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Like Velvet Chapter 1

Title: Like Velvet
Pairing: super ninja!ShiHan, ZhouChul, mentions of Kyumin
Genre: drama, romance
Rating: R (for mature themes)
Summary: Hankyung knew no life other than that club where he had to do what he was told, bend over for whoever wanted it, do whatever his clients paid him to do and then one day he meets Siwon and he thinks he'll finally get out. But, Siwon never comes back even though he promised and Hankyung is left alone. Five years later he's out thanks to Heechul and then Siwon comes back.
Note: For shihan_ai and daidetre because I refuse to let her live her life in fear of Sihan.

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2]

A/N: Look at me writing this. I love this AU. I don't even know. I am so into this story. So bb shihan_ai I hope you like this. It is so different from what I had originally planned. Can you believe I said whore!Geng and it came out into this? This isn't even...dsfhdsjfhs I hope you like it <3

Mondays were good days for Hankyung. Well if he was truthful all days were good for him. They had to be or he wouldn’t have a job. He had been at the club three years now and he knew there was no end, not near anyway. Maybe one day he’d find someone who took a liking to him and took him out of this place, but he’d be stuck all the same. If they liked him it would be because of what he did and not because of who he was. If he was ever out of this club, he would be with someone else, stuck with them until they were bored and then he would be back here.

There had been people who offered to take him home before. There were always people who liked him a bit too much and there had even been one time when he thought he would make it out. The boy was young, too young; he was a baby. Hankyung knew more of the world, understood it better than the other man did. But, he’d been so innocent, innocent enough to fall in love.


That was a faraway memory now, too far for Hankyung to ever believe in it. He had been loved and then the boy’s parents had found out and Hankyung’s hope of getting out had disappeared. He was stuck, would always be stuck.
“Siwon.” Shindong called from the bar waiving.

Siwon took one look at the pretty girl who was clinging to his arm. He should be entertaining her. That’s what his parents had told him. Keep the pretty girl happy and they get money. That’s how it worked and after they had the money from her investor father he could go and do what he pleased.

“SooYoung, would you please excuse me.” Siwon smiled always the proper gentleman.

SooYoung took only three seconds to smile at him and then let go.

“Okay, Siwon oppa, but hurry back. I want to dance one song with you.”

Siwon smiled at her, automatically like he had been taught. He even managed a half bow as he made his way to Shindong. Siwon took a seat next to him and sighed burying his head in his hands. When he looked up he saw that Shindong wasn’t alone. There was a pretty girl next to him and Heechul was there which meant that Zhou Mi was somewhere nearby.

“Siwon.” Heechul said. “What are you doing here?”

Siwon raised an eyebrow. His relationship with Heechul was a bit complicated to say the least. As a Choi he shouldn’t even talk to Heechul. Heechul was, in one word, crazy. He loved to party, loved to go to clubs with Zhou Mi. Oh, his relationship with Zhou Mi was public and that alone should have been enough for Siwon’s parents to forbid him to talk to Heechul.

But, Heechul had money. Heechul was the son of a wealthy man and that man saw nothing wrong with his son having a boyfriend so Siwon’s parents didn’t either. It was in their benefit for Siwon to be friends with Heechul and so Siwon had been ordered really to be his friend.

It had started that way at first. But, Heechul was likable, funny and he had had found it easy to be friends with Heechul. Heechul knew a lot of things about him that many people didn’t know. Even if they rarely hung out together, Heechul knew things without Siwon having to tell him. And even though Heechul and Siwon would never really be close because Heechul had his group of friends, Siwon liked the other man and so he listened to him and Heechul did his best to be a good older friend.

“Hello, Siwon.” Heechul said waiving his perfectly manicured hand in Siwon’s face. “My face is over here, not over there. I asked you what you were doing here?”

“Hyung, this is my house, my party.” Siwon answered.

“Oh, no wonder I’m bored. Where’s Zhou Mi? I want to dance.”

“He said he was going to the bathroom.” The pretty girl next to Shindong said. “But, I’ll dance with you Heechul, that is, if Shindong doesn’t mind.”

