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Things Happen III 2/11

A/N: Hello there babies. Before I go on I just wanted to address certain less-than-happy PMs I got. I just wanted to say that I wrote this fic and as the author I have the right to write whatever I want and if you don't like it then the solution is simple: Don't Read It. And I am not going to change the story line just because of some less-than-nice PMs seriously. You all have a right to your opinions and that means I have a right to write whatever I want. And now, for the rest of you dears. Here is the next chapter and I am glad that you all liked the last chapter and I hope you like this one too. It's moving sort of fast because well, we all know what happens or you do if you read the Hanchul =) As you can see this fic is going to be 11 chapters long and then I'll post the KyuMin. Might I say that I just love the Kyumin? =) I hope you like this chapter my loves <3


Yesung muttered something and pulled Eunhyuk closer against him. The younger man had come to him in the middle of the night and they had both crawled into his bed for the second night in a row.

“Move over.”

Yesung opened his eyes. He saw Hankyung leaning over him and had to smile. He tried to wake Eunhyuk, but ended up pushing him off the bed because it was so small. He sat up and tried to help Eunhyuk, but Hankyung pulled him up first. The three of them ended up in Eunhyuk’s room and Hankyung was the first to lie down with Eunhyuk in his arms.

Yesung looked at them for a second. He smiled down at the two most important people in his life. He lay down next to Hankyung and wrapped his arms around the other man. He wanted to protect them and keep them safe. And he was safe here too. He was with his friend who didn’t expect anything from him and who he didn’t demand anything from.

Yesung woke up the next morning because Hankyung threw a pillow at him. He groaned, but got up, showered and had breakfast. He still wasn’t ready to head to class, but the happy look in Hankyung’s eyes made him walk out the door with a smile of his own. They walked together for a while then found Sungmin. Yesung smiled at the surprised look on Sungmin’s face as Hankyung beamed at him.

He almost laughed, but stopped himself. He noticed that Eunhyuk had stopped walking and when he looked up there was Donghae and Ryeowook. Yesung saw Eunhyuk run to Donghae. He watched how Donghae opened his arms and laughed when Eunhyuk hugged him. He watched how the two looked at each other and he wished with all his heart that he could have that.

He looked at Hankyung and saw that his friend was watching the Eunhae couple with a longing expression and he smiled at how sad they both were. They both wanted what they couldn’t have, what they had once had. He sighed.

When he looked up Wookie was watching him with a weird look in his eyes. It took Yesung a moment to realize that Wookie was expecting him to run over. It made him angry for some reason to know that he was the one expected to chase, that Wookie just had to wait and he would go.

But, he walked over anyway. He did what was expected of him. He went into Ryeowook’s arms. Ryeowook took his hand and Yesung looked at them.


He leaned down so that he was closer to Wookie, their faces almost pressed against each other.


He placed a soft kiss on Ryeowook’s cheek, left a lingering touch.


He frowned. What was wrong? Had he done something wrong?

He looked at Ryeowook and the same scared look was in his eyes. What had happened? Where was that warmth that usually filled them both? Where was the need to feel more, to stay together longer? Where had it all gone?

“Excuse, me. I need my Golden Boys.” Hankyung said pulling Yesung away.

He didn’t fight it. He let Hankyung take him to class. He let Hankyung sit him down. He even let Hankyung pull him up at the end of class and take them all to lunch. He walked only because he had to, not because he wanted to. He ate because he had to make sure Hankyung ate. And he sat where Hankyung lead him to because he had to sit.

But, he didn’t understand. He didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to get away from everyone. Why he suddenly wanted to be away from Wookie. Why he suddenly wished they would all go away so that he could sit by himself and wonder.

That’s why when he felt Hankyung’s head on his shoulder, he moved. He knew it was mean, but he didn’t want to be touched.
“If you sleep now, you won’t get any sleep later.” He explained hurriedly when Hankyung asked why.

He moved away and watched as Sungmin pulled Hankyung into his lap. He saw the way Kyuhyun never moved his eyes from Sungmin. He watched Kyuhyun go over to Hankyung and pull him onto his lap, moving so that he was as close to Sungmin as possible.

“I’ve always wanted a sexy brunette on my lap.” Kyuhyun said.

The younger man’s voice was joking. But, Yesung saw how his eyes were serious. And Kyuhyun was looking at Sungmin when he said it.
Again, there it was, that small annoyance that made him want to yell at Kyuhyun. He wanted to yell at Sungmin for having what he wanted, wanted to yell at Kyuhyun for giving what he wanted to give. He wanted to get away. He knew Wookie was looking at him, wondering, wanting to ask him. And he wanted so desperately to answer him, to tell him that it was okay. He loved Wookie. He had to love Wookie.

