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Things Happen III 8/11

A/N: Hey there babies. I love you all! A lot! Seriously! =) Okay, so here I am typing this and posting this as I web cam chat with three of my 30 cousins. And they're complaining about how I am ignoring them, but I couldn't let you guys wait for the next chapter. I know everyone wanted to read the chapter about the date and well, here it is. I hope it's not too disappointing. Well, only three more chapters to go after this and then we can start the Kyumin (I know Jann Jann I know =D) So, here it is and thanks to everyone who commented. I love you all and I appreciate all the comments and support I am getting. You are all super awesome =)

Siwon watched Yesung walk away. He smiled at the way Yesung ignored Ryeowook and kept walking. And then it occurred to him that he was letting Yesung go alone with Ryeowook. They were going to be alone together for who knew how long in Ryeowook’s room.

“Hey Yesung!” he called out before he could stop himself.

He knew that the whole cafeteria was looking at him. He knew that whatever he said had to be shouted out because Yesung and Ryeowook were at the exit. He knew there was a possibility that he could be embarrassing Yesung, but he didn’t care at the moment.

“If you’re not back here in twenty minutes, I’m going to go get you.”

He saw Yesung’s smile and ignored the screams from girls. He watched them go and wanted to go after them. He was almost out the door when he was suddenly surrounded by Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun.

“What was that?” Sungmin asked.

“What did it look like?” Siwon said trying to see which way Yesung had gone. “I was letting Ryeowook know that he can’t touch Yesung anymore.”

“You didn’t tell us you and Yesung were going out.” Donghae said frowning.

“Yeah well we weren’t until five seconds ago.” Siwon answered stepping out of the cafeteria.

“Where are you going?” Eunhyuk asked.

“Where do you think he’s going?” Kyuhyun replied. “He’s crazy jealous because Yesung is with Ryeowook. And he’s going to do something stupid now.”

“I’m not.” Siwon said not really listening.

He walked down the hallway and spotted Yesung turning the corner. Siwon followed behind them. He wasn’t hiding. If either Yesung or Ryeowook turned around they’d see him. He wanted them to see him. He wanted Ryeowook to know that Yesung wasn’t alone, that if he tried anything Siwon would be there.

“Alright, we don’t need to go anywhere.” Yesung said stopping in front of Ryeowook.

When Yesung caught Siwon’s eyes, Siwon raised a finger to his lip. He watched Yesung frown, but he didn’t say anything.

“What did you want to tell me?” Ryeowook asked and Siwon did not like that tone of voice.

“I just wanted to clarify that things are over between us since you don’t seem to get that.” Yesung said.

“Really? Are you serious? What makes you think you can say when things are over? Listen Yesung, you should be glad that I decided to date you. I mean who am I and who are you? I could have done way better, but I chose you and now you think you can leave me?”

Siwon clenched his hands into fists and it was only Yesung’s stare that kept him still. He would be hurting Ryeowook soon if the other man kept that up.

“Ryeowook, listen, I loved you. I really did and I would like to think that you’re still the same person you were when we started dating. Let me leave with that at least. Don’t make me hate you. I’d like to think that you’re just upset and that’s why you’re acting the way you are. Please, just let it go. We’re done. It didn’t work.”

“No.” Ryeowook said stepping forward. “It’s not. I don’t know what Siwon did to you, but I could be so much better. And I’m not letting you go. I’ve had you for so long and never got to see what you’d be like in the dark Sungie. Don’t you think that I deserve at least that for putting up with you for so long?”

“Alright.” Siwon said stepping forward. “That’s enough talking. Come on Yesung.”

Siwon didn’t wait for an answer. He ignored Ryeowook completely and took Yesung’s hand.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ryeowook called.

“We have a date and I don’t think I want you near my boyfriend so go find one of your other friends to play with.” Siwon said liking the way his heart jumped at the word boyfriend.


Siwon rolled his eyes. Really? Was Ryeowook deaf as well as cruel?

“Isn’t that what he said?” Yesung called back.

Siwon laughed.

“Yesung.” Ryeowook called. “If you leave with him it’s over.”

Siwon stopped. This time when he laughed he almost fell over. Was Ryeowook seriously that dumb? What was this?

“Wasn’t that what he wanted?” Siwon asked composing himself and pulling Yesung against him. “Because that’s what I wanted.”
Siwon watched Ryeowook’s glare and decided that he needed to teach the other man exactly how unavailable Yesung really was. He wrapped his arms around Yesung half expecting the other man to pull away. When he didn’t Siwon decided to take it a step further.

He turned Yesung so that they were facing each other, but he kept his eyes on Ryeowook. He loved the anger in the other man’s face. He deserved to be angry, deserved to lose Yesung because Yesung was too good for him.

He told himself that it was only to help that he leaned down until his face was level with Yesung’s. He told himself that if Yesung stopped him, he wouldn’t do it. But, when he reached down to hold Yesung’s face in his hands, he found that not only did Yesung not pull away, but he almost melted into the touch. It was a revelation for Siwon.

He looked down at Yesung and was suddenly sucked in. Something had changed from the last time they’d been this close. He could see it in Yesung’s face, in his eyes. There was something different, something in Yesung’s eyes that made Siwon wish Ryeowook wasn’t there.

