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Things Happen I 1/14

A/N: Hello there people of earth. How have you guys been? I'm back with sequel 1/5 to Add a Colorful Feather. Here is the first sequel following Eunhyuk and Donghae, but all the pairings from Add a Colorful Feather are included in here. So, enjoy, leave a comment, add me as a friend, I'm not sure what else you can do, but here it is and thanks to everyone who followed the first parts to this story.

Eunhyuk hated school. He really did. He wanted to just run away and never come back. He might as well seeing how he would never again be able to step foot in his dorm room ever. EVER.

It had started out like a normal more than good night. He had been with Yesung and Hankyung talking, laughing, doing what friends had to do. And then Heechul and Ryeowook had showed up. Usually there was nothing wrong with that, usually. But, last night Heechul had decided that since Eunhyuk was the only one without a partner present, he would have to tell them all a secret. Somehow that secret ended up going for a good hour.

His life was now officially over. There was nothing he hadn’t said. He’d told them all everything. What he’d ever done with Donghae, what he’d never done with Donghae. It was enough to make Eunhyuk disappear forever. Except of course, it didn’t end there. He’d also been witness to an intense make out session between Heechul and Ryeowook. And that was something he never wanted to see again.

That aside, he was now walking through the college campus wishing that he could see Donghae. His boyfriend, one of the richest heirs in history, had been gone for the whole weekend. He hadn’t talked to Donghae, much less seen him and it was bothering him.

There was no way to describe Donghae. He was adorable to the point of it being painful and he was just Donghae. He had a smile that could charm anything. He was a flirt, loved to flirt and was quite good at it, but he was also serious. He never flirted with anyone now that he was with Eunhyuk. Only Eunhyuk got to see exactly how much of a flirt Donghae could be and he liked it. Donghae was his.

He liked the long brown hair that belied the seriousness of that man. He liked the big brown eyes that could be so convincing when they had to be. He liked the smile that would make his heart hurt. He liked the voice that would whisper anything in his ear. He loved the way Donghae would hug him when they were alone. He loved the way Donghae would lean over and put his head on Eunhyuk’s shoulder. He loved Donghae.

“Guess who.” A voice by his ear said.

He recognized the voice, would always know that voice. It was the voice that made his knees go weak, that made his heart race, that made him want to jump up and down in joy. That was Donghae.

“Um…” Eunhyuk paused to think knowing that he had power here. “Is it you Wookie?”

“That better have been a joke.” Donghae said biting Eunhyuk’s ear and moving his hands.

“Oh. Donghae. It’s you.” Eunhyuk sighed turning to hide his smile.

“Look at me.”

Eunhyuk turned and saw the frown on Donghae’s face. He loved that frown. It made him feel loved, wanted. It was nice to know that he could make Donghae jealous with nothing more than a joke.

“Was that a serious answer?” Donghae asked. ”You didn’t know it was me?”

“Is that a serious question?” Eunhyuk asked throwing his arms around Donghae.

“Don’t scare me like that. I almost killed Ryeowook.” Donghae muttered pulling Eunhyuk close.

“Why would you kill Wookie?” Eunhyuk asked innocently.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Eunhyuk was more than happy to oblige. He pressed his lips to Donghae and loved the sigh that escaped the other man. He liked this the best. When Donghae handed over his controlled exterior, when he gave himself over to Eunhyuk, when he was like this, close to Eunhyuk, in his arms.

“Ew, you two do know that’s pretty disgusting right?”

Eunhyuk looked up and frowned at Heechul. He didn’t like the interruption and he liked it even less because Donghae stopped the kiss.

“Hmm.” Donghae murmured from Eunhyuk’s neck. “Hmph, mmhm, hmpm.”

“He said go away.” Eunhyuk translated.

“No, I didn’t.” Donghae said raising his head to look at Eunhyuk. “I said something less nice. You’re paraphrasing.”

Eunhyuk looked at Hankyung who had appeared out of nowhere. He sent his friend a pleading look.

“Heechul.” Hankyung whispered. “Let’s go see how sturdy my new desk is.”

Eunhyuk watched entranced as Heechul’s face burned red. He had a feeling that the usual suggestive hyung wasn’t as experienced as he sounded.

Eunhyuk smiled in response to Hankyung’s smirk as Heechul dragged him away.

“Finally.” Donghae sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“The usual. My father doesn’t care what I do as long as no one finds out. Ever since my mother divorced him he’s been really detached. And my cousin is impossible to deal with. He’s going to embarrass the family if we leave him alone for two seconds. He should be more like our other cousin Kyuhyun. Kyu is smart and talented. We needed him in the business, but we got this other one. I wanted to be with you yesterday and I couldn’t. I haven’t slept well in days and I missed you.”

“Missed me? Weren’t you there yesterday?”

Donghae pouted and Eunhyuk laughed.

“Come. You need sleep.” He said pulling Donghae along.
“Better?” Eunhyuk asked some time later.

