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Things Happen III 11/11

A/N: Hey there dears. So, here is the last chapter for this fic. I want to thank you all for being so super awesome and for commenting and for following this one. *throws you all a party* So this is my third long fic done and over with. *tears* I love you all!!! The next one after this is the Kyumin for this AU and in the Kyumin you all get a super special surprise for the last sequel. I'm not saying what it is yet, but you'll see. Now, I posted this today because I am going back home tomorrow and I won't have time to post when I'm home. I'll be gone after tomorrow (or well today since it's Tuesday 12:17am here) and I won't be back until Sunday. That means I won't be posting until Sunday. So, this is me giving you lovelies a break ;) I love you all and I made this chapter extra long for everyone. Enjoy!

Yesung didn’t know how he felt about Wookie’s departure. Sure, it had been a good month almost since Wookie had packed his things and left. Donghae said that Wookie had made it fine and Heechul had assured Yesung that he and Jessica were already planning the date for their wedding. So, Yesung supposed he was happy.

Except of course there was that issue with Siwon.

Siwon who was denying that they were both attracted to each other. It drove Yesung almost to the point of insanity whenever Siwon came over and pulled him close to tell him a secret or to start random conversation. As if Siwon didn’t know the effect he had on Yesung.

If only it worked both ways. If only he, Yesung, could have the same effect on Siwon. It would be so much easier to deal with this whole not yet thing if only Yesung knew that Siwon felt the same way. But, Yesung didn’t know and he sometimes came so close to just walking away.

But, he didn’t. He didn’t because he had promised to give Siwon time and he was going to be good to his promise. Time. That was all, just some time.


Yesung sighed even though he had been expecting this. Siwon never left him alone, ever.

“What do you want?” he asked rolling his eyes as Siwon came next to him. “I thought I told you thirty minutes ago that I was going to be busy.”

Siwon pouted and Yesung sighed again.

“But, I wanted to talk to you.”

Yesung opened his mouth to say something witty and vaguely insulting, but was interrupted.

“Hyung! Yesung hyung!” Kyuhyun said running over to Yesung.

Yesung smiled as Kyuhyun linked their arms together. He saw the look Kyuhyun threw at Siwon and almost smiled. Kyuhyun hadn’t exactly been Siwon’s fan since Siwon had told everyone that he and Yesung weren’t dating. Yesung was sympathetic. Even if he was being sort of mean to Siwon, he didn’t like to know that others were being mean to him too.

“Hello Kyuhyunnie.” Yesung said smiling at their youngest friend.

Kyuhyun had attached himself to him and Hankyung. How that had happened he still didn’t know. Kyuhyun never really talked much when he first came into their group, but well Hankyung was easy to open up to and Yesung was glad Kyuhyun trusted him enough to be open with him.

“Hyung, are you busy tonight?” Kyuhyun asked almost pouting. “Want to go see a movie with me?”

Yesung wanted to mess up Kyuhyun’s hair. The younger man was always so adorable when he was asking for something. He didn’t know where all these rumors of him being snarky and mean came from. Kyuhyun was nothing but sweet with Yesung.

“Okay, sure Kyu, let’s go see a movie.”

“Hey Siwon-ah.”

Yesung looked over at Sungmin. Oh? Sungmin was here. He glanced over at Siwon and then at Kyuhyun and wondered vaguely if he should leave. Sungmin was here and Kyuhyun was here and this was a great opportunity for the two of them. Yesung had had about enough of those two. They liked each other, but hadn’t gotten around to admitting it to each other yet. It was starting to get annoying especially with his own situation.

“Siwon-ah, want to go see a movie with me?” Sungmin called.

“Yes I’d love to go see a movie with you.” Siwon answered walking over to Sungmin who immediately linked their arms together.

Yesung bit his bottom lip to keep quiet. Siwon had every right to go on a date with whoever he wanted. Yesung wasn’t going to stop him. ..except of course Sungmin liked Kyuhyun and should be going on this date with Kyuhyun not Siwon. Then again, this wasn’t a date, so it was fine…really. It was fine. Really.

Then again…

“Hey, do you two want to go together since we’re all going to see a movie.” Yesung offered.

He offered it only because Kyuhyun liked Sungmin and would want to be with Sungmin. He was only thinking of Kyuhyun. He didn’t want to go together just so he could keep an eye on Siwon. No. Why should he care? Siwon was free to do what he wanted. Yesung was only in this for Kyuhyun.

“Yes, let’s go together.” Kyuhyun said and Yesung knew he had done the right thing. “We can go together and then call it a double date.”


