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Things Happen III 4/11

A/N: Hello there dears. I am finally going to get some rest after tomorrow. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so for this chapter we have more Yewon because just in case there is still any doubt, this is a YEWON. Okay so I don't remember where I was going with this. Something...OH! Right, so to answer a few question here is a really long A/N about the YeHan relationship.

A brief view into the history of YeHan

Hannie and Yesung met when Hannie had to come to Korea because his family needed money. His parents passed away before he had time to go back in an accident. He met Yesung when he needed someone to help him and comfort him and be his friend. So they became friends and then Hannie fell in love first. It took a while for Yesung to realize that hannie loved him and it was even longer before they got together. Then Sungie wants to be friends and Hannie is left all alone to suffer. He goes back to China, comes back, meets Eunhyuk, goes back to Yesung and they stay friends. But, Hannie has been in love with Yesung since then and it's only when he meets Heechul in Add a colorful Feather that he finally lets go of Yesung.

And...soooo that I am going to post that much later, but, for now enjoy this chapter. =)

Yesung didn’t know if he was doing the right thing. He had on his suit and everything. His hair was done. He was ready to go to the dance. The only problem was he didn’t have anyone to go with and even if he did, he really did not want to see Ryeowook with Jessica. It made him sick to even think that Ryeowook would go anywhere near her.

“Yesung, are you coming?” Eunhyuk asked coming into his room. “Wow, Yesung, you did a good job. Where’s Ryeowook?”

Yesung turned around and gave Eunhyuk his best smile. “He’s going to meet me there. And you look really good too. Is Hankyung gone?”

“No.” Eunhyuk said rolling his eyes. “He’s with Heechul. I didn’t check to see if they’re gone yet. I kind of value my sanity. But it’s okay. We can leave first. I have your ticket. Come with me and Hae. We’ll meet Wookie inside.”

Yesung shook his head. He didn’t want Eunhyuk or anyone else to know what was going on between him and Wookie. He knew that Donghae and Heechul must know to some extent, but he wasn’t ready to tell his friends yet. He didn’t want Hankyung overreacting, although all things considered, it wouldn’t be too much of an overreaction.

“Come on Yesung.” Eunhyuk said pulling on his arm. “Let’s go.”

“I’ll be there in a second, I promise. I just need to fix something.”

“Alright.” Eunhyuk said. “But, I am looking for you. I don’t want you pulling a Hankyung and not going. You can’t stand up Wookie.”

Yesung laughed, but not for the reason Eunhyuk thought. He laughed because he wasn’t standing Ryeowook up. Ryeowook was dumping him in favor of someone else. Ryeowook even wanted to share.

Everything was so confusing. He didn’t understand. He didn’t get why it bothered him so much to lose Wookie. He should be happy to get rid of someone who thought he was a joke. He should have said no when Ryeowook proposed this ridiculousness. He should have cut all ties with Wookie.

But, he hadn’t.

He hadn’t because he was still very much afraid. He was scared to face what it would be like without Wookie. He had never been so afraid in his life. He thought he had found security, a form of love after being alone for so long. It was always scary to be alone.

He didn’t go to the party. He stayed in the dorm room for most of the evening. It was at the very last minute when he knew that Hankyung and Heechul were already in the dorm that he decided to go take a look. He just wanted to see what Ryeowook was doing.

He knew the party was far from over. He knew that there was still a while to go and he knew that Ryeowook would still be there even if all the others were already locked up in their rooms. He walked carefully. He didn’t want to draw any attention.

In truth, he was afraid. He was afraid of what he might see. He knew he was losing Ryeowook fast, but he just needed to confirm it. He needed to know that he really was being forgotten. It would make everything so much easier if he just knew that Ryeowook was really over him. He didn’t want to leave if there was any possibility that he might be wrong, that maybe Wookie had made a mistake.

He was fooling himself he knew, but what could he do? It was the curse of those who failed at love to hope until the very end.


Yesung looked up and groaned.

“What do you want?” He asked as Siwon came to a stop in front of him.

“I like your suit.” Siwon said grinning. “Who got to have you next to them all night wearing that? Ryeowook?”

“None of your business.” Yesung answered brushing past him.

But, Siwon was just one persistent, annoying man. Yesung felt Siwon’s hand around his arm and he had to stop.

“WHAT?” he asked turning around. “What do you want? Go get Heechul. Isn’t he supposed to be your fiancé or something?”

Siwon shrugged. “He’s with Hankyung. They left early. I won’t see them until tomorrow. I need to kill time before I go to sleep. Do you want to go get something to drink somewhere?”

Yesung shook his head. “I wouldn’t go with you even if I had only one more page to go in a good book, it was pitch black and you were the only lamp post available.”

