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Add a Colorful Feather(Yewook) 3/5

A/N: Hello there guys thank you so much for the comments and continuing support. It means a lot to me to know that people take interest in my writing. A huge thanks to everyone and here is the third chapter. I haven't updated because I was home for college break and home means I was constantly needed or wanted somewhere. But, here's the next part and if you come back tomorrow the fourth part should be up. And a happy late birthday to Suju's Henry (I <3 Mochi!) This is one of the reasons I love Henry Click to see Henry's awesomness And well, here's part 3

"Wook, relax. You're going to make a hole in the ground." Heechul called looking up from his magazine.

Wookie ignored him and kept his pacing. He had been pacing for the past half hour. He was thinking. He couldn't understand what was happening. He'd been so obvious with his hints, too obvious. The only thing he hadn't done was force Yesung into a corner, not that he hadn't tried.

He'd almost had him, but that damn Hankyung had gotten in the way. He always got in the way. It was almost as if he were declaring war on F3. And that wouldn't have bothered Ryeowook so much if Yesung weren't so damn clueless.

But, he was. Anyone else would have gotten what he was referring to with the screams and high notes. It was a classic! Any brain dead idiot would have gotten it. But, not Yesung!

It was driving Wookie insane. And then the incident in the staircase had made him want to rip his hair. He had been making out with another guy. He'd asked Yesung to join them! Who wouldn't have put two and two together?

He couldn't be more obvious. What? He had to spell it out for Yesung? Did he have to write it in different colored markers with glitter and fireworks?

He'd do anything just to get some reaction. Who did that punk think he was? Nobody had ever ignored him. Nobody had made him so crazy. He'd never had the desire to physically hurt someone. He wasn't violent. He did play, but he had his reasons.

"Wook? Hey Wookie!"

"What!? What!?" he nearly yelled at Heechul.

"Woah. Relax there." Heechul said raising his hands defensively.

Wookie sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"What's wrong with me?" he asked more to himself than Heechul.

He walked over to the mirror over their dresser. He looked at himself. He liked his eyes. They were big and brown. His hair was short, but not too short. He kept it styled well. His face wasn't too fragile. He had reached his ideal weight and he finally looked strong while keeping his boyish charm. His smile was bright. His nose was the perfect size. He looked good in the school uniform. There was nothing wrong.


So, why was Yesung not reacting? Why was he so unappealing to Yesung?

"What's wrong with me?" he asked his reflection.

"Wook?" Donghae and Heechul asked tentatively.

Wookie turned and reached for Donghae's shirt. He grabbed a handful of shirt and looked at his hyung almost desperately.

"Is it me? Am I not his type?"

"Wook, don't say that." Donghae said pulling him into a hug.

"There's nothing wrong with you." Heechul said embracing them both.

Wookie didn't say anything for a while. He just took what comfort he could get. But, if it wasn’t him then what was it? Yesung didn’t have the problem, not with the way he hung on to Hankyung all the time. Yesung was obviously not indifferent to Hankyung.

And that was driving Wookie insane. He would NOT be bested by a scholarship student. If Yesung went so willingly to Hankyung then Wookie would have Yesung on his hands and knees. He had to. How else was he supposed to live with himself?

"Oh, Wookie. When did it become so personal?" Donghae asked.

"It was always personal." Wookie answered.

Heechul pulled Wookie away from Donghae and turned him around so that they were looking at each other. Wookie didn't realize how many tears were on his face until Heechul wiped them away.

"It was never personal." Heechul said. "Not until you made it personal."

"I just don't get it. What did I do wrong? I couldn't be clearer about what I wanted. I've always been good enough before. Why not now?"

"You are good enough. But, there are different types of guys just like there are different types of girls. It's time to change your strategy." Heechul said.

"Yes. You either have to blatantly obvious or less obvious."

"Less obvious!? Less obvious!? He doesn't get it now. If I'm less obvious, he'll never see me again." Wookie half cried. “You want me to be less obvious!?”

Donghae shook his head. "Think of it Wook. Songs, flowers, they speak louder than actions. Maybe Yesung is the type that understands that."

"And if that doesn't work, you can always pin him to the wall and show him like Donghae did." Heechul said with a smirk. "Oh, by the way there have been rumors lately."

"I know." Donghae sighed. "But, how was I supposed to know Yoona would be there?"

"Just make it official already. Shut Yoona up. Cancel the dancing club one day and corner him." Heechul said.

"It's probably time I do something, but I have to go to the club now. Keep an eye on Wookie." Donghae said.

"I'm right here." Wookie called finally looking up.

"We know, but you're no condition to watch yourself." Donghae answered Wookie looked back down and buried his face in his hands.

Could it be possible that he needed to change? What could he send? Yesung had liked that song Hankyung had written. Yesung always liked whatever Hankyung gave him. He damn near worshipped the floor Hankyung stepped on.

What he wouldn't do to show everyone, but especially Yesung, that Hankyung wasn't as perfect as he seemed. He hated that bottled blond who never let him do what he wanted. Maybe he should dye his hair blond and see if Yesung responded to that.

He froze. He lifted his head up slowly as an idea wrapped itself around his heart.

"Heechul." he said slowly. "I think I'm in love with Yesung."

"About damn time!" Heechul said throwing his magazine up in the air. “How come it took you that long to realize it? But, of course, I knew this would happen. The minute Yesung ignored you I knew you were going to end up crazy over him.”

Wookie shook his head.


Why was Yesung so important? He understood it now. He understood it and it scared him.

A/N: So, that was it and let me know what you think. Comments are <3
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