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Things Happen II 1/11

A/N: Hey there lovelies!!!! First off thank you all so much for all the support for my last fic. I love you all for being so sweet and nice and caring. I love you all and thank you so much for sticking with me so far, for all the lovely comments and everything. <3 And now: OH MY GOD CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE I ACTUALLY POSTED THE HANCHUL CHAPTER EARLY???? EARLY! It can't be because I am just dying to know what you all think. It's probably just a coincidence. *sigh* Ok, so do not be disappointed. I try and fail a lot so...well =) HANCHUL, that's all I really have to say right? GO READ BABIES!!! <3

Hankyung rolled over. He was looking at Heechul’s sleeping face or so the other man wanted him to think. He could tell from the tense, closed lids of Heechul’s eyes that the other man was not asleep. It gave Hankyung a very mischievous idea as he moved to place a kiss on Heechul’s eyes.

“Hm? Who are you?” Heechul asked opening his eyes. “What are you doing? So annoying, don’t you know the meaning of a one night stand? You leave now. No hanging around hoping you’ll get lucky.”

Hankyung laughed as he rolled out of bed and stretched. He didn’t need to see Heechul to know that the other man couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He smirked and picked up his pants. He slipped into them reveling in the moan that left Heechul’s mouth.


Hankyung’s smirk grew more pronounced. He picked up his shirt and pulled it over his head. Once he was fully clothed, he turned to Heechul who stretched lazily under the covers. And now, it was Hankyung’s turn to watch. He saw Heechul’s smirk and didn’t care.

“You know if you hadn’t put your clothes on, you could be right here with me.” Heechul said.

Hankyung said nothing. He leaned down and placed a hand on top the covers over Heechul’s arm. He leaned down and instead of kissing Heechul as was expected he breathed in the scent of the other man. It had been too long a wait for him. He wanted nothing more than to throw everything off and crawl back into the warmth of Heechul’s embrace, but he was Hankyung and he had to get going.

“I have to go see Sungmin.” He breathed against Heechul’s lips.

“Tch, not like that you’re not. I want you in sweatpants, a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt, before you go see the pink fluff ball. And don’t do it after you go to the gym. Shower first and put on a hat. Don’t wear sunglasses. And wear your winter jacket too.” Heechul said frowning as he thought.

Hankyung laughed. “What’s wrong with going the way I am now?”

He watched Heechul’s frown and he loved it. It was nice to see some form of possessiveness from Heechul, especially since he rarely felt anything close to that lately. It wasn’t that Heechul didn’t love him; it was just that things had cooled significantly since Eunhyuk and Donghae had gotten back together, mostly because Heechul was now the one in charge of touring Kyuhyun. Donghae could do little more than be with Eunhyuk every second of the day.

“You look too…if I want to rip your clothes off then you can’t go.” Heechul said.

“Oh? And would you not want to rip off my clothes if I were wearing a winter jacket?”

“Shut up.”

Hankyung smiled. He moved away and picked up the jacket he had dropped on the floor sometime last night. He pulled it on and ran a hand through his hair. He straightened the jacket and frowned as he tried to smooth down his shirt.

“You know maybe you should go see Sungmin.” Heechul said carelessly. “It’ll give me time to spend some time with Kyuhyun. I need to teach him a few things. I’m the one with more experience.”

Hankyung didn’t like the way Heechul said that. He didn’t like it at all. And he liked it even less when he turned back to the bed and saw that Heechul was looking at his nails as if he had said nothing. He didn’t know why he suddenly had the urge to press Heechul against that bed and make him breathless. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to hurt in a very physical way. But, he just settled for a smirk.

“I can teach Sungmin a few things too. Maybe more than you can teach Kyuhyun, since I think between us, I have the more experience.”

He watched Heechul’s eyes darken, whether in anger or something else he didn’t know. But, he didn’t care, not when Heechul spoke next.

“I’m better. And if I ever need help maybe Kyuhyun can help.”

“No,” Hankyung said walking slowly, his eyes never leaving Heechul.

“Oh, yes,” Heechul said dragging out the words. “Kyuhyun.”

Hankyung would be lying if he said that it didn’t bother him to hear that name come out of Heechul’s mouth and in that tone no less. But, it was enough to bring him to the edge of the bed. His hand pulled Heechul up into a sitting position, the blanket pooling around Heechul’s waist. He kneeled on the floor tangling his hands in Heechul’s long hair.

Heechul looked at him, the darkness in his eyes identifiable to Hankyung now.

“Kyuhyun.” Heechul smirked.

Hankyung’s eyes darkened at the name. He brought Heechul’s head down roughly, pulling harder than was really necessary. Mine. They kissed each other hungrily, aggressively, a bit too much on Hankyung’s part. He bit down on Heechul’s bottom lip, dragging a moan out the other man. Mine. His hand on Heechul’s arm was too tight, enough to leave a bruise. Mine. His teeth on Heechul’s neck were going to leave a mark, a mark that said mine.

Hankyung pulled away roughly. He stood up and licked his lips.

“I have to go. Sungmin needs me.” He said loving the disoriented look on Heechul’s face.


