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Add a colorful feather 3/5


When Eunhyuk, Hankyung and Yesung walked into the school, the halls burst into applause. Eunhyuk looked around, but was met with beaming faces.

"Hyung what's going on?" he asked Hankyung when they were finally reunited.

They had been separated in the hallways by their many screaming fans. Yesung had been dragged away by a group who yelled something about singing. Hankyung had been chased around by anyone who happened to see him. And, he had been taken aside by the dancers. He'd been questioned about his breathing exercises, how many times he practiced, about things he'd never have tied to dancing.

Now the three of them were in their first classroom. It was empty but pretty soon there would be people. They needed to appreciate the little time they had.

"I heard we're never going to be left alone again." Yesung said leaning forward on his desk.

"Yeah, i heard something like that too." Hankyung said sitting on Yesung's chair. "They say that we're their saviors or something. Apparently we are the leaders of all the scholarship students."

"And why?" Eunhyuk asked taking a seat on the chair next to Hankyung and Yesung.

"Something about the three rich kids. Heechul, Ryeowook, and Donghae. We're supposed to take their place and win a victory for all the scholarship students here." Hankyung said with a roll of his eyes.

"What? We come to this school and have to put up with this? I never even heard of these people." Eunhyuk complained.

"Donghae is the son of the President of SM. He's the dancer. The best or was until you got into the school Eunhyuk. Ryeowook is the singer. He is supposed to have a good voice, but nothing compared to you Yesung. And then there's Heechul. The perfect boy, except he can't dance and he's no martial artist. They're not going to like us because we're like them, but better and we don't need their money to be who we are." Hankyung finished.

"And how do you know all of this?" Eunhyuk asked closing his mouth.

"I did my research. I have to protect my friends." Hankyung said shrugging.

"And they hate us?" Yesung said eyes wide. "But we didn't do anything to them."

Hankyung put his arm around Yesung. "It's not about that Yesungie. It's about us just being there. But don't worry. Eunhyuk and I will protect you."

Eunhyuk nodded. He was going to add his own sentiments when the door opened and two guys came in. the taller of the two had long dark hair and dark eyes. The shorter one was smaller, but had a deeper darker look in his eyes. His eyes went straight to Yesung who just blinked. Eunhyuk had to hold back his fond laughter. Yesung was so innocently oblivious to everything.

Hankyung, however, stood up to block Yesung from the shorter guy's gaze.

"Hello." the taller guy said. “I’m Heechul and this is my friend Ryeowook."

"I'm Hankyung. This is Eunhyuk and Yesung."

Eunhyuk nodded in response to the polite nod Heechul and Ryeowook sent. Yesung stood up and offered a polite half bow.

"Nice hair." Heechul said.

Eunhyuk felt Hankyung stiffen next to him. His hyung had dyed his hair blond only because he and Yesung had insisted that he looked good as a blond. But Hankyung was still not comfortable entirely. Eunhyuk reached over to place a hand on his hyung's shoulder. Hankyung gave a slight nod then turned his charming dimpled smile on Heechul.

"You would look better as a blond."

At first Eunhyuk didn't understand the shocked looks on Ryeowook and Heechul’s face. He didn't understand why Hankyung looked amused or why Yesung's eyes were so big. But, then he thought about it. Hankyung's comment implied that Heechul was better looking, but Heechul wasn't a blond and that implied that brunette Heechul wasn't. Eunhyuk watched but Heechul just nodded. Ryeowook on the other hand moved forward so that he was in Yesung's face. Yesung frowned and took a step back.

"Hello, Yesung-sshi. Mind if i call you Yesungie?" Ryeowook asked putting his hand on Yesung's chest.

Yesung tried to take another step back but his back hit the wall. Ryeowook leaned forward so that his face was inches away from Yesung's. Eunhyuk made to move forward but Hankyung stopped him.

"I'll let you call me Wookie." Ryeowook said his lips inches from Yesung's.

Yesung frowned then shrugged. "Sure. I don't see why not."

Eunhyuk bit his lip to stop his laugh. He was careful to avoid Hankyung's gaze. Yesung was so innocently oblivious that as long as he and Hankyung were there Yesung would never fall into Wookie...Ryeowook's arms. The whole idea of innocent Yesung with the school's playboy was ridiculous. Eunhyuk watched the frown paint itself on Ryeowook's face. Ryeowook walked over to Heechul and the two of them took their seats in the back of the room.

Hankyung threw his arms around Yesung's shoulder and led him to the front of the room. Eunhyuk made to follow but the door opened and the room flooded with people. He pushed his was to the front of the room, but was stopped by a hand on his arm.

He turned and had to stop his gasp. The guy holding his arm was about his height. He had long semi curly hair that fell across his forehead. His eyes were big and brown. He was wearing the school uniform, but he had added sunglasses and that gave him an overall adorable effect.

"I just wanted to apologize for my friends. I'm Donghae. Heechul and Wookie tend to go overboard sometimes. I'm sorry for anything they said or did to your friends. You have to understand, they are a bit nervous. I have to admit that i am too, but you don't look like you want to hurt me, so I guess it's alright to be your friend."

Eunhyuk didn't know how to answer. Donghae gave him a wide eyed expectant look that made something in Eunhyuk's stomach tighten.

"I'll talk to you later okay?" Donghae asked.

"Yeah, sure." Eunhyuk managed. Donghae flashed him a heart stopping smile and went to take a seat.

Eunhyuk walked almost in a daze and took his seat next to Hankyung. He shook his head. Ryeowook was trying to seduce Yesung. Heechul had declared war on Hankyung. And now Donghae had presented a friendly front. And even though Eunhyuk knew what Donghae was doing, he couldn't help the beat his heart skipped as he thought of Donghae's smile. 

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