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Things Happen I 2/14

A/N: So here's the thing guys. As I was rereading over this chapter, I realized that for this sequel, I wrote a Eunhae chapter, a Hanchul chapter, a Yewook chapter just to remind everyone about the relationships, but after chapter three I promise it's all mainly Eunhae (or haehyuk i don't know what it is really. I can never tell with them). And so this is mostly about Hanchul and the next will chapter will be mostly Yewook, but that's just as reminder to everyone what's going on and how the relationships work, sort of. Okay sorry for the rambling. But, this chapter is for my HaruJuju harunomasu and Mimimoii mimoiikit143 because Ninja Wars are just EPIC <3

“Tell me why we haven’t told anyone?” Heechul asked rolling over on his side.

“Because, you don’t want to.” Hankyung answered.

Heechul watched Hankyung’s closed eyes. The younger man was lying on his back with a welcoming arm extended. Heechul put his head on the taller man’s shoulder and looked up at him.

“How do you know I don’t want to tell anyone?”

Hankyung opened one eye to look at him. “I know because, even though you say it doesn’t matter, you’re worried about what your father
might say. And you want to wait while you think of a way to tell him.”

Heechul felt his mouth drop open. He saw Hankyung smirk.

“What?” he snapped. “On top of being perfect, you’re a mind reader now?”

“Yeah.” Hankyung said turning on his side to pull Heechul closer.

Heechul closed his eyes and buried his head on Hankyung’s shoulder. He felt safe where he was. It was nice to be able to forget everything but Hankyung.

“I’m depriving you, aren’t I?” he murmured.

He felt Hankyung stiffen around him. He sighed and protested weakly when Hankyung sat up. He followed. He watched Hankyung run a hand through his hair and then he looked away.

“Heechul?” Hankyung’s voice said oddly gentle.

Hankyung’s fingers found their way under his chin when he refused to look up. Hankyung tilted his face up so that they were looking at each other.

“I love you.” Hankyung whispered. “You’re not depriving me of anything. I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to. I’m so much happier having you here. I just need you, nothing else.”

“Okay.” Heechul said using both hands to push Hankyung away.

“Let’s go to the mall.” He said after a while turning away his red face from Hankyung’s stare.

When Hankyung didn’t say anything, he looked up. Hankyung’s eyes were gentle but Heechul saw the smirk.

“What!? What’s with the smirk?” Heechul snapped.

“I think you’re cute.” Hankyung answered.

“What? You think you can beat me at smirking?” Heechul asked.

“Stop ignoring me.” Hankyung said wrapping his arms around Heechul. “You know no one can beat you at smirking. But, I love how you’re  always changing the subject when I say anything vaguely romantic.”

“Psh, romantic? You?”

“I said vaguely.” Hankyung laughed.

“Fine. Now, take me to the mall.”

Heechul tried to keep his smirk, but couldn’t when Hankyung kissed his nose.

“I would, love, but” Hankyung said kissing Heechul’s eyes. “I don’t have a car.”

“You’re useless. I don’t even know why I bother dating you.”

Hankyung just laughed and kissed him.

“Oh,” Heechul said slightly breathless. “That’s why.”
“He bought me a car! Why can’t I ever watch what I say? And what does he think he’s doing? I say I don’t have a car and he goes and buys me one! What if I told him I didn’t have a yacht or school? What is he going to do? Buy them for me?”

“Calm down, hyung.” Eunhyuk said.

Hankyung threw him a death glare and kept up his frantic pacing.

“What’s wrong with Heechul hyung getting you a little present?” Eunhyuk continued.

“LITTLE!? Little! He. Bought. Me. A. Car.”

“Woah, I’m sorry.” Eunhyuk said hands out defensively.

“Relax, Hankyung.” Yesung soothed pushing him into a chair. “Now, explain to us why you’re so upset.”

“Yes, please do. You weren’t so upset when he gave you all those presents before.”

Hankyung sighed. He didn’t know how to explain himself. He didn’t really know why he was so upset. All he knew was that when the driver had given him the keys to the brand new sports car, something inside him had snapped. He ran a hand through his long blond hair and looked at the other two.

“It’s not Heechul. It’s the car. I took the flowers, the chocolates and the letters because I could return that. How am I supposed to return this? I have no money and Heechul doesn’t need a car. I can’t give him anything that would add up to this.”

Hankyung stood and started pacing again. He didn’t know what to do. How could he possibly enjoy a present like that?

“Hankyung, I don’t know if this is a bad time, but I have a problem.” Yesung said not too subtly.

But, it was enough to distract Hankyung. He stopped his pacing and went over to Yesung.

“What happened?”

“Well, there’s this girl who isn’t very subtle about how she feels about me.” Yesung started, his face going red.

“Wow.” Eunhyuk said crawling over the bed to Yesung. “If you noticed then that means she’s practically ripping your clothes off.”

