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Things Happen III 6/11

A/N: Hey there dears. First of all I love you all so much like seriously. <3 Thanks to everyone who keeps supporting these fics and to the new people welcome =) We're all hopefully one huge SUJU loving family! I'm Ana to anyone who's new. Feel free to add me as a friend just send a PM and let me know a bit about yourself. If you want to know more about me feel free to read what I've posted right here And for everyone who's been here with me for a while. Thanks for sticking with me so far. And now here's the next chapter of the Yewon fic and I know some of you are going to explode with happiness so be warned there is Yewon um...fluff? I don't know what you call it. Point is Yewon is here so read =)

Yesung didn’t know why he was so bothered. So, Siwon and Heechul were now dating. He should be upset. He should want to kill Heechul. He shouldn’t want to go lie down on his bed and never move. He shouldn’t miss hanging out with Siwon, if you can call what they did hanging out.

He supposed if you thought about it, they did hang out together. They spend a lot of time in the same room and they’d talked, even if it was just Siwon making fun of him. At least they got some decent conversations going when the other man wasn’t being a pain.

And it wasn’t like he liked Siwon, because he really couldn’t stand him. He hated the way Siwon was always falling over someone. He was supposed to be dating Heechul, but he touched EVERYONE, even Donghae who was supposed to be Eunhyuk’s boyfriend. Siwon would just lean over and pull Donghae over, his hand around the other man’s shoulder. Yesung didn’t know why Eunhyuk hadn’t exploded yet.

Well, he did in a way. He knew that the reason Eunhyuk wasn’t jealous was because even when Siwon held onto Donghae like that, Donghae’s eyes never left Eunhyuk. They shared a look and the look on Donghae’s face was always the same: I wish it were you. It was almost too cute the way the two could communicate.

Even when Siwon’s big, stupid, smiling face was right next to Donghae’s and his arms were a little more than friendly, even when Donghae was focused on what Siwon was telling him, even then, even when he wasn’t looking at Eunhyuk, Donghae seemed to lean towards Eunhyuk. Even if he didn’t look at him, Donghae always moved when Eunhyuk moved, as if the force of attraction between the two were so great that neither could move without pulling the other along.

And who wouldn’t be jealous of that? Who wouldn’t want to have someone who loved you the way you loved them? Who wouldn’t want to be Donghae or Eunhyuk? Who wouldn’t want that?


Yesung looked up in time to see Eunhyuk slamming the door to the dorm shut. The younger man looked ready to kill someone.

“Women?” Yesung asked raising an eyebrow in a very Siwon-like manner, not that he noticed. “Last time I checked, Donghae was a guy.”

“He might as well be a girl.” Eunhyuk grumbled throwing himself on the couch. “He sure knows how to act like a jealous girlfriend.”

Yesung laughed, but stopped when he saw the frown on Eunhyuk’s face. He could laugh later he decided.

“What happened?”


“Oh?” Yesung asked not sure why he was suddenly so much more interested.

“You know how he’s always touching people and Donghae especially for some reason, although he should keep his hands to himself. But, I never say anything. I mean it’s not like Donghae likes it.” Eunhyuk said the frown replaced by his blank stare. “But, today Siwon decided to leave Donghae and be nice to me.”

“How so?” Yesung asked.

“He kissed me good night.”

“WHAT?! That…that…that stupid, good for nothing, piece of…lamppost!” Yesung said surprised at his own outburst.

“What was that?” Eunhyuk asked. “Don’t you think that’s a bit of an overreaction for something that happened to me? Hyung, you wouldn’t happen to like Siwon would you?”

“NO! I don’t like him. I can’t stand him. He thinks he’s so special. As if he could have anything he wanted with that face of his and all his money. And he’s such a flirt. Can’t keep his mouth shut for a second, always making weird comments.”

“Good, because you have Wookie.” Eunhyuk’s smile was replaced by a knowing smirk as he continued. “What have you two been doing exactly? Donghae was complaining that he never gets to see Ryeowook anymore. He’s always gone at night and doesn’t come in until the next morning.”

Yesung looked away. Right, Ryeowook. He didn’t really need to know that his supposed “boyfriend” was out every night with who knew how many girls or guy, maybe both. Yesung was done thinking about that. He hadn’t exactly gotten around to telling Eunhyuk and Hankyung what had happened to that relationship.

It wasn’t time to bother Hankyung with that seeing as how his boyfriend was off with that traitor of a lamppost. And why worry Eunhyuk if he wasn’t going to tell Hankyung?

“Wait, Yesung, what do you mean flirt? Siwon?”

“Yes, flirt.” Yesung said latching on to the distraction. “He’s always being so…flirty. He says the weirdest things and does stupid things and he’s always…I don’t know.”

“Hyung.” Eunhyuk said leaning forward. “You don’t think he might like you, do you?”

“WHAT?” Yesung laughed in Eunhyuk’s face. “That like me?”