He leaned down, moved a little closer and was surprised when Yesung’s hands came around his neck. He watched mesmerized as the other man closed his eyes. It was like a gift being handed to him. He didn’t know what was different, but he thanked whatever it was that had changed and leaned forward. He memorized every single line on Yesung’s face as he closed the distance between them. He was so close, so very close, when Donghae ruined everything.


He groaned and looked up as Yesung untangled himself from the embrace.

“WHAT?” Siwon answered spinning around.

“Sorry.” Eunhyuk apologized coming over to pull Donghae away. “Hae just wanted to make sure that you weren’t doing anything to Ryeowook, but we see that it’s all okay so we’ll just be going.”

Siwon raised an eyebrow at Yesung. “Why would I do anything with Ryeowook when you’re right here?”

“He said to not with.” Yesung said moving away.

Siwon sighed at the loss of contact. He had been so close.

“Do you want to go on our date now or later?” He asked wishing Yesung would say now.

“Now’s fine.”

“Where’s the excitement?” Siwon said leaning down again. “Or do you need some incentive?”

Yesung sighed dramatically, but Siwon had seen the blush on his face. And he really couldn’t help what came next.

“You know hyung.” He said leading Yesung out to his car. “If you wanted, we could just skip the date and go to what comes next.”

“You mean you go to your dorm and I go to mine?” Yesung pouted. “But, weren’t we going on a date?”

Siwon shook his head. What was this? Was Yesung really flirting with him?


“Yes.” Yesung said looking up with wide eyes.

Siwon mentally cursed himself. How was he expected to go through that date without kissing Yesung silly? How was he supposed to have fun when he would have to be watching everything he did? And what was it about Yesung that was making his heart do weird things?

“Can you just get into the car?”

Yesung nodded and went in.

Siwon didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t that he was bored or anything, because in fact, he was having a great time. But, there was something wrong. He was too comfortable. He had fallen into Yesung way to easily for his liking. There were jokes, decent conversations, laughs.

He had made Yesung laugh, a real laugh, not a laugh at something stupid he had done. He also figured out a few things about the other man. Siwon knew that Yesung liked holding hands during a scary movie. He knew that Yesung liked turtles, since they’d stopped for a full half hour to stare at the turtles in the tanks.

Siwon was having fun. He really was. There was a specific reason for why he was in the bathroom now when he should be with Yesung. There was a reason. It wasn’t that he was nervous because he wasn’t really. It wasn’t that the thought of going home and what that would imply bothered him.

He sighed pushed back the single strand of hair that fell out of its spot. He walked out and went back to Yesung.

“Well, it’s about time.” Yesung smiled. “I thought I was going to have to go in and get you.”

Siwon smirked. “You know you’d like that. We’d be all alone.”

Siwon watched how easily Yesung brushed off his words. He smiled. Yesung was getting good at this whole ignore Siwon thing.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Siwon asked suddenly not wanting to be confined.

Yesung nodded and Siwon rolled his eyes when the other man protested about paying.

“I’m taking you out and that means you let me pay.” Siwon said. “I want to do it.”

Yesung frowned but said nothing. Siwon drove them back to school, then went to open Yesung’s door. He watched the younger man step out and then he led the way to the café where they’d gone to the night of the dance.

They sat down and Siwon went to get the coffee. He walked over and handed Yesung’s his. Siwon never asked how Yesung liked his coffee, for all he knew, Yesung hated coffee. But, he didn’t think so. There was just something in the way Yesung held a cup of coffee that made Siwon sure that Yesung loved coffee.

“How are you feeling?” Siwon asked. “You know, about Ryeowook and things.”

“I’m fine. There really was nothing to be upset about. I knew what was going on and I knew it would end the way it did.”

“What? You knew I’d come and save you?” Siwon smirked.

Yesung smiled. “You really are something else aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“This Siwon, the one who took me on the date, isn’t the same as the Siwon who I met first. You’re nicer like this actually.” Yesung said.

Siwon thought about it. Was he really acting different? What had he done that he wouldn’t normally have done? Oh, right, he was being nice, careful. He felt as if he were walking on eggshells. Yesung wasn’t normally so compliant and he felt he had to take advantage of it. For all he knew Yesung would go back to being reserved in the next second.

And it was also because he was so nervous. He wanted this to be memorable, interesting. He was done denying it. He really did liked Yesung, liked him enough to want this work, to want Yesung to come back for a second date, a third, maybe even a ninth.

“I like surprising you.” He said not really knowing what he meant.

They lapsed into silence, each contemplating their own thoughts. It was a nice silence. Siwon took his opportunity to really see Yesung. He took notice of how that hair fell over that face almost carelessly. He noticed the way Yesung seemed to frown when he was thinking. He noticed the cheekbones and openly looked at them. There was something about Yesung’s face that just captured Siwon. And he had the sudden burning desire to see that face lit up under the moonlight.

“Let’s take a walk.” He said.

If Yesung was surprised at the request, he didn’t show it. He stood up and followed Siwon outside.

