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Add a Colorful Feather(Hanchul) 3/5

A/N: Hey there supporters =) I love you guys all for commenting and making me happy. Thanks so much for the comments and all the support. I love you all. Feel free to give suggestions and someone help please. I need inspiration for an Eunhae (or Haehyuk I don't know what to call it) fic I'm writing. Just you know, drop and Eunhae picture somewhere or something. I don't know guys I need inspiration of some sort. Help meee!!!!!!! Anyway here is chapter 3/5.

Hankyung stared after Heechul.

His brain didn't seem to want to register what had just happened. What the hell had happened? He shook his head to clear it and walked out of the studio.

That's what he got for trying to be nice.

He had promised Yesung and Eunhyuk that he would give the F3 boys a chance. He had spent the morning with Donghae working on some dances while Eunhyuk practiced singing with Yesung. He'd even gone as far as greeting Ryeowook in the afternoon. He was trying his best. It wasn't his fault that Ryeowook didn't like him either. He'd done his best, Yesung had told him so.

But now, this thing.


He'd stayed because no one else had noticed that the princess was sleeping. If he'd known what was going to happen, then he would have left Heechul there. Life knew he didn’t care. He could care less about what happened to Heechul. He didn’t wake him up because he was worried about what might happen to Heechul if he was left alone. He didn’t care that Heechul was probably going to have a sore back if he slept that way too long.

He didn’t care. He should have just left Heechul there.

"Why didn't you tell me!? What!? Did you think that it wouldn't bother me to find out from someone else!?"

Hankyung stopped. The voice sounded familiar even through the door. But in his current state of mind he couldn't quite place it. He stopped.
There was a muffled response and then the first voice started again.

"A friend!? They're all friends in the beginning! And I'm not so sure he knows that it's over! He's always around you. He never leaves you alone! You slept with him, damn it! You! Slept! With! Him!"

Hankyung's mouth dropped open. He recognized the voice. How he didn't realize sooner was beyond him. That was Ryeowook and if that was Ryeowook then Yesung was there too. He took a deep breath to control his sudden flood of anger and opened the door.

"Let me explain." Yesung was saying calmly.

"Yes. Explain!" Hankyung said slowly, quietly, but they heard.

Yesung's head snapped up. Hankyung watched Ryeowook's eyes narrow as they looked at each other. He could practically feel the hatred coming off in waves.

"Hankyung." Yesung said.

But, Hankyung wasn't listening. He walked to stand in front of Ryeowook. Their faces were inches from each other, but Hankyung was taller, his stance more imposing.

"I told you." he said slowly. "I warned you."

Hankyung watched Ryeowook's face. He was having an inner conflict. It would please him so much to beat Ryeowook to a pulp. But, on the other hand was Yesung.

"Come on." Hankyung said gently, taking Yesung's hand. "You don't need this."

"Let go of him!"

Hankyung turned just as Ryeowook jumped on him. They fell to the floor and Hankyung rolled them over so that he was on top. He pulled his hand back just as Ryeowook hit him in the stomach. At any other time, it might have made him pause, but he was too full of anger to care. He slammed his fist into Ryeowook's face as someone dragged him away. He struggled against who was holding him and broke free.

"Hankyung, stop! Please."

Yesung's scared, pleading voice broke through his anger. He stopped. Yesung had been holding him and Heechul was now holding Ryeowook.

"How can you tell me there's nothing after that?" Ryeowook almost pleaded.

Hankyung opened his mouth to deny everything, but Yesung shook his head.

"I have to say it." Yesung said even as the tears rolled down his cheeks. "Hankyung was once my lover. But, more than that, he's my friend. If you don't want-"

Yesung broke off. Hankyung watched the tears roll down his face and they broke his heart. He looked at Ryeowook who had tears of his own on his face.

"What?" Ryeowook asked moving to Yesung.

"If...if you can't accept Hankyung, if you can't understand that it's over between me and him, if you can't understand that I regret nothing that happened between us, then...then you're going to make me choose." Yesung turned his watery eyes on Ryeowook. "And, if I have to choose, I'll always choose him."

"Yesung." Ryeowook said his voice breaking.

Hankyung watched them. Ryeowook's arms cradled Yesung even though he was bleeding. Hankyung saw the way Yesung held on, as if the whole world were in Ryeowook's arms. And he had to do something.

"You don't have to choose." he said as his brain ran a million miles a minute.

"I don't?" Yesung asked his eyes pleading.

Nothing was ever about him. Everything was about Eunhyuk and Yesung. And right now Yesung needed him. He had to do whatever he could to take the pain out of Yesung's eyes

"You don't. Ryeowook doesn't have to worry." Hankyung said as an idea entered his head.

He looked over at the two in each other's arms. They belonged together. He still wasn't 100 percent convinced, but his former 0 was now an
85. And the odds weren't going to get better for anyone, not even Donghae.

"I want you to take care of each other." Hankyung said.

Ryeowook nodded. "Why don't we have to worry?"

"Because." Hankyung said straightening up. "Because, I'm in love with someone else. There can't be anything between Yesung and me because I…I’m in love with Heechul."

"What!?" three voices asked simultaneously.

Hankyung turned away from Yesung and Ryeowook's stunned expressions. He let out a breath as he neared Heechul who looked like someone had slapped him.

"Heechul-sshi." he breathed, praying that Yesung wouldn't question him. "I love you."

He took his opportunity and pressed his lips to Heechul's soft ones. He shut his eyes and tried to relax. He counted to five and started to pull away, but Heechul stopped him. He felt Heechul's hands in his hair, cradling his face as he deepened the kiss.

The irony wasn't lost on Hankyung as he tried, for Yesung's sake, to act natural. He knew he had to do something with his hands, but he couldn't bring himself to move them. And Heechul took over again.

Heechul's hand moved to intertwine itself with his hand. Hankyung finally moved his hand to Heechul's chest and broke their kiss. He turned away, but ended up looking at Yesung and Ryeowook. He ran a hand through his hair.

"See, Wook, nothing to worry about." Heechul said taking Hankyung's hand.

"No, nothing at all." he said as Heechul dragged him out of the room.

A/N: There you go guys. Please leave a comment.
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