“Well, it could be.” Eunhyuk said slightly hurt. “I mean if he is really like that with you then maybe, because he’s nothing but a perfect gentleman with the rest of us. He’s certainly never flirted with anyone else and we all know that the whole Heechul thing is just Heechul being stubborn. Heechul can’t like Siwon so I doubt Siwon likes Heechul like that. Then again…”

“Hyukkie, just be quiet.”

Yesung didn’t know why he was so attached to the idea that Siwon might like him. But, Eunhyuk was right, even if that were true, though it was unlikely, Siwon was with Heechul. And Yesung doubted that Siwon would just date Heechul because Heechul ordered him to. Then again, he was playing the part of fiancé.

But, Yesung didn’t want to think about it. It was stupid. It didn’t matter. He didn’t care what Siwon thought. Why should he care? He didn’t need Siwon. He could have anyone he wanted. He was a Golden Boy, synonymous with desirable. He could have whoever he wanted. He didn’t need Siwon…or Ryeowook.

“You do know what this means though, if he does like you?”

“He doesn’t. Let it go. I told you I don’t like him.”

“But what if you do end up liking him? What if you dump Wookie for him? You could be the first person in history to dump Kim Ryeowook. You could become a legend.”

Yesung rolled his eyes. “Yeah, because that would be such an accomplishment, dumping the playboy.”

“Wait, you’ve thought about this? You’re seriously considering dumping Wookie? You like Siwon that much?”

Yesung hadn’t said that, but he could tell from Eunhyuk’s face that he might as well have said it. He caught Eunhyuk’s stare and felt his face burn at the sudden knowing look on Eunhyuk’s face. He turned away.

“What about you and Donghae? You were up to the kiss.”

“Right.” Eunhyuk said distracted for a moment. “I was going to sleep with Donghae today since I was tired and didn’t want to come all the way here. So, there I was on the bed so tired I didn’t even have time undress properly. Siwon came in and was helping me get under the covers. So, I’m all tucked in and waiting for Donghae to come so I can say goodnight and Siwon was being Siwon. He told me he wanted to say goodnight too. So, he did and he kissed my forehead, said sweet dreams and walked away.”

“Right.” Yesung said relived and failing to see the problem.

“Well, Donghae saw the whole thing and when Siwon left, he complained about it, said I shouldn’t let Siwon touch me, you know the whole jealous boyfriend act.”


“Yes, act.” Eunhyuk said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “He lets Siwon touch him all he wants and I can’t even get a good night wish from a friend? He’s so dumb sometimes.”

Yesung patted Eunhyuk’s arm sympathetically. “You know that this is a completely stupid argument and that you should go fix things right?”

“I know, but I can’t do it. He has to come first otherwise it won’t be fair. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Yesung nodded. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t the tiniest bit happy to see this problem. It wasn’t that he was happy that Eunhyuk was sad or that Donghae and he had a fight. He was just happy to know that there was no such thing as perfect. It gave him hope that maybe he could have what they had, maybe.

“Ugh, I hate this.” Eunhyuk said getting up. “I have to go apologize.”


“Because,” Eunhyuk said lowering his voice. “I lost him once and I can’t lose him again, not over something this stupid. I’ll be back or hopefully not.”

Yesung frowned as Eunhyuk ran out the door. He heard the loud thump and then Donghae’s voice. Ugh, couldn’t those two hate each other for just a little while? He heard murmurs and decided that he didn’t want to stay. He brushed past them and went out to take a walk.

He hated couples. He hated Wookie who was probably with someone else right now. He hated Siwon who was probably locked in some closet with Heechul.


“Ugh, get out of my life!” he snapped turning away as Siwon walked over.

“Wait, Yesung, I need to talk to you.”

“Talk to me?” Yesung asked as Siwon caught up.

Damn Siwon’s long legs, Yesung thought as he tried to walk faster.

“I have to ask you something.” Siwon said keeping up easily.

“Alright, but hurry up. I have no time for you right now.”

“Don’t go that way.” Siwon whispered. “Ryeowook is there with Yoona and some guy from our singing class.”

Yesung nodded and turned around. He walked back the way he had come from and Siwon followed him. Yesung let it go.

“Hey, hyung, can I ask you something?”

“I suppose.”

“Would you go out with me if I were to ask you?” Siwon asked frowning in thought.

Yesung blinked and then laughed. He hadn’t meant to, but the thought of him and Siwon was too funny. As if Siwon would ever consider him good enough to date, as if Choi Siwon would ever date a scholarship student, as if he, Yesung, would ever date a lamppost.

“What’s so funny? It’s a serious question.” Siwon pouted. “I was told I wasn’t good enough. I have a bruised ego. You need to help me cure it. Would you rather go out with me or Hankyung?”


“Wait, you didn’t even think about it.” Siwon said.

“What’s there to think about?”

“Why not me?”