Heechul laughed so hard that Siwon thought he was going to crack a rib. Shindong watched Heechul with an amused look on his face and the pretty girl next to him just smiled.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Heechul said taking the pretty girl’s hand.

Siwon watched the way Shindong’s eyes followed her and he smiled.

“You like her?”

Shindong turned back to him. “You need to find yourself a new form of entertainment. Her name is JinSook and we’re getting married.”

“Married?” Siwon asked his eyebrows going up. “You’re getting married before me? What about Sungmin. Tell me he isn’t getting married yet.”

“He’s older than you and so am I. It’s only natural that we get married before you, but no. He’s not. He’s still not sure if he likes Kyuhyun or that girl he saw at the store the other day.”

Siwon frowned.

He had nothing against Sungmin liking Kyuhyun…nothing except for that small twinge of guilt that seemed to be with him forever. But, the twinge of guilt wasn’t even because of his religion. It was for some other reason that he hadn’t spoken to anyone about. Sungmin and Kyuhyun reminded him too much of a part of his past that he was trying to forget.

Sungmin was a cashier in one of the bookstores Siwon went to often. He had met Sungmin through Shindong who was an accountant for the Choi family and as young as he was, he had become Siwon’s friend of sorts. But, Shindong was a lot closer to Sungmin than to Siwon and so Siwon had met Sungmin.

Sungmin was a pretty man with big brown eyes and an obsession with black clothing. Shindong had assured Siwon that Sungmin was in love with the color pink, but Siwon just didn’t see how. Sungmin wore black clothing, dark eyeliner and looked for all the world like he belonged on a motorcycle.

Then there was Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was a bartender, a bartender at a club that Heechul went to too often for Siwon’s taste. The club itself was enough to drive Siwon away. It was the type of club that would make any good Christian boy hide and Siwon didn’t like to think about why Heechul went there when he had Zhou Mi and he didn’t want to know why Zhou Mi was okay with Heechul going.

“Does Kyuhyun still work at the club?” Siwon asked.

He asked because he was concerned for Sungmin. He tried to tell himself that that was the reason he asked and not because he wanted to have an excuse to go there himself.

“He does.” Shindong said his voice careful as he answered Siwon’s question. “He’s a bartender there.”

“The club is pretty…things happen there.” Siwon said.

Shindong blinked at him. “It’s a strip club Siwon. A strip club for guys with male dancers, yes things do happen.”

“But, you can pay and get more than a dance.” Siwon said frowning. “That’s how things work there. Heechul said.”

“Kyuhyun isn’t paying anyone for anything. Unlike Sungmin he does know who he likes and what he wants.”

Siwon frowned. “You’re closer to Sungmin. If he does end up liking Kyuhyun someone needs to make sure that Kyuhyun isn’t doing what he shouldn’t be doing.”

Shindong looked over at Siwon. “I don’t suppose you would go to that club and have a word with Kyuhyun.”

Siwon tried to hide the way his heart was thumping. He would, He would go there in a heartbeat if he had an excuse. He should have run here the minute his parents let him out of the house without a bodyguard. He should have gone back the instant he could. But, he hadn’t.

How long had it been? A year? Two? It didn’t matter to him because to him it felt like yesterday when he was in that room with the sheets around him, long, slim legs tangled with his. It had been only yesterday that he was breathing in the scent of another man.

And still it had been so long, so long since he had last felt that skin under his hands, felt the way the other man gave himself over, melted against him. It had been so long since he had seen that tan skin, heard those soft moans. It had been so long since he sat and talked and loved and he missed it. He missed it with an ache that shouldn’t be there.

He was a Choi. He had things to do. He had a company to run. His parents had told him. Everything depended on him. He was the only son, the only one to carry the name Choi. He had to marry a pretty girl, have a family and run the company. He couldn’t be thinking of big brown eyes and soft brown hair that he’d seen blond at one point. He couldn’t remember soft lips and yielding skin. He couldn’t remember long, long legs wrapped around his waist as he moved, arms around his neck, mouth by his ear.

Siwon shuddered. The room was suddenly too warm, too many people were around him.

“Siwon?” Shindong asked him. “Are you okay?”

Siwon nodded. “I have to go. I need to make sure that Sooyoung is properly entertained.”

