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Things Happen III 3/11

A/N: Okay so I came out of hiding because I wrote a GengMi/Hanchul fic that was also HanChulMi and well I didn't know if I could be able to come out of hiding and I did because apparently the writing is good and I don't have to worry. But, I wrote a 3some and and and ;_; Okay well then back to this fic. I am about to post the third chapter and I hope you all enjoy it. This is the start of Yewon because I see no reason to prolong the Yewon and there is Eunhae here and hinted Hanchul and yeah...well here is the chapter and I am still not off the Zhou Mi high.

Yesung stretched and hit Eunhyuk in the face.


“Sorry.” Yesung said sitting up. “I forgot I wasn’t sleeping alone.”

“I don’t see why. We’ve been sleeping together for so long, you should be used to it.” Eunhyuk complained.

“That better have been a joke.” Donghae called form somewhere to their left. “I don’t want to hear that my boyfriend is sleeping with Wook’s boyfriend.”

“You’re sleeping with Eunhyuk? Already?” Wookie called from somewhere to the right. “I didn’t think you’d go this fast Yesung. Damn, now I have to find someone.”

Yesung sat up. “What? Someone else?”

“You’re sleeping with Eunhyuk?” Donghae asked wide eyed.

“Who’s sleeping with who?” Kyuhyun asked coming in from the kitchen followed by Sungmin.

“Eunhyuk and Yesung.” Wookie said frowning as he plotted ways to get back at Yesung for moving so fast.

“Hyukkie, you’re sleeping with Yesung?” Donghae asked his voice so soft and hurt that Yesung had to go over.

“No, Donghae.” Yesung said taking the younger man’s hands. “I am not sleeping with Eunhyuk. We just shared a bed like last night. I know you love him and I would never do that. You know I would never do anything to hurt you or Ryeo…Ryeowook.”


“I promise.” Yesung said turning away.

He didn’t want to talk to them yet. Ryeowook didn’t even seem to care that he was sleeping with Eunhyuk, not that he was, but he wished that there had been some reaction like the one Donghae had. He chanced a glance at Wookie, but there was no reaction when their eyes met.

“I’m going to go change now.” Yesung said to no one in particular. “Are you coming Eunhyuk?”

“No Yesung, I have clothes here. I’ll just change here. I don’t want to bother Heechul and Hankyung hyung.”

Yesung nodded and left before Eunhyuk could ask the question. Why didn’t he have things over? Why didn’t he have Wookie’s things in his dorm? Why did he feel so alone if he had Ryeowook?

Yesung wasn’t watching where he was going. He was so preoccupied with Ryeowook that he didn’t notice when he walked into someone. He fell backwards because it was a very sturdy someone, but two arms came around him and pulled him close so he wouldn’t fall.

“I’m sorry.” Yesung said looking up as best as he could straight at Siwon.

“No need to be sorry. I caught you.” Siwon said.

Yesung wasn’t sure how to respond. He was too busy looking at the two dimples and the smile that graced Siwon’s cheeks. How could someone be so good looking?

He pulled away when he realized what he was thinking. Wookie. Wookie was still his boyfriend. He couldn’t think about other people when he was still with Ryeowook.

“Thank you. I have to go now. Bye.”

“Wait.” Siwon called as Yesung tried to escape. “Do you know if Heechul’s back yet? We need to go get brunch soon.”

“No, I don’t think he’s back yet, but if I see him, I’ll tell him.”

“Thanks.” Siwon said that smile flashing over his face again.

“No problem.”

“Your name is Yesung right?” Siwon said as Yesung tried to edge away.

“Yes.” Yesung said cursing Siwon for being so talkative.

“Want to come have brunch with us. I’d like to get to know you.”

Yesung shrugged. He tried to be as unresponsive as possible and couldn’t quite manage it. What was it about this man that was making him wish he had fixed his hair before coming out of the dorm? It was probably because Siwon was so impeccably dressed, his hair perfect. It was a bit intimidating really, Yesung reasoned. That was why he was so nervous.