“Well, yes.” Yesung went on. “And, well…she’s pretty so…so I’m not…”

Eunhyuk gasped dramatically and fell off the bed. Hankyung’s mouth dropped open. He leaned over to help Eunhyuk up and they both stared at Yesung.

“I can’t believe this.” Eunhyuk said. “Ryeowook, the playboy, is getting dumped by our Yesung.”

“No, no, NO. I love Wookie. It’s just that…well…”

“You’re afraid that since you’re not indifferent to this girl something will happen before you can tell her to stop.” Hankyung finished for Yesung.

Yesung nodded.

“Yesung.” Hankyung said putting an arm around Yesung’s shoulder. “Things happen. It’s okay to feel like that. You just need to talk to Wook  and tell him. He’ll understand.”

Eunhyuk gasped. Hankyung frowned wondering what was wrong. He turned to Yesung, but it wasn’t any better. Yesung’s mouth was wide open.

“You called him Wook.” Yesung said.

“That’s it the world is going to end.”

“Oh shut up. Heechul gave me a car. We can safely say that I’m not thinking straight.”

“Speaking of your car…” Yesung started.

“Let’s see.” Eunhyuk finished.

“We’re not seeing anything.” Hankyung said.

“You know what Hankyung? Talk to Heechul, you’ll feel better.” Yesung said.

“Yes, but now we have to see the car.” Eunhyuk complained.


Yesung looked at Eunhyuk and then they both jumped off the bed. They got down on their knees and looked up at Hankyung, eyes wide.

“Please.” Yesung pouted.

“Oh, come on, hyung. You know you can’t deny us anything so, just say yes and spare us the trouble.” Eunhyuk said.

“Oh. Fine.”

Hankyung glared at them as they ran past him and out the door. But, once they were gone he smiled.
“You bought him a car? What were you thinking hyung?”

“Shut up, Wook.” Heechul snapped.

He threw himself on the couch farthest from Ryeowook and Donghae. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He had bought the car on impulse. Hankyung had given him the idea when they’d been driving to the mall. He’d seen the way Hankyung had touched the picture in that magazine and he’d decided to buy it.

“What were you thinking really?” Donghae asked.

“He was looking at a car magazine while I was looking at hats and I noticed he kept looking at the sports car. So, I told him to wait and went to buy it for him.” Heechul’s face softened as he continued. “I wish I was there when he saw it. I wanted to see his face, but I forgot about class. And the guy came earlier than he said he was going to come. You know me. I want to buy him everything.”

“Well, you can’t. And if you want to see what his face looked like I can show you.” Wookie said putting on an exaggerated surprised face.

“And after that…anger.” Wookie continued putting on said face.

“Well, you might have to add happiness.” Donghae called from the window. “Looks like he’s taking it out for a ride.”

“What!?” Wookie asked running to the window and shoving Donghae aside.

Heechul took his time getting off the couch. He managed to keep his dignified pace for a second before running to the window. He shoved Wookie to the left and moved the curtains.

“Oh, I take that back.” Donghae said. “He’s being dragged out.”

Heechul watched Eunhyuk and Yesung. They were each holding one of Hankyung’s hands and pulling him to the car.

“Hey, what are they doing?” Wookie asked.

Heechul watched Hankyung’s blond head. He wasn’t too high up and he could see Hankyung shaking with laughter as he followed the other two. Heechul watched them wishing he were there. He watched them as the three stopped. Hankyung straightened up and lifted his hands above his head. Heechul frowned as Eunhyuk and Yesung started running their hands all over the tall blond.

“Why’s Yesung touching him?”

“And what’s Eunhyuk doing?”

“Oh, shut up. Those are my lines.” Heechul snapped. “That’s my boyfriend they’re feeling up.”

Heechul’s eyes narrowed as he saw Yesung slip a hand into Hankyung’s back pocket. He was a step away from going down there when Eunhyuk lifted his right hand. A pair of keys gleamed in the light.

“I bet I know what happened.” Donghae laughed. “Hankyung told Eunhyuk and Yesung and they were more excited than him about the car.  So, they convinced him to take them out for a ride. You know he’d do anything for them.”

“How do you know he’s not excited?” Heechul asked.

He watched as Eunhyuk and Yesung resumed their dragging. He winced slightly as Hankyung stabbed the key into the ignition.

“He wouldn’t be happy.” Wookie said. “He’s too proud for that.”

“What do you mean?” Heechul asked.

“Hyung, Hankyung is a scholarship student.” Donghae explained. “He isn’t going to react nicely to presents like that. He’s going to think that he has to pay you back. Imagine that you dated someone with more money than you—“

“Not likely.”


“Okay, fine.”

