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Yuletide: Dear Author Letter

First off, thank you so much for writing me something. I am 100% sure I am going to love whatever I receive. But here are some things just to give you an idea of what I do/do not like, plus some prompts.

The Song of Achilles: Achilles, Patroclus, Briseis, Hector
The Raven Cycle: Ronan Lynch, Gansey, Blue Sargent, Noah Czerny
Elementary: Joan Watson, Jaime Moriarty|Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes, Marcus Bell
Faking It: Amy Raudenfeld, Karma Ashcroft, Reagen, Lauren Cooper

General Likes:

I am fond of happy endings, asexual characters, enemies/friends-to-lovers, slow burn, plot, world building, character explorations, AUs, future fic, curtain fic. But I will explain more below. I am usually up for anything that's not in my Dislike section, so you have a pretty wide range of things to work with.

I would prefer no sex, but if you are inspired and would like to write it, that's fine. If that's the case, I would prefer that it be a smaller sections. Basically, not a pwp.


Dub-con/non-con, extreme jealousy from character a that flatters character b, character death (except for one exception explained in the appropriate fandom section), female character bashing in any of my fandoms, underage, sad endings, love triangles (unless OT3 is endgame), psychological/physical/emotional abuse, most of the stuff on the crueltide list (just assume all of the things on the list, unless otherwise stated in this letter), genderbending.

The following are prompts specific to the fandoms I requested. These are to give you ideas of what I would like, or to inspire ideas of your own. Please do not feel obligated to use ALL of the prompts, or even any, if you have another idea. I want you to have fun writing this!

The Song of Achilles

I listed Achilles, Patroclus, Briseis, and Hector, but you do not necessarily need to include all the characters I mentioned. I welcome gen fic, but pairing-wise I would like Achilles/Patroclus. Also would definitely love anything with Achilles's point of view, and how Patroclus isn't the only one in awe.

Potential plots:
a. cliched college au where Patroclus falls for football/soccer jock Achilles. Briseis as the long-suffering best friend, who saves the day.

b. soul mark/canon au where Achilles is born with a mark of some kind that makes Patroclus his soul mate, but Patroclus is born without a mark. Of course, Patroclus still loves Achilles more than anything. I am just very interested in how mark-less Patroclus changes their dynamics, canon wise, or even if it does, or how they take it, etc.

c. A Briseis character study. Basically anything she was thinking, or what she felt, or even, if you want, a bit of her life before she met Patroclus and Achilles.

d. A modern day AU where Briseis has a band and Achilles and Patroclus are her groupies, who follow the band around and make out a lot.

More General Prompts
a. "I feel like I could eat the world raw."
b. huddling for warmth
c. hand holding
d. "In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun."
e.platonic housemates learning to live together
f. everyone thinks they're dating/together, but they're not
g. ugly christmas sweaters

The Raven Cycle

Characters: I listed Ronan Lynch, Gansey, Blue Sargent, Noah Czerny. However, I don't mind if you want to include any other characters. Again, gen, character studies, or parings are welcomed.

Potential Plots:
a. Anything with Ronan Lynch. And especially anything inspired by this quote: "And Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war." Give me Ronan Lynch in any setting, fighting to keep himself, or fighting himself. I will take anything with Ronan Lynch.

b. Blue and Gansey holding hands, and moving into a little house together when they go to college. Give me a Blue who is still angry and a feminist, but who has grown up, and understands herself better. Blue who can kiss Gansey and not be afraid of him dying. Write me Blue being happy.

c. An OT+ where the characters all move in together, and where when anyone asks them who's dating who, they all just go "yes."

d. Gansey and Ronan in any way, shape, or form. How they were together before Niall Lynch died. Them in a friends-to-lovers trope, or as a married couple, or as members of rival bands, or in any au you would like to put them in.

e. friendship fic with Ronan and Noah picking up a stray cat, and fighting over who technically owns it. Or them doing domestic things, like watching TV, or fighting over who has to tell Gansey they broke his favorite mug, fighting over what to order even though Noah doesn't eat. Or human Noah, and them fighting over how long Noah takes in the shower, or them sleeping on the same bed because Noah gets cold. Just all the domestic Noah and Ronan you can give me.