The sun had been gone for so long that Siwon was actually surprised it wasn’t morning yet. He vaguely wondered about the time, but decided it didn’t matter. He led the way down the street away from the school. The streets were empty, quiet.

Siwon sneaked a peak at Yesung and felt his heart speed up. Yesung’s face was covered in the light of the moon. Those cheekbones, those lips, those eyes, all shone under the light and Siwon felt so far away from Yesung for the first time all night. Yesung couldn’t be real. This had to be a dream. How could Siwon possibly ever be good enough for this shinning angel?

They walked together not saying anything, before Siwon took Yesung’s hand. He did it on impulse, not really thinking anything through. But, once Yesung’s hand was in his, he really didn’t want to let go. He liked how the other man’s hand fit in his, how it was small and comfortable. He liked how Yesung had to grip his hand so that he wouldn’t crush it in his. And Siwon made a mental note to hold Yesung’s hand more often.

“We should go back.” Yesung said after they had walked for some time.

Siwon nodded and they turned around, neither breaking the hold between their hands. Siwon didn’t know where they were going. He didn’t really care. All he knew was that he was comfortable. He liked this and if he liked it, then it was okay to keep this the way it was.

They got back to the school too fast for Siwon’s liking. He hadn’t even noticed how they slowed down as they got closer. He was still thinking about how he’d like to take Yesung to a carnival and see the way his face lit up in a smile, because, honestly, who didn’t like carnival? And who wouldn’t want to see that smile painted on Yesung’s face?

Siwon pulled Yesung up the stairs. The closer they got to Yesung’s dorm, the faster Siwon’s heart started beating until he had no doubt that Yesung could hear it. What was he supposed to do? Did this count as a real date? Should he just wish Yesung good night and leave? Should he ask how Yesung liked it?

As Choi Siwon, he knew he should wish Yesung goodnight and leave. But, he was never just Choi Siwon when he was with Yesung. He didn’t know what to call himself. All if his general rules ceased to apply whenever he was with Yesung.

“Um,” he said smartly. “I…”

“I had fun.” Yesung said an indulgent smile on his face. “Thank you.”

Siwon nodded but didn’t go anywhere and neither did Yesung. They looked at each other and Siwon felt his face burn. He knew Yesung’s wasn’t any better, but he didn’t dare look too closely.

“Well, I guess…I’m going to go now.” He ended awkwardly.


“Well, um…good night.” He said still not moving.

Siwon saw the small smile on Yesung’s face. It occurred to him that Yesung was older than him, had dated more people, seen more of the world. And suddenly Siwon felt so small and insignificant. What was this man doing with him? Why him? Why not someone else who deserved that smile more than he did?

“Siwon.” Yesung said staring up at him.


“Come down here for a second.”

Siwon did what he was told. He thought Yesung wanted to tell him something. He wasn’t expecting the soft kiss on the cheek and he certainly wasn’t expecting the whispered words.

“Next time I want to go to see a comedy. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Siwon watched stunned as Yesung went inside. He stared at the door for a good minute wondering what had just happened. He was still staring at the door when Heechul came out of it.

“What are you doing here?” Heechul asked.

“Waiting for your boyfriend to come out so I can see for myself what great of a kisser he is.” Siwon answered automatically.

Next time? Did that mean that Yesung wanted there to be a next time? Was this really going to work? Was he really going to follow this feeling and see where it led him? Was he ready to try this, something he had never tried before? What was he going to tell his parents?

“Are you listening to me?”

“What?” Siwon asked remembering where he was.

“I said, don’t even think about it or I’ll send Ryeowook after your pretty little Yesung.”

Siwon ignored him. “What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t dating Hankyung anymore?”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. Siwon it’s over between us. I know how hard this must be for you, but you have to accept it.” Heechul’s voice softened. “I’m in love with him Siwon. I’m in love like an idiot. I can’t stop thinking about him. I can’t stop remembering what he feels like, what his kisses are like, the way he laughs. I’m so stupid, but I can’t help it. I love him.”

Siwon sighed. “It took you that long to realize it. You do know that in the months we were ‘dating’ someone could have come along and taken him from you? You do know that there’s only so much one person can take? Don’t be stupid Heechul. He loves you and you can’t let him go.”

“I know.”

“Okay then, I’m going to sleep. I finally have my own room now with Sungmin.” Siwon said as they started their way back.

“What about you and Yesung?” Heechul asked. “What were you two doing all day?”

“We went on a date.”

“Date?” Heechul asked, raising and eyebrow. “Choi Siwon went on a date with a guy? Wait, Choi Siwon went on a date?”

“I like him.”

Siwon watched Heechul roll his eyes, but even that wasn’t enough to distract him. He liked Yesung.

He. Liked. Yesung.

“Oh, I am so screwed.”

Heechul laughed. “Nope. That would be me.”

A/N: So, there you go lovely dearies =) I hope you liked this chapter and now I have to go off and work super hard on the 10th chapter because it's not done yet, but don't worry I'll have it done by the time I have to post it so you don't have to worry and if I don't then...you'll wait for me right? *puppy eyes* So enjoy chapter 8 and...and...and...yeah I added some ninja!Hanchul in there too =)
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