“Are you going to talk to Kyuhyun?”

Siwon looked back at Shindong. How easy would it be to be Shindong, to have nothing to worry about because he loved a woman who loved him? How much easier his life would be if he could marry and have children and love his wife. It would be so much simpler even if he could just be an accountant, someone who didn’t have his family’s future riding on his shoulders.

“I envy you.” Siwon said because he felt like Shindong should know.

He didn’t miss the surprise on Shindong’s face, didn’t miss the way the other man tried to see if Siwon was joking or not. They were friends. They had known each other for a while so it wasn’t long before Shindong realized that something was wrong.

“What is it?”

Siwon smiled, knew it must be a sad smile. “I envy you that’s all.”

Shindong shook his head. “You’re the pretty boy, handsome with a company and tons of money. I’m just an accountant.”

Siwon shook his head. “She’s pretty and you love her.”

Shindong looked at him carefully. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Siwon smiled. He was spared the chore of answering by Heechul and JinSook. The two came back laughing and JinSook immediately took her seat next to Shindong taking his hand.

“Siwon.” Heechul said throwing an arm around Siwon’s shoulders as best as he could. “What are you doing here? Let’s dance.”

“You know I can’t.” Siwon said wishing he could, wishing he had the courage to do it and shock them all. But he didn’t.

“You should.” Heechul said rolling his eyes. “You need to loosen up and they need to realize that you can do whatever you want. It’s not like they can disown you. You’re their only son.”

“Is that how you dealt with your father?” Zhou Mi asked coming over to them.

“Zhou Mi, I want to dance.” Heechul said letting go of Siwon and sticking himself to Zhou Mi’s side.

“I don’t know how to dance.” Zhou Mi said.

“It’s easy. Just move your hips like you do at home, in the dark.”

Zhou Mi laughed as Heechul pulled him over to the dance floor.

“Those two.” JinSook said smiling fondly at Zhou Mi and Heechul.

“JinSook,” Shindong said to her. “This is Siwon. Siwon this is JinSook.”

Siwon offered a bow and smiled, the perfect gentleman, the way he had been trained…raised.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said.

JinSook laughed a pretty laugh. “You don’t have to put on the act for me. I’m not like the girls your parents surround you with. I know it’s hard to pretend so you don’t have to with me.”

Siwon was surprised. JinSook had caught him completely off guard and he didn’t have time to hide the shock on his face.

“Look what you did.” Shindong said shaking his head. “You made his eyebrows disappear.”

JinSook laughed and tugged Shindong up off his chair. “I can shock the best of them. Come on let’s dance. You know you want to.”

Shindong shook his head. “I’m sorry Siwon. She’s something else.”

“You know you love me anyway.” JinSook said turning to wave at Siwon. “It was nice meeting you Siwon-sshi. I hope to see you later and remember. I don’t need the act.”

Siwon watched them walk over to the dance floor. He watched the way Shindong and JinSook laughed and danced. He watched the way they laughed, happy, together. Then he looked at Heechul and Zhou Mi. The two were pressed so close together that it was almost impossible to tell where one of them ended and the other began.

Siwon watched the knowing that his parents were watching them too with disgust. And it made Siwon angry. It made him angry because he wished he could be them, could be Heechul because Heechul was the only one who could get away with something like that and it made Siwon angry. It was unfair. It was unfair that Heechul could do whatever he wanted and that he, Siwon, had to be perfect and nice and calm when all he wanted to do was run back to that club and into the arms of the one person he had ever truly loved.

“Siwon oppa?”

Siwon turned his smile ready on his face

“SooYoung-sshi.” He said holding out his hand to her. “Would you like to dance?”

“Of course.” SooYoung said blushing a pretty pink as she took his hand.

They danced. They danced and Siwon knew his parents were proud of him, knew Heechul was laughing at him, knew that Shindong felt sorry for him. He knew it all and there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t make himself like the pretty girl in his arms, couldn’t make himself want what his parents wanted.

He couldn’t, not when all he could do for the past two years was remember soft brown eyes and a beautiful man named Hankyung.

A/N: I am so proud of how this turned out like you have no idea. So that is this and I am going to go write some more. I am inspired like you all would not believe!
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