“I don’t know if Heechul would like it.” Yesung answered starting to walk.

He frowned when Siwon started walking with him. What was it with this man? Didn’t he get the clue? Yesung was trying his best to get rid of him. Were his actions not clues enough? Apparently not since Siwon followed along.

“Heechul won’t say anything because I’m inviting you.” Siwon said as they walked up the stairs.

Yesung nodded.

“Are you always so talkative or am I scaring you?” Siwon asked as they walked.

“I talk when I have to or when I want to.” Yesung said. “And why would you scare me? You’re not scary at all.”

“Oh?” Siwon asked raising an eyebrow as a playful light came into his eyes. “You don’t think I can be scary?”

“Why should I?”

“Because.” Siwon’s voice said very close to Yesung’s neck. “You don’t know me. For all you know I could be a sexual pervert just waiting to rip all your clothes off. Why do you think I followed you all the way here?”

Yesung gulped and hoped that Siwon couldn’t hear his pounding heart. He tried to move away, but he found that he was pretty much trapped between Siwon and the wall. He took a deep breath and turned around so he was looking at Siwon.

“I need to go.” He said as coldly as he could.

“No. I kind of like you here.” Siwon said looking at him.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think you understood me. I don’t want to be misunderstood so listen carefully.” Yesung said glaring openly now. “I have to go so you’re going to move.”

Siwon laughed and didn’t move. He just kept looking at Yesung.

“Okay, I don’t know if you’re dumb or just playing with me here, but I have to go. I need to go see my boyfriend. Move.”


Yesung didn’t like the way Siwon said that. He didn’t like the slight annoyance in Siwon’s voice. He didn’t like the puzzled look. And he most certainly did not like the way Siwon shook his head.

“Who’s your boyfriend? Kyuhyun? Sungmin?” Siwon asked still not moving.

“None of your business who my boyfriend is you lamp post, now move.” Yesung said wondering where all his anger was coming from.

Siwon laughed. “I’m not exactly a lamp post. But, come on hyung. I just want to know. Is it Kyuhyun? Do you like the snarky younger ones? Or is it Sungmin? Do you like the cutesy type?”

Yesung rolled his eyes and refused to answer.

“I’ll let you go if you tell me.”

“I don’t care. You can keep me here as long as you want. Hankyung will come out eventually and then we’ll see just how useful your height is when run.” Yesung said leaning back against the wall.

“Run? I don’t need to run. I can take on Hankyung hyung. He’s smaller than I am. I’m better built.”

Yesung laughed.

“You don’t believe me? I’ll show you.”

Yesung’s eyes widened as Siwon pulled up his shirt. He blinked at the tight abs and the rippling muscle.


“See.” Siwon said lowering his shirt. “I can handle one Chinese man. Now tell me who it is.”

“Why do you care?” Yesung snapped trying and failing to shove Siwon away.

“I’m just curious.”

“You are so annoying.” Yesung said finally tired. “If you must know, it’s Ryeowook.”

He watched Siwon’s raised eyebrows. He took in the confused expression and wondered why he cared. It wasn’t like he knew Siwon and the boy was obviously used to compliments. Yesung didn’t like the stuck up types. He certainly did not like how Siwon seemed to think their current closeness appropriate.

“Ryeowook? Really? You like the small playboys?”

“Wookie is not a playboy.” But Yesung’s voice faltered at the end.

He knew Siwon noticed because the other man was giving him a knowing look that just annoyed Yesung. He glared and moved away. He was happy and relieved when he got past Siwon, but cursed mentally when he felt Siwon grab his hand.

“What?” He asked turning around.

“You have small hands hyung.” Siwon said pleasantly. “I was just wondering. Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like to have a man who can actually hold you up? I mean the bed must be pretty lonely don’t you think, with Ryeowook running everywhere? Then again playboys have experience don’t they? How fun is he? Wouldn’t you like someone stronger on top of you?”

“WHAT?” Yesung shook his head and yanked his arm out of Siwon’s grasp. “Listen, you disrespectful piece of lamp post, I don’t know who you think you are, but here there are something known as manners. Go learn some and then come and talk to me.”

