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Things Happen I 3/14

A/N: Okay, I know I'm going to start rambling so I apologize. It's just, I found my old stories, some original work that I wrote starting since I was ten and I was reading them because I hadn't read them in a long time and I got very emotional, because, they're so nice and it's so sad to know that I wrote them, I don't even know why. They made me so happy in such a sad way because I can't believe I write that way. And so here's the next chapter edited with my happy tears and I love you all so much for coming to read and for commenting because that just means I am doing something right and thank you all so much. <3

“Oppa.” The blond girl purred in his ear. “Oppa, why have you been ignoring me?”

Yesung swallowed and stepped back. “Jessica, we really…I really have…I’m with someone.”

He watched Jessica straighten up. She looked both ways then turned wide eyes to Yesung. Her hands were uncomfortably low on his back. He bit his lip wondering why the hell he hadn’t told Ryeowook yet.

“But, oppa, there’s no one here.”

“Jess.” Yesung half moaned.

Jessica’s hands moved to the front, dangerously low. Yesung bit his lip and wondered desperately where Hankyung was. He didn’t know what to do. He was so confused.

“Wookie.” He stammered, moving away, his back hitting the wall. “I’m dating Ryeowook.”

“Oh!” Jessica said her eyes brightening. “You should have told me sooner. You’re experienced.”

Yesung shrugged her off. He knew what he had to do, what he should have done a while ago. He put his hands on Jessica’s shoulders and held her away at arm’s length.

“I’m sorry.” Yesung said head bowed. “I love Ryeowook and I could never do anything to hurt him. It’s time to stop these…advances.”

Yesung wasn’t sure if Jessica understood him or not. She was looking at him with wide eyes. Yesung decided to take her silence as understanding and he let her go. He turned his back on her and walked away. He was nearing the corner, glad to have gotten away, when he felt Jessica’s hand on his arm.

“Oppa.” She said her voice hurt.

Yesung sighed inwardly. How could leave when she was upset? She moved toward him, her hands unbuttoning her shirt. Yesung’s eyes went wide as she reached for him. He turned and tried to run, but she threw her arms around him.


Yesung felt Jessica freeze. He stopped trying to pry her hands off and looked up. He saw Hankyung, Heechul and Ryeowook. The three had stopped their conversation and were gaping at them.

“Jessica?” Heechul asked.

Yesung felt Jessica’s hands loosen around him. He ran past Ryeowook and into Hankyung. His friend held him close for a second then pushed him behind. Yesung half hid behind Hankyung as the blond glared at Jessica.

“I don’t want to hear it.”

Hankyung’s voice was soft and calm in a way Yesung had learned meant anger. He put a hand on Hankyung’s back to remind his friend of his manners.

“Button your shirt Jessica.” Heechul smirked. “You wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re some kind of whore.”

Yesung watched Jessica blush and pull her shirt closed. He turned away and met Wookie’s eyes. He saw the tightness in Wookie’s jaw and the way he glared at Yesung’s hand on Hankyung. Yesung dropped his hand and looked away.

“Just tell me something Jessica.” Hankyung said. “What were you doing half naked and with your hands all over Yesung?”

“I...he…he wanted it too.” She yelled.

Hankyung laughed. “Last time I checked, having someone desperately try to pry your hands off, meant that they didn’t want to.”

“I’m…I’m sorry oppa.” Jessica said bowing to Hankyung. “I didn’t know you and Yesung-sshi were…like that. He said he was with Ryeowook-sshi.”

“It’s none of your business who he’s with or not. And don’t apologize to me. You should apologize to Yesung.”

Hankyung moved aside and Jessica bowed to Yesung. When she looked up, her eyes were anything but sorry.

“I’m very sorry, oppa.” She whispered.

Yesung nodded. He didn’t know if he was supposed to say anything or not. Jessica didn’t seem to think so. She stood up, blew a kiss in Hankyung’s direction and walked away. She was almost to the end of the hall when she turned.

“Hankyung oppa, if you ever need anything, I’m not far.”

Yesung saw Heechul glare. He smiled at how Heechul looped his arm through Hankyung’s and dragged him to the side.

“Are you alright Yesungie?” Hankyung asked after extracting himself from Heechul.

“I’m fine.” He said.

He had to talk to Wookie. He knew that look in Ryeowook’s eyes. It was the same he had the last time he and Hankyung fought. Yesung didn’t want a repeat. He put a hand on the tall blond’s hand. His friend leaned down.

“Hankyung-sshi, can I talk to Wookie alone?”