Hankyung smirked. “The pink fluff ball.”

“Fix your hair.” Heechul commanded.

“Why?” Hankyung asked, eyes wide and as innocent as he could get them considering what he had just done. “I thought you wanted everyone to know who I belonged to.”

He loved the blush on Heechul’s face. He would never get enough of that, never get used to Heechul’s random bouts of shyness. They were endearing. Sometimes Kim Heechul was just too much. Hankyung walked over to place a quick kiss on Heechul’s cheek.

“I’ll see you in class.” He said leaving behind a very dazed Heechul.

Hankyung would have been lying if he had said that he wasn’t practically skipping to his dorm. He really didn’t need to see Sungmin, not yet anyway, but he just loved the looks that got from Heechul. Not that he could ever escape unharmed. Ever since Heechul had found out the extent of Hankyung’s jealousy, he had been using the very same trick Hankyung loved to use on him. It would have been frustrating if it weren’t so hot.

But, all thoughts of Heechul left his head when he realized what he had walked into as he walked into his dorm. Eunhyuk and Donghae were very close as they sat on the couch, too close for Hankyung’s liking. He didn’t even bother to think that he and Heechul had done something much less innocent, as he cleared his throat loudly. He waited for Donghae to disentangle himself before speaking.

“We have an hour before we have to go to class. Someone go wake Yesung, while I go shower.”

He heard the murmured yes and left to shower. He had his clothes mostly off when he realized just how much his hair and overall expression screamed LOSS OF INNOCENCE. He scoffed. As if there was any innocence left to lose with Ryeowook and Yesung and Donghae and Eunhyuk all hanging off each other all the time. It seemed that the only two who hadn’t benefitted from the renewed Eunhae relationship were him and Heechul.

He showered and was still muttering angry nonsense when he sat down to have some coffee.


He looked up and into Sungmin’s smiling face. The younger man sat down on his chair causing Hankyung to either move over or pull Min into his lap. He decided on the latter not really wanting to move from the chair.

“Hello, Min. Mind telling me why you jumped me like this this morning?”

“I wanted to see what kind of reaction this got from Heechul-sshi, but he’s not here is he?” Sungmin said jumping up. “We have to go soon anyway, since you never want to be late, ever.”

Hankyung agreed. He swallowed as much coffee as he could then, yelled for Eunhyuk and Yesung. He shouldn’t have. Ryeowook and Donghae were still there. So, instead of walking the way they had always walked ever since Sungmin had become honorary member of the Golden Boys, they walked in pairs. Sungmin wasn’t holding onto Hankyung. They had pretty much stopped that ever since Heechul had seen them together the first time. But, that didn’t mean that Yesung and Ryeowook weren’t hanging off each other or that Donghae and Eunhyuk weren’t gazing into each other’s eyes. Frankly, all the love was making Hankyung sick.

“I don’t get it.” He finally said to Sungmin as a girl handed him a box. “Thank you.”

He smiled at her and smirked when she nearly went into hysterics. Yeah, he was enjoying this. He frowned when he realized what he was thinking. He had been hanging out with Heechul for far too long. He was even starting to sound like Heechul in his head.

“What don’t you get?” Sungmin asked.

“I can’t stand to look at Eunhae or Yewook or whatever it is these people call them. They’re making me sick, but at the same time…” he trailed off.

“At the same time, you wish you could be like that with Heechul.” Sungmin finished for him.

“Is it that obvious?” He asked half laughing.

“It is to me. It would be to those four over there too, if they weren’t so focused on each other. I know it must be hard to like someone and want to be with them, but not be able to.”

“You know, Min, when you talk like that sometimes it scares me. I get this feeling that you’re talking about me and you.” Hankyung said only half joking.

Sungmin smiled at him. “It was you in the beginning. It was you for a long time, but then I saw how happy Heechul made you and I had to give up. I’m crazy over someone else now.”



“And can I ask who that is?”

But, really there was no need to ask or even for Sungmin to answer the question. Hankyung knew who it was the minute Heechul and Kyuhyun walked into the classroom together. He saw how Sungmin’s eyes followed every move Kyuhyun made. He watched the small frown that mirrored his own as Heechul tightened his hold on the younger man. It could be said that it was a protective move, but to Hankyung it just looked seductive.

He didn’t really know if it was his own mind playing with him or if Heechul was just that way. He knew enough to understand that Kim Heechul would never be able to do anything without it being seductive to some degree. But, that didn’t mean he liked it. He definitely didn’t like it. And he wished more than anything that he could go over and pull Heechul against him, the way Donghae was holding Eunhyuk. 

But, he had to settle for locking eyes with Heechul since half the class was there already. He hated them for being so early. In the beginning, they had always trickled in at the very last minute, but ever since word spread that the Golden Boys were always on time, not a single student had ever been late. He wished they were all gone and that he was alone with Heechul. He just needed one moment, just one.

“Hello Kyuhyun.” Sungmin said snapping Hankyung out of his musing.

“Hello, hyung.” Kyuhyun answered.