Yesung chanced a glance at Siwon and saw that the other man was looking at him. He knew they were both thinking the same thing because as soon as their eyes met they looked away.

“Date?” Yesung asked his face burning red as he tried to not look at Siwon.

“Yes. Date.”

Yesung looked up in time to see Sungmin pulling Siwon along.

“Come on hyung.” Kyuhyun said and Yesung was barely aware of how Kyuhyun pulled him forward.

He was still watching Sungmin’s hand in Siwon’s. He didn’t even notice that his own hand was secure in Kyuhyun’s. But, Siwon noticed. Siwon definitely noticed.

Siwon watched as Kyuhyun threw an arm over Yesung’s shoulders. He watched Kyuhyun’s hand around Yesung’s. He saw the way Kyuhyun was smiling and leaning way too close to Yesung.

“Hyung.” Kyuhyun asked. “Can I ask you a question?”

Siwon wanted to say no. He wanted to tell Kyuhyun to keep his hands to himself. He wanted to shove Sungmin in Kyuhyun’s face and hope that would distract him.

“What is it Kyuhyun?” Yesung asked managing to look adorable and earnest all at once.

“Who do you think sings better? Me or Siwon?”

Siwon raised an eyebrow. What was Kyuhyun doing? Siwon glanced over at Sungmin. The other man looked angry but underneath it all there was a hint of amusement as if it were funny that Kyuhyun was hanging of off Yesung.


Ouch. Siwon tried not to visibly cringe. He heard Yesung saying something that was probably explaining why he picked Kyuhyun and not him. He didn’t hear a word. Yesung didn’t think he was a good singer. That was an ego bruiser if he had ever heard one.

“Let’s go on our date now.” Kyuhyun was saying.

Siwon wanted to go over and strangle the other man. He didn’t care that Sungmin would probably kill him. He looked at Sungmin and didn’t miss that dark look in the other man’s eyes. Sungmin was watching Kyuhyun in a way that was starting to scare Siwon. He looked over at Kyuhyun and saw the same look. It was dark, possessive, angry, and something else that Siwon was sure he didn’t want to identify.

What game were these two playing?

“I need to call Hankyung.” Yesung said and that was enough to bring Siwon out of his thoughts.

“Why do you need to call him?” he asked a lot less calm than he had expected. “It’s not like you two are married.”

Yesung looked at him and Siwon wanted to go over and…and…something.

“He worries.” Yesung explained ignoring him and dialing the number. “I have to let him know I’ll be a little late. I owe him that. He always calls me when he’s going to be late.”

“You two aren’t married.” Siwon all but growled.

He let go of Sungmin and saw Kyuhyun go over to the other man. He didn’t care, not until he saw Kyuhyun and Sungmin leaning in close together. Their heads were close to each other and from the look in Sungmin’s eyes the two weren’t talking about innocent things. Siwon frowned ready to tell them off when Yesung started talking.

“Hankyung? It’s Yesung. Yeah I know you know it’s me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t introduce myself. What if Heechul picked up? No. I’m fine. I was just calling…actually no tell Eunhyuk to do it. He knows where they are. Yeah…no…of course…yes I know. I’ll tell him later. Okay.”

Siwon stood there practically tapping his foot in impatience. Did Yesung really have to talk so much? This was really simple. All he had to do was tell Hankyung that they…or well Yesung and Kyuhyun were going to watch a movie.

“Tell him we’re going to watch a movie and hang up.” Siwon said after a few more minutes of Yesung’s talk.

“I’m sorry Hankyung. There’s someone being very rude. I’m going to go see a movie with Kyuhyun. I’ll get home a bit later…No, you don’t have to wait up. No, I’ll be fine. Sungmin and Siwon are coming too. Yes, I know. Stop it. You sound like my mother.”

Siwon bit back his irritated growl. Really? Was this really necessary?

“Why don’t you just go and tell him what you had for breakfast today too.” He said before he could stop himself.

Yesung rolled his eyes in his direction.

“Don’t be silly.” Yesung answered putting a hand over the phone. “He doesn’t need me to tell him what I ate for breakfast. He made me breakfast.”

Siwon opened his mouth to retaliate when Kyuhyun walked over. He settled for glaring at Kyuhyun as he leaned on Yesung. He didn’t even notice when Yesung hung up.

“Let’s go.” Kyuhyun said dragging Yesung away.

Siwon frowned. Kyuhyun was something else.