And with that Yesung turned and walked out of the building. He was still muttering angrily when he was done changing. He glared at Siwon when he came to wait with the rest of them. They were all gathered together in one of the buildings and Yesung was as far as he could possibly get from Siwon.

When Heechul and Hankyung finally appeared there was no doubt in anyone’s mind what those two had been doing. They both looked composed and well dressed, but there was no hiding the bite marks on Hankyung’s neck. And when Kyuhyun pointed them out, Heechul’s smug looked confirmed everything. Everyone was careful to ignore it and they walked on. Yesung didn’t miss the look in Hankyung’s eyes when Heechul took Siwon’s hand.

Yesung walked next to Hankyung and brushed their hands together. He smiled in response to Hankyung’s look. There were no words needed between them. There would never be words needed. They knew each other too well, too intimately for there to be words. Hankyung was part of Yesung and Yesung was part of Hankyung. A simple brush of hands said everything.

I’m here for you. I know it’s hard, but I’m here. I’m always here. Talk to me because I’ll listen.

And Hankyung’s smile answered.

I know. Thank you.

They were all pretty much in their own conversation when Jandi from their singing class stopped by. Yesung watched the small exchange that seemed to shock everyone but him and Eunhyuk. Yesung frowned when everyone suddenly started attacking Hankyung.

His frown deepened when Ryeowook gave Hankyung a thumbs up. Was that really necessary? What did Ryeowook want? What did Yesung have to do?

“I think Hankyung-sshi was just being polite.” Yesung defended immediately.

“Of course you would think that.” Heechul said. “You and Hankyung are attached at the hip. He can’t do anything without thinking about how you would react to it.”

Yesung frowned but didn’t deny it.

“Heechul?” Eunhyuk said. “Hankyung hyung is naturally like that. He wasn’t being any different than how he would be normally.”

“Oh, please, you Golden Boys always stick up for each other. Sungmin’s the exception since he’s new.” Heechul said. “You would all cover for Hankyung even if he were making out with her.”

“Can I say something?” Siwon asked.

Yesung frowned. Why was Siwon butting in? This had nothing to do with him. Nothing had to do with him actually. The boy would be better off doing what Heechul told him, being quiet and looking pretty. Yesung still hadn’t forgiven him for what he’d done earlier and probably would never forgive him so he wasn’t the least bit sympathetic when eight different voices shot Siwon down.

“Hey Yesung, wait.”

Yesung stopped walking. He waited until Ryeowook caught up.

“Hello Wookie.”

“Hey Sung, are you going to the dance?”

Yesung nodded and smiled, hopeful. He hadn’t seen much of Wookie in the last week and he had thought that Ryeowook really had forgotten about him. But, here was his chance to make things right again. He was already planning the night of the dance when Ryeowook popped his overly inflated bubble.

“Good. Who’re you going with? I decided to take Jessica.”


Surely Wookie didn’t mean the same Jessica who had once tried to have her way with Yesung in the middle of a hallway. Wookie wouldn’t do that to him. Wookie wouldn’t take the girl who had caused discomfort in their relationship. Wookie wouldn’t do that. Wookie wasn’t that kind of person, not his Wookie.

“Yeah, Jessica. You know the blond girl. I think you know her.”

“I do.” Yesung whispered. “She was the one who…”

“Oh that? Yeah, I remember. She’s very eager isn’t she? I’ll see what I can do about getting her back to you if you want to have a go.”

Yesung just blinked. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was this what Wookie thought about him?

“Anyway, I’ll see you around Yesung.”

Yesung could do little more than nod. He watched Ryeowook walk away and wondered where it had gone so wrong.

A/N: And so as another important thing that happened today. ink_river10 updated her fic. Click here! I just love her fics and you know if you're Hanchul lovers then go and click. =) So, tell me dears, what did you think of the chapter? Like? Dislike? Want more? I promise to explain Ryeowook's actions by the end of this fic so Wookie lovers don't despair. But, this is a Yewon okay. Just making it clear again. =)
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