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Add a colorful feather 4/5

A/N: Hello, again. This is the penultimate chapter for this story. Thanks for all the people who commented and I would like to let you know that there's a Yewook part and a Hanchul part for this story. Let me know if you want to read those. And thanks again for the comments. Let me know what you think about this chapter. =)

Donghae watched Eunhyuk from his position on the bleachers. He had been watching Eunhyuk for some time. Eunhyuk was always alone at this time of days. At this time, Hankyung was practicing his martial arts, singing and dancing with all of the other perfectionists. Yesung was with the singers teaching them how to be better singers. And Eunhyuk was teaching the dance club.

The three, Eunhyuk, Hankyung and Yesung were the Golden Boys. The school had given them that name the second week of school. He, Heechul and Wookie were F3. Donghae loved the name. It just proved to him how TV obsessed and narrow minded people could be, not to mention unoriginal.

"And that's how you do that." Eunhyuk was saying to a girl who was half swooning.

"Oh, oppa, I'll never be as good as you. Maybe you should give me some extra lessons, private lessons." the girl purred.

Donghae watched Eunhyuk's face go red. He couldn't understand the sudden desire to go and pull the girl away from Eunhyuk. He watched as Eunhyuk laughed and stepped back.

"You don't need extra lessons. You're pretty good already."

"Oh, but oppa, I can be so much better, just give me some time." she said practically molesting Eunhyuk's arm.

Donghae heard Eunhyuk and he couldn't help what he did. He stood from the bleachers and took off his sunglasses.

"Alright Yoona, get lost." Yoona pouted, but walked off.

Donghae turned to the rest of the club. He frowned. Ever since Eunhyuk had joined the club had gone downhill. Half the people in the club were there because they wanted a chance at Eunhyuk, Yoona being the prime example.

"Club's over." Donghae called. There were groans and protests, but one look from Donghae silenced them all.

Donghae stood to the side and watched as everyone walked off. He paid particular attention to one girl who went over to whisper something in Eunhyuk's ear. His eyes narrowed as he watched Eunhyuk laugh with another member.

Donghae leaned against the nearest wall as the last people trickled out. He closed the door and put his sunglasses on. He didn't know why he had kicked everyone out. He didn't know why it bothered him that so many people flocked Eunhyuk. He still didn't understand why watching Eunhyuk put his hands all over everyone bothered him so much.

"Why did you end the club so early?" Eunhyuk asked him finally.

"This club," Donghae said moving a lock of hair out of his eyes. "Isn’t what it used to be. We had dancers, mediocre ones, but still dancers. Now we have silly girls who just laugh at everything you say. We have guys who are just dying to be your friends. There is no more talent."

Donghae looked up to see Eunhyuk blush. He caught Eunhyuk's eyes and didn't let him look away. He kind of liked Eunhyuk's eyes. They were exotic, dark brown and always sort of surprised. He liked what Eunhyuk had done with his hair.

It was his original dark color, but short and styled up and away from his face. But the one thing Donghae loved the most was the smile, the innocent smile that Eunhyuk only showed to his friends.

"I'm sorry." Donghae blinked. He had to think to realize that Eunhyuk was answering his original lecture.

"Sorry? What is that going to do?" Donghae regretted his stern tone when Eunhyuk looked away.

He turned his back on Eunhyuk and turned to practice one of the dances the dance teacher had assigned. He tried once and messed up at the very end. He kept losing his balance. Donghae held back the anger that he felt and tried again. He stepped in front of the mirrors and watched carefully. He didn't understand. He did everything perfectly. It was just the damn ending that he couldn’t get.

In that second he hated Eunhyuk. Perfect Eunhyuk who always got the dances on the first try. Eunhyuk who the teacher loved. Eunhyuk who everyone, and he meant EVERYONE, wanted to date. Eunhyuk who he couldn't help but fall for.

"You're not centering right." The voice was closer than Donghae had expected.

His eyes locked with Eunhyuk's in the mirror. Donghae stilled as Eunhyuk's hand came to his waist.

"You need to plant your feet and straighten up." Eunhyuk said matter-of-factly.

Donghae nodded and wondered why his mouth had gone so dry. He almost stiffened when Eunhyuk's other hand went to the small of his back.

"You're still not centered properly." Eunhyuk said lowering his hand to Donghae's hip.

Donghae bit his lip. He was almost dizzy, but Eunhyuk didn't even seem fazed.

"You're still not getting it." Eunhyuk said frowning.

Donghae watched him in the mirror. His brow was furrowed in concentration. It was endearing.

"Alright, Donghae-sshi. I'm going to get...uh...a bit close."

Donghae couldn't help his smile. "Not too close I hope."

Eunhyuk shook his head and then moved forward. Donghae watched Eunhyuk in the mirrors. He saw and felt as Eunhyuk pressed himself against his back.

"Now relax." Eunhyuk's voice was against Donghae's ear.

It was enough to make Donghae do anything but relax.

"Donghae-sshi, you need to relax."

Donghae melted against Eunhyuk. He turned his head to look at Eunhyuk. Their lips were so close to each other that Donghae couldn't help himself. He pressed his lips against Eunhyuk's and when Eunhyuk didn't move away he turned around.

Donghae buried his hands in Eunhyuk's hair and pulled him closer. He felt Eunhyuk's hands on his waist and neck as their kiss deepened.

Donghae lost track of time. He didn't even realize his back was pressed against the mirrors. He couldn't hear anything, but Eunhyuk's breathing as it quickened. He couldn't even think. There was nothing, but the man in his arms. And Donghae knew that he could never hate him. He could never want anything, but Eunhyuk.

"Call me Donghae." He gasped when they came up for air.

A/N: So, that was it. What did you guys think? Love the comments.
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