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Add a Colorful feather(Yewook) 4/5

A/N: Hello there guys. I am very bad at finding an uploading time. So, here I go updating a fic at the most random moment. So, thanks for the comments and sorry for confusing people. Why don't you just add me as a friend so that you can know when I update. Just please add a message, name, comments, things you want me to know, things like that so that I can at least know something about the people who add me as a friend. So one more time. Thanks for commenting and hope you enjoy this chapter =)

"It's okay to want." Hankyung was saying.

Yesung frowned. He had been worried about Wookie. Eunhyuk didn't worry him so much, because he knew it was only a matter of time before Eunhyuk and Donghae became Eunhae. Hankyung worried him too. Hankyung worried about Eunhyuk. He worried about all them.

"What about me?" Yesung said watching Hankyung and Eunhyuk. "I feel left out."

Hankyung smiled and offered his other arm. Yesung sat next to him. He leaned his head against Hankyung's shoulder. He was so confused.

Lately, Ryeowook was confusing him. He'd gotten letters that spoke about the strangest things. He'd gotten gifts too. And then there were the blushes. Yesung couldn't say anything anymore because Wookie would get quiet and then turn bright red. It was very distracting.
How could one person be so confusing? And why all the presents? Why all the smiles? Why was Wookie always making sure that he, Yesung, knew that he wasn't with anybody?

He sighed.

"Coming Yesung?"

Yesung looked up. Hankyung was offering him his hand. He took it and it meant more to him in that moment than it ever had. At least he knew he could count on Hankyung. Yesung chewed on his lips as he walked with Hankyung. He knew there were less than friendly feelings between Hankyung and Ryeowook. But, Hankyung had accepted Donghae and Eunhyuk. And Hankyung was never harsh when it came to him and Eunhyuk.

Wookie had changed. There were no more rumors, not that there had been many rumors in the beginning. But, there were practically no rumors now. Ryeowook was quiet and sweet. He wasn't dating anyone. That had to count for something in Hankyung's book.

After all, it was Hankyung who said it was okay to want. And he, Yesung, did want. He wanted to know why Wookie was being so sweet. He wanted to know why Ryeowook blushed at everything. He wanted to know why Ryeowook wouldn't stop staring. He wanted to know many things about Wookie.

"Yesung? Is something wrong?"

Yesung shook his head. He knew that Hankyung didn't believe him, but he was glad he wasn't pressing. They continued their silent walk until Yesung couldn't take it anymore.

"Hankyung-sshi, you said that it was okay to want."

"Yes." Hankyung said casually.

Yesung saw the frown on Hankyung's face. He smiled. Hankyung was too smart to not know or have some idea of what was going on. He sighed.

"I think I want someone who's not good for me. At least you don't think he's good for me." Yesung tried to explain.

"Yesungie, I would say stay away from Ryeowook."

Yesung looked away and nodded.

"But..." Hankyung trailed off.

Yesung looked up hopeful for the first time in a long while. Hankyung smiled at him fondly.

"If you think that he's what you want, then go for it. I'll be watching you. And remember, if there is anything that bothers you, let it all go. I'll be here and so will Eunhyuk."

Yesung nodded. "Of course. Thank you Hankyung."

"You know you don't need my permission. I'm technically not the oldest." Hankyung laughed as Yesung ran.

Why was he running? Even Yesung didn’t know that. He just knew that he wanted to get to know the real Ryeowook. He wanted to be able to talk to Wookie, to sit with him, to let him in his heart. He wanted to try something, the way Eunhyuk and Donghae were going to try something.

He wanted to know Ryeowook.
Yesung stopped.

He had run almost all over the school and he still couldn't find Ryeowook. He finally gave up and decided to go to the recording room. He needed to practice his singing anyway.

He would be lying if he said that it wasn’t a disappointment to not find Ryeowook. He was so willing, so intent on letting Ryeowook know that he wanted to get to know him. He had mustered up the courage to have a second go at love and he couldn’t even confess, because he couldn’t find Ryeowook.

Yesung was too busy wondering where to look. He was entertained by his thoughts that he wasn't paying enough attention to where he was going. He bumped into someone who was coming out the recording room.

"Oh, I'm sorry." he said bowing.

"No. It was my fault."

Yesung's head snapped up.


They looked at each other for a second before Wookie stepped aside to let Yesung through. He made to walk past the shorter man, but stopped. Here was his chance. Here was Ryeowook. It was now or never. That was the saying. He couldn’t put it off.

"Can I ask you a question?" Yesung asked.

"What is it?"

Yesung frowned. He didn't know how to phrase what he had to ask. He could just say it and hope that Wookie understood. But, he didn't want to say anything unless Wookie felt the same way. How could he be open, but not too open? He didn’t want to scare Ryeowook away.
Those letters must have meant something to Ryeowook, no? There had to be a reason for the change in Ryeowook these past few days. There had to be a reason and Yesung was hoping that maybe, he could be that reason.

"What exactly is Hankyung to you?" Wookie asked suddenly.

Yesung looked up. "Hankyung?"

"Yes Hankyung. Stop saying his name." Wookie snapped.

"He's my friend. He takes care of me and Eunhyuk."

"Do you like him?"

"Sure I do." Yesung said not really understanding where this was going.

"Yesung, do you understand what you say? Do you think about how what you say could hurt others?" Wookie said running his hands through his hair.

"I do sometimes."

"Then can you please say that Hankyung is only a friend so that I can kiss you." Wookie half groaned.

Yesung smiled. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear what I had to say."

"Yesung." Wookie whined.

"Say please." Yesung whispered moving to close the distance between them.

He didn’t know what he was doing, well he did. He knew exactly what he was doing. And he liked knowing that Kim Ryeowook would listen to him.

"Please." Wookie said.

And only when he heard the word did Yesung kiss him.

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