More General Prompts:
a. sleepless nights
b. Blue Sargent
c. camping
d. hand holding
e. pretending to be married
f. road trips


Characters: I listed Joan Watson, Jaime Moriarty|Irene Adler, Sherlock Holmes, and Marcus Bell. I would be more than happy to see all of them in one fic, if you can manage. If not, then I am more than okay with a few of them left out. Am also okay if you want to add any other characters. Pairing wise, I am partial to Joan Watson/Jaime Moriarty, Sherlock/Marcus. But I accept gen too.

Potential Plots:
a. C O L L E G E AU. I want them thrown into college in any way, doing whatever college thing you can think of. Maybe Joan and Jaime are reluctant roommates, and Marcus Bell is just glad his roommate isn't the weird guy, Sherlock, from his biochemistry class, except OH WAIT, HE IS.

b. bounty hunter au where Joan Watson and her partner Sherlock Holmes are sent to capture Jaime Moriarty, renown art thief.

c. a series of letters between Joan Watson and Jaime Moriarty set in canon.

d. Joan and Jaime as pen pals. They met once when they were children, and Jaime came over to Joan's fifth grade class as part of an exchange program. They became friends in the few months Jaime was in New York, and have been writing to each other since then. Now, they're older and Joan hasn't heard from Jaime since she started college. It's been years, and then suddenly, she gets a letter.

e. friendship fic or an exploration of Joan and Sherlock's relationship. Them cooking breakfast and not agreeing on cooking methods. Or them fighting over whether Joan is allowed to watch TV if Sherlock is in the room. Domestic things between friends.

More General Prompts:
a. enemies-to-friends-to-lovers
b. oversized christmas sweaters
c. count down to new years
d. mistletoe
e. crashing on sofas

Faking It

Characters: Amy Raudenfeld, Karma Ashcroft, Reagen, Lauren Cooper. You do not need to include all of the characters listed, but I do give bonus points for even a mention of Lauren Cooper because she is amazing and my absolute favorite.

Potential Plots:
a. Karma and Amy (or any of lady/lady) get snowed in and have to spend the weekend together. Bonus points for it being an old apartment with terrible heating/no heating and they have to curl up on the sofa to keep warm. Extra bonus points for ugly Christmas sweaters and hot cocoa to keep warm. Super extra bonus points if you include the least refined Christmas tree possible.

b. Reagan learning, maybe from hanging out with Amy, that, yes, some bisexuals are assholes, but not all assholes are bisexual.

c. Amy and Reagan touring with the band. Them hanging out together before shows and after shows, sleeping on the side of the road in their car, or outside in tents. Them falling in love on the road, and holding hands in the dark.

d. Amy and Karma, where Karma had to learn to let go of Amy. How time apart affects both of them. Maybe how Amy can finally breath freely, because if she doesn't see Karma then she doesn't have to think about being in love with her. And Karma learning to allow Amy her space. How they come out stronger because of it.

e. coffee shop au where Amy and Karma co-own the store, and Reagan comes in twice a day and flirts with Amy. Karma is the only one who notices. Meanwhile Lauren sits in her corner of the shop, being beautiful and superior ♥, and rolling her eyes at all three of them.

f. B A N D AU

More General Prompts:
a. two pictures for inspiration
b. road trips
c. hand holding
d. A song for Amy

And that's pretty much it. I am static_abyss on LJ, Dreamwidth, tumblr and AO3 in case you wanted to take a look at anything there that might give you an idea of what I like. In general, if I've written about a particular trope then that means I'm very interested in it. Also, anything I reblog on tumblr, I like. And here is a page on my tumblr with a bunch of aus and writing related stuff for more inspiration.

Once again, thank you so much dear author, and Happy Holidays ♥♥♥
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