Siwon laughed and Yesung stared mesmerized. Siwon was really good looking especially when he laughed and showed off those dimples. He had a nice face, a face Yesung could stare at without getting bored. He looked good in a suit too with the cut flattering his body. He looked great. It was a shame the kid was so dumb.

“Like what you see?” Siwon asked leaning down.

Yesung rolled his eyes. “I need to go. See you around.”

“Wait. I don’t think you should go in.”

“Why not?” Yesung asked opening his eyes wide. “What, you control me now?”

He watched Siwon’s face. If he didn’t know any better he would have said that the other man was worried.

“Ryeowook is in there.” Siwon said.

Yesung froze. That tone of voice. That look. What was Ryeowook doing in there?

“He’s with Jessica. I don’t think you want to look at that. You didn’t see it all night did you? I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see it now. Come have a coffee with me.”

Yesung didn’t know why he agreed. He should have just gone back to his room and gone to sleep. But, part of him wanted to forget for a moment that he was being made a fool. He wanted to show Ryeowook that his life no longer revolved around him and that even if it pained him, he could and would move on.

“Okay, kid, let’s go get coffee.”

“I’m not a kid.” Siwon said putting an arm around Yesung’s shoulders. “I am a man, a very healthy man.”

Yesung shrugged him off. “Don’t touch me.”

“Aw, but, I like touching you hyung.”

Yesung ignored the suggestion behind those words and led the way. He picked the café near the school and sat down in a booth closest to the window. He liked looking out at the people who walked by. He liked guessing their stories, what secrets they hid behind those calm exteriors.

“How do you like your coffee?” Siwon asked bringing over two cups.

“You ask now?”

“I bought you a coffee with cream and sugar.”

“Thank you.” Yesung said taking a sip.

He leaned back into his chair and wondered what to do. He knew Ryeowook was probably with Jessica right now. Doing what? He didn’t know. He just assumed that it was something he didn’t want to see.

“So, tell me hyung.” Siwon said. “Why are you still going out with Ryeowook?”

Yesung shrugged. “He’s there. He’s always been there. And I didn’t exactly have any say in this. I don’t even think this qualifies as dating anymore.”

“He still thinks he’s dating you.”

Yesung shook his head. He didn’t want to hear it. He was tired of thinking. It was over for the day. All he wanted to do now was sit here and have his coffee. No more Ryeowook, no more problem, no more Jessica, just him and his coffee.

“Hyung.” Siwon said leaning forward to look at him. “Want to go out with me?”

Yesung laughed. “You’re dating Heechul.”

“I’m not. He’s with Hankyung hyung. I’m just—”

“Engaged to Heechul.” Yesung said watching Siwon from the rim of his cup.

“And you’re dating Ryeowook.”

Yesung laughed. He couldn’t help it. Siwon was right. He was dating Ryeowook. He was dating someone who was probably in bed with someone else. He was dating someone who could care less what he did. He was dating Ryeowook, a playboy.

“I loved him.” he whispered when it wasn’t funny anymore. “I loved him so much I ignored what Hankyung-sshi told me. I thought, I assumed, that if he was with me, it was because he loved me too.”

“He doesn’t deserve you.” Siwon said suddenly serious.

Yesung looked up and into those dark eyes. He smiled.

“You know, I might actually end up liking you.”

Siwon’s eyes sparked to life, mischief burning right through. He looked around and then leaned forward so that his face was right in front of Yesung’s. Their noses were almost on top of each other and Yesung knew that if he even so much as breathed, they would touch.

“I know you’ll end up liking me hyung.” Siwon murmured looking down at Yesung. “There hasn’t been a person born who can resist me.”

“You have to be the tallest, most conceited brain dead idiot I have ever met. I take that back. I don’t like you. I’ll never like you. Go back to Heechul and leave me alone.”

Yesung picked up his coffee and walked out. He ignored Siwon’s calls and kept walking, the cool night air hitting his face. He closed his eyes and let it all wash around him.


He spun around and watched Siwon come out of the café.

“I’m your hyung and I don’t want to hear it.” he called back.

He didn’t wait for Siwon. He kept walking, keeping a leisurely pace as he walked back to the school. He wanted to spend as much time outside as he could. He really was in no mood to see Ryeowook and he didn’t want to see Siwon either. But, as far as the lesser evil went, he could put up with Siwon if it kept him away from Ryeowook.

It was no surprise to Yesung when Siwon caught up to him, quite fast. He blamed those long legs of his. Hankyung was the same way. He tried to run and all these tall people had to do was take a step and they’d take three of his steps.

“Hyung, you can’t just leave like that. I had to pay. What if I hadn’t had money?”

Yesung laughed and swung his arm along as he took a sip of his coffee. The wind blew back his sweater hood. He closed his eyes and let the wind run through his hair. He wasn’t aware of the effect he was having on Siwon.

The other man stood transfixed as the light of the moon shone down on Yesung’s skin.

“You look beautiful.”

