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teen wolf holiday fic exchange

Dear Writer,

First of all, thank you for writing me something. I'm sure I am going to love whatever it is because I'm easy to please, I promise. That said, the following are things I'd like/prompts to give you ideas.

What I'd like

I've listed Stiles, Scott, and Allison as the three POV characters I'd like, but if you choose to do gen or femslash, I'd love any other lady POV. My favorites include, but are not limited to: Lydia, Erica, and Kira. I'm also totally fine with Derek. Extra bonus points if you can manage to write me some Boyd or Danny.

Potential Plots:
a. gen fic of everyone dealing with Allison's death.

b. Character A and Character B as next door neighbors who share a cat. How they happened to end up sharing a cat is up to you. Could be that the cat belong to one of them and the other thought it didn't have an owner because it lost its collar. Could be that they used to be together and bought a cat together and now have joint custody. Whatever you like.

c. Kira and Allison (or any of lady/lady) get snowed in and have to spend the weekend together. Bonus points for it being an old apartment with terrible heating/no heating and they have to curl up on the sofa to keep warm. Extra bonus points for ugly Christmas sweaters and hot cocoa to keep warm. Super extra bonus points if you include the least refined Christmas tree possible.

d. Malia learning about being a human from Kira. Kira and Malia spending a lot of time together, getting to know each, learning from each other, etc. Whether romantic or platonic is up to the writer.

e. future fic about any character(s) and what they're doing now that they've finished undergrad. Do they stay in Beacon Hills? Do they leave? Who moves to New York? Who stays despite always wanting to leave? The more nostalgic the better.

f. Anything and everything having to do with Scott/Stiles. In any way. Friends, boyfriends, roommates, brothers-in-laws, step-brothers, husbands etc. Bonus points for keeping their exact relationship on the show but making them boyfriends or husbands.

More General prompts/plots
a. anyone wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.
b. pretending to be married
c. barely-tolerate-each-other to "you're all right"/"I'd date you"
d. platonic housemates learning to live with each other
e. everyone thinks they're dating but they're not
f. something for Derek

Things I don't want
I'm not really looking for sex, but if you're absolutely inspired and want to do it, then go for it. Definitely do not want non-con, dub-con, scat, watersports. No lady bashing. No cheating, please. No aggressive jealousy from character A that flatters character B.

Thanks again, and I hope that covers everything. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to Andrea and she'll get in touch with me.
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