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Add a colorful feather(Yewook) 1/5

A/N: So, I updated early sorry for the people who didn't see this chapter or who won't see it until tomorrow. Thank you for the comments and much love. This is 1/5 of the Yewook chapter. Enjoy

Ryeowook couldn’t pay attention in class, didn't want to pay attention in class. He didn’t get it. No one had ever ignored him the way that singer, Yesung had. No one had ever blown him off without a second thought. He was Kim Ryeowook for the love of…he was KIM RYEOWOOK!

He glared at the back of Yesung’s head trying to burn a hole through the other man’s head just to see if he could understand. Yesung seemed particularly interested in whatever Hankyung was telling him. The two were laughing quietly.
Ryeowook frowned. So Yesung would pay attention to Hankyung, but not him. What did Hankyung have that he didn’t?

"Why the frown Wook?" Heechul asked leaning over.

"What frown?" Wookie answered deepening said frown.

"That frown." Donghae chimed in.

Wookie rolled his eyes to heaven. He leaned back into his desk ignoring his friend’s attempts at getting him angry. The ceiling patterns were fascinating to him as he thought. He could hear Heechul and Donghae muttering amongst themselves, probably about him but he didn’t care.

He was thinking about the introduction between the Golden Boys and them F3.

Heechul and Hankyung hated each other right away, but that was unimportant. He knew Donghae was too kind hearted to ever do anything about the dancer, but that too was none of his concern. What worried him was the singer. He supposed that he could find another way to break Yesungie.

He could always just be his friend. Friends told each other secrets. Wookie could simply befriend Yesung and get whatever information he wanted. He could be a good friend and then crush Yesung that way. The scholarship students didn't seem too threatening.

Eunhyuk was quiet and dancing was his thing. If Donghae let Eunhyuk get the best of him that was Donghae's problem. To Wookie, Eunhyuk seemed like a weekend fling. He'd have to think about that once he was done with Yesung.

Their leader, Hankyung, seemed more like an on and off type of lover. He could be Wookie's distraction when Wookie got bored. But, even Hankyung wasn't his business. Heechul had gotten a verbal slap in the face from Hankyung. And that meant that Wookie could only go for Yesung. No one could blame him.

Yeah, he knew that he could be a friend, but Ryeowook didn't befriend scholarship singers. Ryeowook played with the scholarship students and then he dumped them. It was in his nature. He was the playboy. He was the cold hearted flirt. Everyone fell under his spell, EVERYONE.

There had never been a single person who escaped. He was Ryeowook. He was Ryeowook and that's why he didn't understand. He didn't understand Yesung's indifference. He'd had people kissing his feet and he'd done less.

He knew he was pouting, but he couldn't help it.

"What are you thinking about?" Heechul asked.

"Maybe he's planning how best to strip Yesung." Donghae supplied keeping an eye on the professor.

"Can't wait can you?" Heechul mocked him.

Wookie cast a glance at the professor, but she was near the front talking to Hankyung. He turned his brown eyes on Heechul.

"I wasn't thinking of that at all." Wookie said smiling his sweet boy smile. "I was just thinking about how Hankyung-sshi told you to dye your hair."

"He did what?" Donghae laughed.

Wookie joined in Donghae's laughter. He was enjoying the pink color Heechul was turning and he knew that if he watched long enough, Heechul would be redder than his hair had been a few weeks ago.

"Maybe I will go blond just to teach that little scholarship student what a real blond should look like."

"I fail to see the logic in that Heechul." Wookie said turning back to the front.

"There needs to be no logic. I know what I'm doing." Heechul grumbled.

Ryeowook waved Heechul and Donghae away. He had to think. Heechul was insecure because of what Hankyung had said. Donghae was insecure because of what Eunhyuk could do. He was insecure because of what Yesung had done or more precisely hadn’t done.

Yesung, Yesung, Yesung. What was Ryeowook going to do?

As he burned a hole through the back of Yesung's head, an idea occurred to him that made him sit up. He pursed his lips and then he had to laugh. The thought was so ridiculous even he couldn't help the laugh.

"Ryeowook-sshi? Is there something you would like to share with the class?"

Wookie looked up and realized that he'd picked a bad time to laugh out loud. He looked at the professor and decided to test his theory.

"Nothing at all Professor Lee." Wookie said flashing his special smile. "I have something I want to share, but I don't think it would be appropriate to share it in front of the class. But, whatever pleases you Professor."

He watched the blush on the Professor's cheek and shared a smile with his friends as the professor went back to teach.

"What was that?" Donghae asked as the discussion started again.

Wookie shrugged. "I guess i just like Professor Lee."

He looked back at the board. There was nothing wrong with him. He'd gotten a blush on one try. That meant that he didn't have the problem. Yesung did.

He could deal with that.

A/N:So that was the first chapter let me know what you think.
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