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Add a Colorful Feather(Hanchul) 4/5

A/N: Hello there world =) I'm sorry for leaving everyone waiting for the next chapter. I had to go through some author mid-writing crisis or whatever it's called. So, I posted up some one shot and ignored this fic. But, it's back! And after this it's only one more part and then I can take a break. =) (more on that later) Enjoy this one from me to you <3 Comments are much loved.

"What was that?" Heechul demanded closing the door behind him.

"You know what that was. Don't ask stupid questions." Hankyung answered him.

Heechul narrowed his eyes. He shoved Hankyung against the nearest wall and looked up at him.

"The questions aren't stupid if I don't know the answer. I get it. You wanted to help Yesung, but why me?"

Hankyung shoved Heechul off and started pacing.

Heechul sat down with his back against the door. He watched as Hankyung walked. He couldn't help the smug smile on his face. He had to admit that he was flattered. A love confession, fake or not, was still a love confession. He had to admit that if anyone ever confessed their love to him, he would like it to be done in a similar manner. The kiss wasn't bad either. He never would have guessed that Hankyung was a good kisser.

"Hankyung stop moving. You're making me dizzy."

Hankyung stopped his pacing. "Get out of my way Heechul. I need to leave."

"I don't think so." Heechul said examining his nails.


"I said no." Heechul said getting up. "As far as why you picked me for your little rescue party, I don't know, but what I do know, is that thanks  to you I'm involved in this too. And if you don't want me to go tell Yesung that this is all a lie, then you're going to have to give me some answers."

Heechul watched as Hankyung's eyes narrowed. He knew that Hankyung was trying to find a way out of the agreement he had made and for some reason that made him sad.

"You can't tell Yesung." Hankyung said slowly. "Because that would mean that you'd have to tell Ryeowook."

Heechul said nothing. He saw Hankyung's trademark smile and wanted to hit him. Of course, he wasn't stupid.

"I keep forgetting you have a brain." Heechul said. "Either way we're both in this now. My first question is what the hell were you thinking? Who goes and makes up a story like that?"

"It was Yesung." Hankyung said simply.

Heechul ignored him.

"So you did it all for Yesung?"

Hankyung nodded.

"Why pick me?"

"It was Yesung. I had to think of something and you were there."

Heechul let out the same exasperated breath he'd heard Hankyung let out. He didn't know a guy could be so irritating. If Hankyung loved Yesung so much, he might as well go with him.

"Fine." Heechul said. "Go."

He moved. He turned his back on Hankyung and waited for the door to close. A minute passed and then another one.

"Why are you still here?" Heechul asked.

Heechul turned around. Hankyung was still standing by the door. His eyes were downcast. The defeated look was too much for Heechul. He walked over and threw his arms around Hankyung. He felt Hankyung stiffen and then relax. Heechul held him close knowing that Hankyung just needed comfort. Heechul knew that it didn't matter who offered the comfort and even though it hurt him more than he was willing to admit, he couldn't leave Hankyung.

"I need your help." Hankyung said finally. "I'm sorry for bringing you into this. I just want Yesung to be happy."

"Yeah, I know. It's all about Yesung." Heechul said

"It has to be about them."

"You're never that violent when it comes to Eunhyuk." Heechul said letting go of Hankyung.

"Eunhyuk has better luck when it comes to these things. And I never dated Eunhyuk. It's different with Eunhyuk. I know Yesung's weaknesses. I know his insecurities. I know he's very dependent on his partner. He's easy to hurt. That's why I worry about him so much. Eunhyuk is stronger. I feel better letting him go because Donghae is good for him. It's just hard admitting to myself that Ryeowook is good for Yesung."

Heechul sighed. He sat down on the floor and patted the spot next to him. He waited until Hankyung was sitting before he spoke.

"Wookie has been a playboy most of his life. It's hard for him to let his heart go so, he keeps changing people to keep himself safe. He's really sweet though. You should have seen him when Yesung ignored him. Wookie wouldn't hurt Yesung. He loves him and Wook would never hurt the people he loves, not intentionally." Heechul said remembering the earlier argument. "He's just insecure because he loves Yesung and Yesung can hurt him now."

"I hate relationships." Hankyung said after a while.

"It's just because you've never been in one."

Hankyung just blinked at him and Heechul realized what he'd said.

"Right, Yesung. How'd that go for you?"

"I loved him. We dated and then decided that we'd be better as friends."

"Just like that?"

"Sometimes things don't have to be so complicated." Hankyung answered.

Heechul nodded and stood. He helped Hankyung up and opened the door.

"Thank you." Hankyung said and Heechul knew he wasn’t referring to the hand he offered.

"No problem." Heechul said.

He watched Hankyung walk away. At the very last minute, Hankyung turned.



"Why did you kiss me?"

Heechul smiled. "Because I felt like it."

He loved the smile Hankyung gave him and he returned it. But as soon as Hankyung turned the corner, he sighed. He hadn't thought love could hurt so much. He'd always thought he'd be ready and he wasn't.

"I think I'm in love with you Hankyung." he said pleasantly.

Nobody answered.

A/N: I don't know...I should come up with better A/N's in my opinion. Well, what did you guys think? Is it just me or does anyone else think that Hankyung's smile was all "I know I'm hot and that's why you kissed me." or is it just me and my bias?
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