“He’s tall. He’s better looking. He has that stare that gets to you. He’s a beautiful dancer, not to mention an amazing kiss…”

“Amazing kiss…er?” Siwon asked smirking. “How do you know I’m not an amazing kisser? Or wait, how do you know he is?”

Yesung ignored the question. He kept walking and refused to answer when Siwon kept pestering him. He was doing a good job, but when he got to the dorm building he realized he didn’t have his keys and he had to stop.

“Okay, now answer me.” Siwon said walking forward.

“Why? I said I picked him. You asked why. I told you. Get over it. He’s just better than you.”

“I beg to differ hyung.” Siwon said stressing the last word. “I think that you have to have experienced both things to really be able to tell. I think that since Hankyung hyung had a chance to show you that he is such a great kisser, it’s only fair if I have a go too.”

“Wha…what?” Yesung stammered moving away as Siwon took a step closer.

Yesung’s eyes were locked on the other man. He was careful to keep away, but Siwon hadn’t stopped moving and Yesung was running out of space to back into. He watched as Siwon took a step closing the distance between them.

It became almost like a dance. Yesung took a step back for every step Siwon took forward. When Yesung’s back hit the wall, he knew he would have to move soon. And when Siwon’s hands came to rest on the wall, Yesung knew he wouldn’t be able to move. He was looking up at Siwon, but Siwon’s eyes were focused elsewhere. It sent a jolt of something down Yesung’s body and his heart started running a million miles an hour. He watched as Siwon leaned down. He felt the heat from Siwon’s body and he didn’t run. He stayed even though his brain was telling him that he hated this man. He stayed because when Siwon moved to close the distance between them, it was nice and comforting in a way nothing else had been for him. He stayed because he really couldn’t do much now that Siwon was so close.

And then Siwon moved and his lips were on top of Yesung’s and Yesung couldn’t move. He couldn’t bring his hands to push Siwon away and it wasn’t just because Siwon was holding one and the other one was in Siwon’s hair. It was also because he just couldn’t.

He kept telling himself that he didn’t want this, that he didn’t feel a thing, that if this was happening it was because of Siwon, that he had nothing to do with this. He told himself that he would forget it as soon as it was over. The problem was that it wasn’t over and neither one of them seemed to want to stop it. In fact, Siwon’s free hand had moved to Yesung’s face, holding him there. And Yesung’s hand was now around Siwon’s waist.


Yesung took a deep breath as Siwon pulled away. He couldn’t see who had called him, but knew from the way Siwon moved to block him that it was Ryeowook.

“What do you want?” Siwon asked. “Can’t you see that we’re busy?”

“I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to my boyfriend.” Ryeowook said.

Yesung moved around Siwon. “Who are you looking for?”

“You. Yesung, you.” Ryeowook said glaring at the girl next to him. “Let go. I’ll see you in a second. I have to talk to Yesung.”

“Oh, don’t bother.” Yesung said. “I don’t have to listen to you.”

“Oh yes, you do.”

“No, he doesn’t.” Siwon said taking Yesung’s hand. “Come, Yesungie, let’s go.”

Yesung let Siwon pull him away.

“I didn’t know you were like that Yesung.” Ryeowook called. “I didn’t know you liked those who were taken. If I got myself a new boyfriend would you want me again?”

Yesung turned around fully intending to tell off Ryeowook, but Siwon half dragged him away. Yesung followed and when they were out of sight he snatched his hand away.

“What was that for?” He asked. “I was going to…I…ugh, you just have to ruin everything, don’t you?”

Siwon just smiled and pushed Yesung against the wall with his fingertips.

“I couldn’t let you waste time when we still have so much to do.” Siwon said his lips dangerously close. “How many times did you kiss Hankyung hyung Yesungie? How many times do I have to do it before you can tell the difference between a good kiss and a perfect one? Should I show you some more? Or would you rather we move on to what comes next?”

Yesung rolled his eyes. He smirked to hide the way his heart was thumping.

“If you’re such a great kisser than why does Heechul like Hankyung better?”

Siwon frowned. “Heechul’s different.”

“No, I don’t think so Siwonnie.” Yesung said surprising himself at how inviting his voice sounded. “I think you’re just not a very good kisser.”

Yesung smiled at the frown on Siwon’s face. He shook his head. It was too easy. Guys liked Siwon were so easy to manipulate. It was sad really. If Siwon had said something, had brushed it away, had made another joke, Yesung might have let Siwon kiss him again. But, the other man just frowned as if he’d been told that the Bible was a lie.

Yesung sighed and walked away more disappointed than he had been all morning.

A/N: *hides* I couldn't help myself with the Yehan okay. I'm sorryyyyyyy =( It's not my fault I love YeHan so much. But, don't worry Yesung is not in love with Hannie (remember the YeHan history I posted in chapter 4). So don't worry. And see there it was finally out there. Some real Yewon action XD I'll post soon babies in the mean time I hope you enjoyed the chapter. And...uh...<3!
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