“Imagine you got a present that there was no way you could afford. How would you feel if you got something that you could never expect to pay back? Hankyung has to work all summer to make enough money to pay his rent and send money to his mother.”

“He’s not going to be happy when he finds out about the house then.” Heechul mused.

“Oh, no, hyung what did you do?” Wookie asked.

Heechul shrugged. “I bought him that apartment he and his friends live in during the summer and put it under his name. Then, because that wasn’t enough, I bought the apartment above and the suite and put it all under his name.”

Heechul moved forward to shut Donghae’s mouth.

“And how did you manage that?” Wookie asked leaning back against the desk.

“I got one of my men to give Hankyung the contract. All the money he thinks he pays goes into an account under his name.”

“Heechul.” Donghae moaned. “He’s going to kill you.”

“Ugh, why is it so hard to date him?” Heechul whined.

“You can always go back to rich kids.” Donghae suggested.

“Do you remember that first girl?” Wookie asked, half laughing.

“And the guy?” Donghae added.

“She was annoying. I mean really, how many oppas do you need in one sentence? And he was annoying. He could only talk about his money and what he could buy me, as if I couldn’t buy it myself, as if he had more money than me.” Heechul complained. “My parents own stock in every company in existence. The only reason it lasted that long was because he was good looking and I could entertain myself with that for a bit. But, I can buy whatever I want. I want to buy Hankyung everything so that he doesn’t have to worry. And I like dating him. We can talk about anything and he’s not stuck up. He’s far better looking than any guy I’ve dated and he can actually have an interesting conversation with me.”

“Then don’t complain.” Wookie said.

“Go talk to him. He’ll understand.” Donghae said moving to the window. “Oh, but first you might want to hide.”

“Why?” Heechul asked walking to the window.

He saw Hankyung slam the car door. His boyfriend held papers in his left hand and he looked ready to kill someone. Eunhyuk and Yesung followed him. Yesung reached Hankyung first, but Hankyung shook him off and broke off into a run.

“Oh shit.”


“I left the apartment papers in the car. And the bank account papers.”

“That’s it.” Donghae said shaking his head. “You’re dead. It was nice knowing you.”

“How long do you think it’ll take for him to get here?” Heechul asked.

“Too late.”

Heechul froze. He recognized the voice.

“Hyung.” Eunhyuk called. “Wait, don’t do anything rash.”

Heechul turned around. Hankyung stood by the door. Eunhyuk was holding his left arm and Yesung held his right. Heechul looked at Hankyung and couldn’t help but notice how hot Hankyung was when he was angry and confused. He had to bite his lip to focus, but it was a relief to know that there were witnesses to any murder that might occur.

“What is this?” Hankyung said, his hands shaking.

Heechul moved to answer, but Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung, and Ryeowook beat him to it. The four ran to crowd Hankyung and started talking at once.

“Hyung, Heechul meant well. He’s being nice.”

“Yes, Hankyung. Heechul’s too dumb to understand.”


“Shut up, Heechul. This has nothing to do with you.”

“Hankyung, think about it. Don’t be angry.”

“Yeah, flattery is the best option.”

“Heechul’s a superficial guy. He’s only doing what’s in his nature.”

“You can’t kill him. Yesung and I need you.”

“You have me.”

“I know, Hae, but this is about Hankyung.”

“Right. Sorry.”

“Out.” Hankyung said softly, his eyes on Heechul. “Everybody leave.”

“But, hyung.” Eunhyuk started.


Heechul saw the others throw worried glances at each other. Donghae mouthed that it would be fine. Wookie gave him two thumbs up and then the four disappeared. Hankyung’s eyes were trained on him. Heechul waited for Hankyung to say something. A minute passed, then two and he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hankyung? Are you okay?”

Hankyung walked to Heechul. He stiffened, but Hankyung just pulled him into a tight embrace.

“Thank you.”

Something in Heechul softened as Hankyung repeated the words in his ear.

“Stop thanking me.” Heechul said. “It’s not like it cost much.”

Hankyung pulled away and cradled Heechul’s face in his hands. There was so much love in those eyes that it made Heechul’s heart clench.

“I love you.” Hankyung whispered. “I love you so much. I don’t know what I would ever do without you. I can’t even tell you how much this means to me. I mean I should hate you right now, but I can’t. I’m never going to find a way to pay you back.”

“You don’t have to.” Heechul whispered against Hankyung’s neck. “I wanted to give it to you.”

Hankyung sighed. “I can’t believe I’m taking this from you.”

“You have to. I’m your boyfriend. You have to listen to what I say.”

Hankyung laughed and Heechul smiled.

“I love you Heechul.”

“Of course you do.”

A/N: So? Where are my ninja warriors =) What did you guys think? Oh one more thing I didn't mention above. Thank you sooooo much for all the comments. They made my day. You guys are all great. I hope I don't disappoint. Love you all.
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