He could never hurt the one person who had cared for so long. He knew it was wrong. He knew he would be a bad boyfriend if he let go. Ryeowook didn’t want to let go. Ryeowook was trying to keep them together and he was the one who doubted. He was the one who thought of friends. It was his fault.

He took a step back and felt something sturdy or more precisely, someone. Yesung straightened up and turned to apologize, but he saw who it was. Heechul was there standing next to…someone. And it was a very impressive someone.

The guy was tall and muscular. His dark hair was short and cut neatly. He had big dark eyes and prominent eyebrows that gave him the appearance of being older, wiser than his normal years. He smiled as Heechul said something and Yesung noticed the smile.

It was the kind of smile that would melt girl’s hearts. It was a smile that filled the face completely, that made the man behind it look beautiful, that was innocent. The two twin dimples winked at him as the eyes wrinkled slightly in the corner.

“This is Siwon, my fiancé.” Heechul said.

Yesung looked at Hankyung. His friend was watching Heechul, but he couldn’t hide the pain in his eyes. No one could hide that much pain. Yesung made to move forward, but Sungmin was the one who pulled Hankyung away. It was Sungmin who glared at Heechul.

Yesung let them go. He shared a look with Eunhyuk and they both knew that Sungmin would handle it. Right now, they needed to be here. They needed to know what Heechul was doing here and why he had a fiancé named Siwon.

“What the hell are you doing hyung?” Wookie asked.

Yesung looked at him and saw that Wookie really was concerned. That worry melted something inside him and he moved to take Ryeowook’s hand. He saw Wookie falter slightly as Yesung made to grab his hand, but Yesung took it in his. He gave it a light affectionate squeeze and waited for Heechul to answer.

“I’m not really his fiancé.” Siwon said.

“Shut up Siwon. I talk. You just stand there and look pretty. That’s what we agreed on.” Heechul said. “And can someone tell me why Hankyung was all over Sungmin and Kyuhyun? And why he’s not here right now with me?”

Yesung frowned. “Why would he be here? Why would he even want to see you? After what you did to him? What are you Kim Heechul?”

“Yesung.” Eunhyuk gasped.

“No.” He said ignoring them because he was angry. “I haven’t seen Hankyung cry since we were little and he broke his arm. And now, because of you Heechul, I saw him cry again. Are you satisfied? Did leaving make you happy? Does making people sad give you some sick pleasure?”

“Yesung, that’s not what happened.”

Yesung glared at the other man. He wasn’t in the mood to hear it. He could tell that Eunhyuk didn’t want to hear it either.

“Hyung, maybe you should explain because I’m with Yesung on this one.” Wookie said.

Yesung gave a grateful smile, but all he got in return was a blank look.

“Siwon isn’t my boyfriend. He’s pretending to be my fiancé so that my father can leave me alone. There’s nothing here. We just have to make it look like there is something.” Heechul said while Siwon nodded.

“Then what the hell are you still doing here?” Eunhyuk asked. “Go after him. NOW! Do you know how long he’s been waiting for you? Hyung hasn’t slept in days because he didn’t want to miss you if you came back. GO!”

Heechul was uncertain for a moment. He looked at Yesung and Yesung nodded. He watched Heechul walk away slowly, his head down.

“Well, I’m sorry about that.” Siwon said. “We should have explained sooner.”

“I’m glad you did explain.” Donghae said. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be very nice to you.”

“Yeah.” Eunhyuk said. “Hankyung hyung is ours.”

“He seems nice. Good looking too. I know why Heechul likes him so much.” Siwon said smiling and turning to Yesung. “You were pretty harsh on Heechul. Are you very close to Hankyung-sshi?”

Yesung nodded. “He’s my friend.”

“Friend? With that reaction?”

Yesung frowned. “Yes. My friend.”

Siwon nodded.

There was an awkward silence that was broken by Kyuhyun’s suggestion to go to the dorms, well any dorm besides Hankyung’s. Yesung started to follow, but he felt Ryeowook’s hand around his wrist. He turned to his boyfriend and smiled.

“Thank you.” Yesung said.

“For what?” Ryeowook asked his voice colder than Yesung had ever heard it. “I did what you wanted. Are you happy now? Will you stop complaining now? I didn’t date you so you could complain. I dated you because I thought you were going to be different. I thought you would understand me. I can’t believe I thought I could be me with you.”

Yesung looked back mouth opened. What was he hearing?

