don't define my gender then I can't really define my sexuality. Suffice to say, I am not exactly cis or straight. I am Catholic in the same way every Mexican is Catholic. Which was not a great time when I finally realized I wasn't straight.

I like reading books and I like writing. I never really believed anything of mine was worth reading until I joined Idol last season, so thank you all for that.

Everything in my stories is linked in some way with myself or my family, so in some ways, what I put down on paper is me. But in the end, all my stories are fiction, unless otherwise stated.

I am happy to be joining Idol for this season, and I can't wait to get to know you all.

The Real LJ Idol

I joined LJ Idol last season when it was over at dreamwidth, and I very much enjoyed my time there, so this is me declaring intent to participate in the latest season. I encourage anyone who wants to sign up to do so.

Sign Ups are open until Thursday, September 19, 2019. You can sign up here

Yuletide: Dear Author Letter

First off, thank you so much for writing me something. I am 100% sure I am going to love whatever I receive. But here are some things just to give you an idea of what I do/do not like, plus some prompts.

Collapse )

And that's pretty much it. I am static_abyss on LJ, Dreamwidth, tumblr and AO3 in case you wanted to take a look at anything there that might give you an idea of what I like. In general, if I've written about a particular trope then that means I'm very interested in it. Also, anything I reblog on tumblr, I like. And here is a page on my tumblr with a bunch of aus and writing related stuff for more inspiration.

Once again, thank you so much dear author, and Happy Holidays ♥♥♥

uss denny help

uss denny help

Okay, so this is a screenshot of the beginning of your fic. I circled the part that needs editing. You just need to erase the second lj-cut tag there and it should fix the problem. I tried it as a separate entry and it worked. But if it doesn't then I can post for you on the comm.