Hankyung smirked at the color that rose into Kyuhyun’s cheeks as Sungmin winked. He was sure Sungmin had noticed, but it didn’t seem like it. He shook his head and turned to take a seat next to Eunhyuk, but Donghae was already there. He shook his head and turned to Yesung, but Ryeowook was there. He stifled his annoyance and surveyed the classroom.

There were too many people all spread out, but he found two seats in the middle to the left and two seats in the back right. He was going to take Sungmin’s hand when he realized that Sungmin was already sitting down next Kyuhyun which meant…he turned and there was Heechul asking a question with his eyes. He rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically as he took a seat next to Heechul.

“What was that?” Heechul asked.

“It was me being disappointed that Kyuhyun stole Sungmin from me. We were having such an enlightening conversation after all.”

“Oh? About what? Or is it too dirty for me to hear, because that’s the reason I haven’t told you what Kyu and I talked about.” Heechul whispered in his ear.

Hankyung was saved from answering, by one of their classmates. The girl leaned over to smile at Hankyung and then just stopped and stared at Heechul. Hankyung’s eyes narrowed as he watched her. Heechul, however, offered her a smile.

“Heechul oppa,” she said frowning. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Hankyung watched Heechul’s raised eyebrows. He laughed when he saw what the girl was looking at so intently. He followed her eyes to Heechul’s neck. There, in plain sight, was a blossoming bruise that could not be hidden, not unless Heechul wore a scarf for the next few days.

“Don’t worry, Sunshine,” Hankyung said winking. “If he does have a girlfriend I’ll be sure to let you know first.”

He smiled at the blush on the girls face. He turned to Heechul with a triumphant expression that he really should have controlled.

“Wait, I can tell you now.” Heechul said plastering on that dark smile of his. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I had a friend over last night, a very…enthusiastic friend. I could use another one today. Are you busy?”

Hankyung watched the blush on the girl’s cheek darken and wondered what the hell they were doing. He didn’t care. It was not like he was going to lose to Heechul, not now, not after this morning, not after that Kyuhyun show.

“She’s busy Heechul.” Hankyung said taking the girl’s hand. “She’s promised to help me study tonight and tomorrow night and the night after that and maybe even the morning after, isn’t that right?”

He watched the girl swallow. It brought back the smirk.

“Oh, wait.” Heechul said. “We can’t. We have that thing tonight.”

“Right.” Hankyung said releasing the poor girl who was practically swooning. “We have that thing. I’m sorry. Maybe some other time?”

She nodded and turned away.
“What was that?” Heechul asked after class.

Hankyung didn’t waste time. He rarely got time alone with Heechul. They could talk later. He moved forward to close the small distance between them when the door to the classroom opened. Hankyung groaned as Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung, Eunhyuk and Donghae all walked in.

“Go away.” He snarled pulling Heechul close to him.

“I would suggest you go away now.” Heechul gasped. “Leave. Then again, you can stay. I don’t care.”

Hankyung sighed and let go of Heechul. He walked to the opposite side of the empty classroom and sat down. He glared at the men around the room and leaned back into the chair. He wasn’t comfortable. He wasn’t happy.

“What do you want?” He asked covering his face with his arm.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Eunhyuk asked.

Hankyung opened his eyes and saw real worry in Eunhyuk’s face. He sighed and stood up.

“I’m fine.” He said patting Eunhyuk’s head. “I just needed a break with Heechul, that’s all. Did you need anything?”

“No, we didn’t.” Eunhyuk said.

“We were just worried.” Yesung said moving away from Ryeowook.


“Yeah, you and Heechul were practically devouring each other in class.” Ryeowook said. “It’s signs of sexual tension. Are you two okay? You practically killed Sunny today.”

Hankyung sighed. He knew he wasn’t himself, but what could he do really. He and Heechul never had any alone time. The two of them were young men who needed time alone together. Before, Donghae and Eunhyuk, they’d had plenty of time together. Now, everything was messy. He only saw Heechul with Kyuhyun or any of the others. And when they did have time together, it was always rushed, never enough.

“Sungmin.” He said finally.

Sungmin stepped forward. Hankyung didn’t wait for any of the other’s reactions. He grabbed Sungmin’s hand and pulled him out of the classroom. He stopped when they were far away enough that Hankyung could use his brain again. He leaned against the wall and tried to relearn how to breathe.

“What’s wrong?” Sungmin asked.

Hankyung laughed. “Do you really have to ask?”

“Just wanted to clarify. If you’re having that kind of problem, you should have brought Heechul here.”

Hankyung shook his head. “He needs to go and I need to calm down. And you help with that. Say something. Bore me or make me laugh, anything, Min, just distract me.”

A/N: Go where Heechul? AHHH!!! *hides* See nothing much happened. I hope you aren't too disappointed, but that was it. It was the first chapter so I had to take things easy. But, the next chapter is...interesting...*evil smile* (this is for that Hanchul hotel room tease) =) So, anyway guys, what did you think? Pretty anticlimactic no? And now I am off to spot a couple of people, but this one is pretty much a free for all so who ever gets there first because it is the first chapter, but if you want a spot on the next chapter just let me know and I will be more than happy to have one for you. =) I love you all <33333333
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