“Hyung.” Kyuhyun asked sometime later. “Who do you think is better Siwon or Hankyung?”

Siwon’s mouth dropped open. He didn’t even have time to glare at Kyuhyun because he was too busy looking at Yesung. He knew Yesung knew he was watching him and Siwon wanted to know what Yesung thought. The question was innocent enough in a way, but to Siwon Kyuhyun might as well have asked who do you want to date Siwon or Hankyung?

“What movie are we watching?” Yesung asked.

Nice save Siwon thought bitterly as he followed Kyuhyun and Yesung out of the building. He wasn’t in the mood to be nice to anyone. He had to watch Yesung and Kyuhyun acting cute together. He had to almost be physically restrained by Sungmin when Kyuhyun smiled up at Yesung and dragged him over to the ticket counter.

“Why is he being so touchy?” Siwon asked Sungmin as he watched Kyuhyun hugging Yesung. “And why aren’t you doing anything?”

“I don’t have to do anything. Why would I do anything? I don’t have to do anything. If it bothers you so much then why don’t you do something?” Sungmin all but snapped.

Siwon smirked. “It bothers you too doesn’t it?”

Sungmin dragged his eyes away from Kyuhyun. “No. It doesn’t bother me. I can handle it better than you can Siwon-ah.”

“Let’s go see that movie.” Kyuhyun said laughing as he pulled Yesung along. “Oh, Sungmin, I got you a present.”

“For me?” Sungmin asked his eyes softening as he took what Kyuhyun offered.

“Yeah. I got it for you.” Kyu said and that smile on his face could have almost been seductive.

“He’s lying.” Yesung said. “He flirted it out of the girl at the counter.”

Siwon almost laughed, almost, but then Kyuhyun ruined everything.

“All I did was smile at her.”

“Yes, but since when has your smile ever been anything but seductive.” Yesung said rolling his eyes.

Stab me in the heart Siwon wanted to yell. Was Yesung serious? Was this the game he wanted to play? Where they going to flaunt their freedom in each other’s face? Who cared if Siwon had said he didn’t want to try? That didn’t mean that Yesung could go off and hang off of Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun belonged to Sungmin anyway.

“I’m going inside.” He said purposefully walking in between Kyuhyun and Yesung.

He took his seat first as far away from Yesung as he could. If the other man wanted to have fun with Kyuhyun, he could. Siwon wasn’t going to do anything. Siwon was just going to sit in the corner next to Sungmin and he was going to plan ways to kill Kyuhyun. Let Yesung do what he wanted. Siwon didn’t care. Why should he care? He didn’t care.

He didn’t.

They were ten minutes into the movie before Siwon started to get worried. It was a horror movie. Yesung hated horror. Yesung liked to sit next to Siwon when they saw horror movies anywhere. He liked to have his hand held. Yesung did not react well to horror.

Siwon chanced a glance over at the other man and what he saw made him wish he didn’t have so much self-control. Kyuhyun was leaning over Yesung, too close, way too close for Siwon’s liking. He watched the way Kyuhyun murmured comforting words into Yesung’s ear and he lost.

He lost it because it had been so long and he had been so stupid. He lost it because that was Yesung and he should have been the one doing what Kyuhyun was doing. He lost it because damn it all, it was Yesung and he wanted to be there for him.

“Let him go.” Siwon said surprised at how angry he sounded.

He knew Kyuhyun wanted to say something, but Sungmin stopped him. It was all for the better, Siwon thought as he dragged Yesung out of the theater. If Kyuhyun had opened his mouth, Siwon would have punched his face in.

“Siwon. Siwon. SIWON!” Yesung was saying.

But, Siwon just ignored him. He dragged him out of the theater and into the street.

“Siwon! Siwon let go!” Yesung said snatching back his hand.

Siwon turned angrier than he should have been. But, who cared? Who cared? Who fucking cared? He didn’t care. He didn’t care that he was angrier than he had ever been all his life, angry over how easy it seemed for Yesung to forget him and have fun with Kyuhyun.

“Okay, fine.” Siwon said taking three steps back. “Fine. I let you go. Fine. Fucking fine, Yesung. I…I…”

Siwon broke off. He turned away, took a deep breath and turned back. He walked over until he was right in front of the other man.

“Do you see what you do to me? I don’t curse Yesung. I never curse, ever. But, you and Kyuhyun and what do you want from me?” Siwon said running a hand through his hair not caring that he was messing it up. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want Siwon.” Yesung answered quiet, calm like always, never angry. “You’re the one who doesn’t know what he wants.”