Yesung opened one eye. Siwon was looking at him the way an artist would stare at a particularly beautiful work of art. It was an intense stare, not sexual, but admiring. It made Yesung feel light and happy. It had been a long time since anyone had looked at him that way.

“Thank you.” He said. “You on the other hand don’t look so good. Maybe it’s time you got out of that suit.”

Siwon’s predator smile was back. He walked forward so that he had Yesung pressed against the side of the building they were walking past. Yesung raised an eyebrow and refused to be intimidated by Siwon. He was done with these types who thought that with just one word, they’d have the world.

“What?” he asked when Siwon didn’t say anything.

“I was going to agree with you.” Siwon whispered leaning down so that his mouth was by Yesung’s ear. “I do need to take this suit off. Want to help?”

“Wouldn’t that make you the happiest man alive?” Yesung said ducking under Siwon’s arm.

He kept walking, no longer caring that he wasn’t alone. He liked the night. It was peaceful. It let him think. It let him figure out a lot of things, mainly that Ryeowook had to go. There really was no way out of it. He had to learn that change was a good thing. He didn’t need Ryeowook.
He would be fine. He had Hankyung. He had Eunhyuk. He would be more than fine. Hadn’t Hankyung made it through? He could always go back to that. Hankyung would always be there. Eunhyuk would always be there. He didn’t need Ryeowook.

“Siwon?” he asked as they started climbing the stairs to the dorms.


“Do you think it was my fault? Did I do something wrong?” he asked knowing that he couldn’t ask Hankyung or Eunhyuk that, not unless he wanted Hankyung to kill Ryeowook.

It took Yesung a while to realize that Siwon had stopped walking. He was almost to the top of the stairs when he finally looked back. Siwon was at the bottom of the stairs. The younger man was looking at something that was too far for Yesung to see.



Yesung frowned. “Don’t what? What are you, my mother?”

He walked down, but Siwon stepped in front of him, blocking his view.


Siwon shook his head. “I’m sorry hyung, but trust me when I say that you don’t want to see this.”


But, Siwon didn’t have to say anything. Yesung could hear laughter and two voices. He recognized both right away. It was Ryeowook and Jessica.

“Oppa, stop, not here. People can see.” Jessica was laughing.

“Who cares?” Was Ryeowook’s response.

Yesung’s mouth dropped open. He looked at Siwon desperately. He wanted to be anywhere, but here. He wanted to hide. He didn’t need to see this. He didn’t need to be humiliated like this.

“Help.” He whispered.

Siwon’s eyes were sad, sympathetic. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Yesung.

“Relax.” Siwon whispered against his hair. “I’ll take care of this.”

Yesung buried his face in Siwon’s chest as Ryeowook and Jessica got closer. He could hear their laughter and he knew they reached them when Wookie spoke.

“Oh Siwon, what are you doing here? Oh, did we interrupt?”

“Kind of. I was in the middle of something.” Siwon said relaxing his hold on Yesung.


Yesung looked up. He caught Ryeowook’s eyes and he would have sold his left kidney if he had mistaken that look. Ryeowook was angry.

“Yesung? What are you doing with Siwon?”

“We went to have some coffee.” Siwon answered. “The party was a bit…tasteless.”

“Already?” Ryeowook asked. “You sure move fast. I thought you were supposed to be the innocent one. Or does Hankyung have that much influence in bed too?”

“That is none of your business.” Yesung said. “I don’t have to tell you what I do or don’t do. We agreed on that. Now, go, I think you’ve left Jessica waiting long enough.”

Yesung didn’t wait for Ryeowook’s answer. He took Siwon’s hands lacing their fingers together and pulled the younger man up the stairs with him. He would be damned if he let Ryeowook have the last laugh.

A/N: Oh no! Is it bad that I want to punch my own character? I feel it is only fair that I warn everyone again. I am going to be mostly out of it this week and maybe the next because I have seen pictures of Zhou Mi and and and those boots and then I found a SiHan picture and and and and OMG a new fic just went BOOM in my head. And to those people who requested something. I am mostly done with most of them I just need to work on the last Eunhae fic and then I will be doneeee!!!!! But, just as a reminder it's going to take a while to post because I have too many fics written already XD But, yeah, so this fic...yeah...it's different...it's yeah...you'll see when I post it. But, because I am a horrible tease (picked that up from ink_river10 ) I will let you know that the main pairings are KyuMin (for Jann Jann) SiHan (for takeshikei ) Hanchul (for all my hanchul lovers out there) some SiMin (for whoever likes SiMin) some GengMi (for meeeeeeee!!!!!!!) and some others with Zhou Mi and his leather boots XD Okay and now I tease no more. I love you all!!!!!!!!! <3333333 As a side note: I am SMOTHERING KYUHYUN!!!!!!! WHERE IS THAT UPDATE????? LOL I LOVE YOU BB <3
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