They were on Eunhyuk’s bed in the dorm he shared with Hankyung and Yesung. Eunhyuk had one arm behind his head and the other was around Donghae. Donghae’s head was resting on his shoulder and they had just woken up from their nap.

“I could use some more sleep, but I have to admit that was the best sleep I’ve had in too long.”

“You should stay over more often.” Eunhyuk said enjoying the feel of Donghae’s lips on his neck.

“I will.”



“I love you.”

Eunhyuk felt Donghae freeze in his arms. There is was out in the open now. Did he wish he could take back what he said? No. It was time Donghae knew what he felt, time Donghae understood why they were together.

“I love you.” Donghae whispered.

Eunhyuk leaned forward. There was nothing on his mind but Donghae. That smiled that had always woken something inside him filled his vision now as he moved to capture those lips with his. How could he ever find anyone as perfect for him as Donghae?

When their lips met in a soft and gentle caress, Eunhyuk knew there was no one he would want more than Donghae, no one he could love more, want more, need more. They slept together that night and when he woke up it was to find Donghae in his arms.
“Hae?” Eunhyuk whispered.

He leaned down and placed a kiss on Donghae’s cheek. He moved away a strand of hair from Donghae’s face and admired Donghae’s eyelashes, his sleeping face, the way he moved closer when Eunhyuk moved away.

“Sh.” Donghae said shutting his eyes tighter. “I’m dreaming of this really strong and handsome guy on my right arm and there’s this hot girl on—oomph.”

“What was that for?” Donghae called from the floor.

Instead of answering Eunhyuk rolled off the bed. He landed above Donghae, his hands on either side of Donghae’s face, his knees on either side of Donghae’s hips.

“That was for even suggesting that another man or woman was all over you.”

“I wasn’t…I…Eunhyuk.”

Eunhyuk smirked at the slight pant in Donghae’s voice.

“You’re mine.” He said in Donghae’s ear. “Only mine.”

Eunhyuk waited patiently as Donghae latched himself to his hair. He let Donghae move his head so that they were looking at each other.

“That’s my line.” Donghae whispered.

They kissed hungrily as if they hadn’t seen each other in years, lips sliding off each other, teeth biting down hard. Donghae’s hands in his hair were almost painful, but all Eunhyuk cared about was the man under him. He sat back pulling Donghae up with him. Their hands reached blindly for each other.


They broke apart as Hankyung yelled and pounded on the door.

“No.” Donghae moaned. “Why now?”

Eunhyuk let out a breathy laugh. “We can always pretend we’re still sleeping.”

“Eunhyuk, you and Donghae better come out here in five minutes or I’m going in!”

Eunhyuk laughed at Donghae’s outraged face and pulled him up.

“There’s still so much we can do in five minutes.” Donghae whispered his tone more than suggestive.

Eunhyuk smiled as Donghae wrapped his arms around his neck. They were so focused on each other that when the door banged opened they flew a good mile away. Eunhyuk turned his furious gaze on Hankyung who was leaning against the door frame.


“I changed my mind.” Hankyung paused and smirked. “And since you two are…mostly dressed, you can come out to breakfast. Then,
Donghae can pick up his shirt and go change for his classes.”
“Now, can you tell me what that was about?” Eunhyuk asked after Donghae was gone.

The older blond man just smiled and continued to dress.

“Yesung! Come, help me, please.”

Yesung walked in and started tying Hankyung’s tie. Eunhyuk frowned at the obvious move to distract his attention. The smirk on Hankyung’s face didn’t help either.

“We never bother you when you’re with Heechul hyung.” Eunhyuk continued. “And you never bother Yesung.”

“Because, Yesung knows better than to lock himself up with Ryeowook when I am here. And as for Heechul,” Hankyung continued turning to Eunhyuk. “We’ve never done anything. We just lie there and talk. It’s nice.”

“But,” Eunhyuk frowned, “Don’t you want to?”

“Eunhyuk, that’s none of your business.”

“Why not?” Eunhyuk asked, half curious, half amused.

“Because, I’m your hyung and I don’t feel like telling you. But, sometimes.”

Eunhyuk watched Hankyung’s red face and felt some sort of relief. It was okay if Hankyung wanted it too. He leaned back into the wall and looked at the ceiling.

“Hyung, Donghae and I need time alone.”

“Find it.” Hankyung smirked.

Eunhyuk sighed, but took the hand that Hankyung offered. He said nothing as they walked to class. They walked the same way they always did, Yesung to Hankyung’s right and he to the left. He wondered vaguely about why the three of them made such an impression on the school. Everywhere they went they were followed and flirted with. He knew he should be used to it and he wasn’t. But then, he saw Donghae with Heechul on his left and Wookie on his right, and he knew it didn’t matter.

A/N: So, tell me: love it? Hate it? Don't care? Do you want chapter 2?
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