Yesung watched Siwon. He was angry. Siwon was very angry and Yesung didn’t care. He was angry too. What right did Siwon have to complain? What right when it was Siwon who said he couldn’t do it?

“Come on.” Siwon said quietly. “We’ll finish this at the dorms.”

“What if I want to go watch the movie?” Yesung answered.

“I said we’ll finish this at the dorms.”

Yesung said nothing. He walked next to Siwon, not even caring that Siwon wasn’t slowing down for him. He wanted to get this over with. If they had to talk then they would talk. If they had to yell then they would yell. But, they had to come clean.

Siwon opened the door to the dorm he shared with Sungmin. Yesung walked in, calm, collected. He wasn’t going to be the one doing the yelling. He never lost control and would not lose it now. He refused.

“Okay, we’re here.” Yesung said setting down his coat on the couch. “Talk.”

“What game are you playing Yesung?” Siwon asked his voice colder than Yesung had ever heard it.

“I’m not playing.”

“What was that with Kyuhyun then? If that wasn’t a game then what was it? Do you like him? Did you give up Hankyung for him?”

“Why do you need to bring up Hankyung? What did he ever do to you?”

“Nothing. He did nothing to me, but you’re always calling him, always there with him and now Kyuhyun. If that’s not a game then I don’t know what is. Looks like you picked up some tricks from Ryeowook.”

And that was what did it for Yesung. He had kept quiet, never lost it, always maintained his voice level. But, that did him in. It was Siwon asking all of those questions. It was Siwon making accusations. It was Choi Siwon who broke Yesung.

“That has to be about the stupidest thing I have ever heard you stupid, dumb, slow, ugly, lamppost. I can’t stand you, did you know that? You are such a hypocrite. I can’t believe that you tell me that you don’t want anything and now you’re acting like a completely stupid and jealous—”

Yesung never got to finish. One second he was yelling at Siwon and letting go of the pent up anger he had and the next Siwon was there, in his space, breathing down his neck.

“Yesung.” Siwon whispered into his ear. “Shut up.”

And before Yesung could even begin to form some sort of coherent comeback, Siwon’s lips were on his. He couldn’t do much, but melt into the kiss, his hands finding their way into Siwon’s hair. It was anything but innocent. Yesung could tell that Siwon was still angry. The kiss was rough, heated, something that was making Yesung’s heart race and his body burn.

He arched into Siwon’s touch as those hands left the back of his head. Yesung was vaguely aware of being picked up and carried, but he wasn’t paying attention because Siwon’s mouth was on his and he could hardly think straight. And who cared what was happening anyway, as long as Siwon was still there.

Yesung was thrown unceremoniously into the bed. Then clothes were flying everywhere, hands searching, looking for any place to hold on and Siwon’s breath was hot in his ear.

“Sung, I want you.”

Yesung could only shiver and hug Siwon close. God, it had been too long, much too long. He hadn’t felt that way in years, too many years. He hadn’t lost control in that way since forever. He hadn’t been as lost to the world as that night in that room with Choi Siwon. He lost himself in the touches, the moans, the feelings, everything. That night he saw Siwon come undone and knew he was the cause of it.

He loved it. The power he held over Siwon. The way Siwon said his name. The way Siwon moved. The way Siwon spoke. Everything. He loved it all.

“Yesung.” Siwon whispered as they lay there together.

“What?” Yesung answered closing his eyes and wanting nothing more than to sleep.

“I love you.”

Yesung smiled. “I wish I could say the same about you.”

He felt Siwon’s laugh on the back and then Siwon’s mouth was by his ear.

“You said it enough a while ago.”

“Shut up.” Yesung snapped turning away his burning face.

Siwon just laughed and pulled him close. Yesung pouted but let himself be held close. He settled his head on Siwon’s shoulder.

“You better be nice to me tomorrow.” Yesung yawned. “Or else I’ll get Hankyung on you.”

“If you can pry him and Heechul off each other.” Siwon laughed. “But, I’ll be nice. Tomorrow and the day after and forever.”

Yesung smiled and settled down comfortable.

“You better.”


A/N: blah *hides because of lame ending* I hope you guys liked it anyway =) There is the end and here I am at the end too. And one more thing guys, Hanchul fic hicdanf linked me and now I am linking you all. Read an awesome Hanchul fic here, yes here Have fun dears and I hope you like this chapter. And I know I promised the carnival scene Jann Jann but it didn't fit. This chapter is too long already. I'll make it up to you in the Kyumin. I promise.
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