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Add a Colorful Feather(Hanchul) 1/5

A/N: Hello there world =) How are you? Thanks for supporting this AU, this fic and the fics before it. Here is the last part for the Add a Colorful Feather series. After this one comes another fic from the same AU called Things Happen (anti climactic no?) =) and that has five fics in the series. So, hope you come back for that and enjoy this one. =)

Hankyung was taking his turn at the gym's punching bag. He had been hitting it for the past twenty minutes. And he would keep hitting it for as long as his anger lasted. The only reason he hadn't beaten Ryeowook to a pulp was because he had better control than that. That plus the fact that Yesung was dating him.

"Hankyung-sshi, are you alright?" a student asked him.

"I'm. Fine." he answered timing each word with a punch.

"You don't look fine."

"Get lost Heechul." He said turning around.

And sure enough, there was Heechul with his amused smile forever etched into his face. As if Hankyung would ever confuse that mocking tone. Hankyung picked up his towel and headed to the showers. Seeing Heechul had ruined his anger venting.

But, when he turned to go into the showers, he found his way blocked by none other than Heechul.

"Move." he snapped, his patience running thin.

"Now, Hankyung-sshi, where are your manners? Or are you angry about something else? This wouldn't have anything to do with Yewook, would it?

"Ye...who? What are you talking about?" Hankyung asked momentarily distracted from his anger.

"Yesung and Ryeowook, Yewook." Heechul said if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"That's almost as dumb as Eunhae."

"Well, I personally like Eunhae. And be glad that all you Golden Boys go first."

"I...you know what? I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this. It's none of your business. Now, move."

Heechul pursed his lips and glared at Hankyung. "I don't feel like moving. If you want to shower, you're just going to have to move me."

Hankyung let out an exasperated sigh. He turned around and walked out. He had no time to deal with Heechul. He'd shower at the dorm.

"Hey, Hankyung!"

"What do you want Heechul?" he asked turning around.

"If we ever got together, we'd be Hanchul."

Hankyung heard the collective gasps that went around the room. He also heard the half hidden laughter. He turned on his brilliant dimpled smile on Heechul.

"I'd still come first." he said.

The look on Heechul's face was worth the anger he had to endure. It was the perfect ending to his work out.

"Goodbye Heechul." he said, waiving on his way out.

Hankyung walked up to his dorm in a better mood that he had been all morning. He side stepped a group of girls who were waiting to ambush him. He went inside the dorm and headed straight for the shower. He spent a good half hour drowning away his day.

"Hyung, can you get out? I need to talk to you. It's important. It's about Yesung?"

Hankyung jumped out and was out of the shower in record time.

"What is it?" he asked going straight for Eunhyuk. "What's wrong with Yesung?"

"I just really had to go." Yesung called as he rushed past.

"Really?" he asked, but he couldn't help his smile.

"He's a lot happier isn't he?" Eunhyuk commented.

"Yes." Hankyung admitted. "He is, but so are you and I trust Donghae more than I trust Ryeowook."

"Hyung, Heechul is more of a playboy than Wookie."

"He got to you too? Wookie? And don't be blind Eunhyuk. Who was the one with a different person on his arm every week? Who did Yesung catch on the stairs?"

"Alright. It was Ryeowook." Eunhyuk conceded. "But, you're not blind either. You've noticed how Wookie hasn't dated anyone, but Yesung. He's changed. I admit that I didn't believe it at first, but if you just spend more time with him, you'll see. He adores Yesung. And Yesung is happy."

Hankyung said nothing. He grabbed a shirt and put it on then, decided he didn't want it and took it off again. He combed his hair and went to his room, but Eunhyuk wasn't done.

"Can I ask you a question without offending you?"

"Go ahead." Hankyung said.

"Does this over protectiveness have to do with Yesung or with you?"

"Me? Nothing is ever about me."

"I know." Eunhyuk said, his face falling.

Hankyung went over and put his arms around his dongsaeng.

"Don't be sad. My day will come. Right now, I have to worry about you and Yesung."

"Hyung?" Eunhyuk asked.

"Yes?" Hankyung said sensing Eunhyuk's hesitation.

"Well, when you and Yesung dated, did you two ever...did anything...I mean...well, you know."

"Oh." Hankyung said watching Eunhyuk's face go red.

He chewed on his bottom lip. He didn't want to think about why Eunhyuk wanted to know that. But, he was the hyung and he couldn't just leave Eunhyuk like that.

"Well, Eunhyuk-sshi, when two people love each other, it's perfectly normal to, well..." he trailed off feeling his own face burn red.

"I'll never look at you or Yesung the same way again." Eunhyuk said.

"Close your mouth."

Hankyung had the satisfaction of watching Eunhyuk do as he was told.

"Is that why you don't even want to give Ryeowook a chance?"

Hankyung sighed. "That's not it at all. I just don't want Yesung to get hurt the way I did. I know men like Ryeowook. They rarely change and men like Donghae give 100 when they decide to hand out their hearts."

"Wow, hyung, I never knew you were so experienced."

"I'm not. Now go to sleep."

"Mind if I sleep here? I don't want to go back to my room."

"Fine. Just move over."

Eunhyuk did as he was told and Hankyung climbed into bed. He was just getting comfortable when Yesung fell on top of him.

"Sorry Hankyung. I just don't think it's fair that I sleep all alone." Yesung said crawling into the bed.

They moved around a couple of times before Hankyung finally moved to the floor.

"Are you sure you're fine down there." Yesung asked.

"I'm fine. The bed is too small for the three of us and the floor is comfortable. Go to sleep." Hankyung answered.

There was silence long enough for Hankyung to start dozing.

"Hyung?" Eunhyuk called.


"Saranghae." Yesung and Eunhyuk chimed together.

"Me too. Now let me sleep.”

A/N: Okay, we're finally on Hanchul! Hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter. Next one will be up tomorrow. As always comments are <3!
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