“I’m glad I made you happy Yesung.” Wookie continued. “Glad we’re still dating. I can’t believe I’m stuck with you.”

Stuck with you? What was this? Where was the Ryeowook who laughed whenever Yesung said anything even remotely funny? Where was the Ryeowook who was nice and gentle? Where was Ryeowook?

“I don’t understand.” Yesung started.

“Oh that’s new.” Wookie said rolling his eyes. “You never understand Yesung.”

“Then explain.”

“Okay, okay. I get it.” Wookie said nodding. “Let me say this so you can understand. Yesterday when you told me we never talk and we always fight, do you remember? Yes? Okay, well yesterday I realized that we do fight and I know why I stopped trying to make up.”

“Why?” Yesung asked almost too afraid to hear the answer.

“Because, I know you’ll come back. I know you’ll never leave. It was better when I knew you were someone I could lose. Ever since Hankyung has stopped bothering us…you’ve become too attached. I need space. I need to chase. I like people.” Wookie nodded before continuing. “I like people a lot. It’s not my fault I like people. Listen Yesung, it was fun while it was going, but I think maybe we need a break.”

“Break?” Yesung asked still not believing what he was hearing.

“Yes, a break. But, not like breaking up.”

Yesung let out a relived sigh. He didn’t understand why the thought of not having Wookie scared him so much. Just yesterday he had been contemplating the same thing. But, now here he was faced with the solution he wanted and he was scared. He was scared because he had never imagined what it would be like without Ryeowook. They had been together for so long.

“I think we need to see other people.” Wookie continued. “You know like…well we would still be dating each other, but we would go out with other people too.”

Yesung frowned. “What?”

“I think it would do us good to get a little jealous.” Ryeowook explained leading Yesung forward by the hand. “It would give us a chance to see what it would be like if we had other people. But, we would still be together so we don’t have to worry about leaving each other.”

“And you want to do this?”


“You think it will work?”


“And I’m allowed to see other people?”

Yesung waited for the answer. He looked at Wookie and saw the answer in the other man’s eyes. He knew the answer Wookie was going to give and he knew the answer he wanted. And for the first time in their history together, their answers were not the same.


Yesung nodded. Why was he so disappointed?

“And why do you want to stay with me?” He asked.

He watched Wookie shrug. “I’m comfortable with you. I’m used to you.”

Yesung nodded. “Okay.”

Wookie flashed him a smile and walked down the hall. Yesung watched him.

Was it so easy? Was Wookie really going to let him go like that? Was he really going to let Ryeowook go?



Because, Wookie wanted to go. Wookie had placed the rules and he was going to follow them. He had to follow them because he knew that the only way to get Ryeowook back was to play the game. He had to be smart about it. He had to do what he had to do.

If Ryeowook wanted to chase then there would be a chase. He knew it was a complete 180 degree turn from yesterday. But, he couldn’t let it go. How could he let it go so easily? Weren’t two years together enough proof that they worked well together?

“Yesung you idiot, is this really all it takes?” he muttered to himself as he walked down the hall. “Is all you needed a small shift in your comfortable life to realize that you like it the way it is?”

Yes, he did like his life the way it was. He didn’t like change. Wookie was comfort. Hankyung and Eunhyuk were family. Donghae and Heechul, Sungmin and Kyuhyun were solid, there. He had to have them around him. He needed them. He needed stability.

And he couldn’t let it go that easily.

A/N: And well there we go. Now, we have Siwon and uh...Wookie...yeah...On another note, I don't even know how I am making sense right now. Tell me you all saw ZHOU MI IN LEATHER!!!!!!!! OMG! *flails* I died seriously. OMG ZHOU MI IS SO DJSFHEKRDSHFBJASHBFNDJSK!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* I'm just going to go and watch this (ZHOU MI IN LEATHER) right here and for those who did see it, who didn't think that Zhou Mi was just KURJKDSFHCDSLHEFDSJBAADSJ? And if you didn't see the video click on the link, click itttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those boots, that jacket, those glasses...OMG I AM SO FANGIRLING HERE AND I CAN DO IT BECAUSE NO ONE WILL JUDGE ME HERE AND I CAN'T DO IT IN MY DORM ROOM BECAUSE I WILL FREAK OUT MY ROOMMATE BUT OMFG ZHOU MI IS HOT *sobs* I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so off to write the bestest GENGMI fic based on that video because I ship GengMi and there isn't enough GengMi in the world that's why!!!!! Ohs and as a side note. I haven't introduced myself properly here but if you are interested in knowing a bit more about me you can always click here I have a couple of entries there about me. And my secret OTP's cough Yehan cough GengMi cough =) 
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