Hankyung ruffled his hair. “I have to go see something with Heechul. I’ll see you at the dorm.”

Yesung nodded. He watched Hankyung drag Heechul away.

“Come.” Ryeowook said taking his hand.

Yesung’s heart skipped a beat at the small contact. He walked faster and held on to Wookie more securely.
Ryeowook dragged Yesung to the room where he and his friends had watched the Golden Boys the day before. The room was where he, Donghae and Heechul took their private singing and dancing lessons. The room was mostly empty in the middle. Three desks were to one end. The windows were to the right of the desks, the door to the left. There was a bookshelf behind the desks and one to the right of the door.

“What was that with Jessica?” He asked suddenly.

Yesung looked up at him with wide eyes. Ryeowook bit his lip and looked away. He wouldn’t talk properly if Yesung looked at him like that. All he ever wanted to do was grab Yesung and kiss him senseless.

“She’s been bothering me for a while. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid of what you would say. And I didn’t think she would be a problem.” Yesung went on calmly. “But then, I got this weird feeling when she started being more suggestive.”

“What feeling?” Ryeowook almost yelled turning around.

He glared at Yesung who was looking at the ground. He didn’t know why he was so angry. It just made him want to hit someone every time he thought about how Jessica had her hands all over Yesung.

“What weird feeling?”

“I felt…I don’t know…sort of…just.”

Ryeowook didn’t know if it was Yesung’s stammering, but suddenly he wasn’t angry anymore.

“You should have told me.” He whispered lifting Yesung’s head.

“I talked to Hankyung-sshi about it.”

Wookie felt his smile slide off. He let go of Yesung and turned around again.

“What’s wrong?” Yesung asked.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong!?”

Ryeowook took a deep breath but it didn’t help. He turned and started pacing.

“This isn’t about Jessica anymore.” Wookie burst out. “This is about Hankyung.”


“Yes, Hankyung!” Wookie said throwing his arms up. “Why did you go to him? I was there too. You could have come to me. Why didn’t you talk to me? Don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you.” Yesung said quietly.

“Do you? Really? Then why don’t you talk to me?”

“Because, Hankyung is my friend.”

“Friend? Yeah, friend. He was also your lover.” Wookie snapped.

“Are you jealous?”

Wookie stopped pacing. His mouth dropped open and he turned to Yesung. He couldn’t believe it. Could Yesung really be that dense? Jealous? Jealous!? He sighed and ran a hand through his hair roughly.

“Yes, Yesung, yes! I am jealous. I’m so jealous that I want to get up now and beat the crap out of Hankyung.”

“I wouldn’t suggest that.” Yesung said. “Remember what happened last time.”

Ryeowook froze. But when he looked at Yesung, he saw the half smirk. Something inside him melted. It was Yesung’s damn smile and the way he looked up with his big brown eyes and those cheekbones, those cheekbones that drove him insane.

“Are you trying to be funny?”

Yesung smiled and Wookie had to bite his tongue to keep himself from pushing Yesung down on the couch.

“I wasn’t trying to be funny Wookie.” Yesung said standing. “I just wanted to let you know that I trust you. I really do. But, it’s just easier for me to tell Hankyung because I’ve known him longer. He’s like our appa. He takes care of us. But, I can try. I promise to come to you if anything happens.”

“Sh.” Wookie said putting his arms around Yesung’s neck. “You had me with that first smile.”
“How did things go with you and Yesung?” Heechul asked from his chair across the room.

“Fine. Everything’s fine.” Wookie growled.

“Doesn’t sound fine to me.” Heechul smirked.

“Hyung.” Donghae warned.

Ryeowook didn’t miss the look Donghae send Heechul.

“No, you know what? Don’t make him be quiet. This is all his fault.”

“My fault?” Heechul snapped jumping up. “How is this my fault?”

“If you kept your boyfriend busy, he wouldn’t have time to influence mine. You’re depriving him sexually and he’s taking it out on us. Eunhyuk and Donghae have no time alone.”


“No, Heechul.” Donghae said putting down his book. “Wookie’s right. It’s always Hankyung hyung said this or Hankyung hyung said that. Hankyung says things happen.”

“Or, I can’t stay because Hankyung-sshi says I need sleep to keep the scholarship.” Wookie added nastily.

He had been holding it in for so long. Everything was okay with Yesung, but Heechul could do more to help out. The Golden Boys were too centered on Hankyung. They depended on him too much.

“Yeah, well, it’s not Hankyung’s fault.” Heechul defended. “Donghae needs to get Eunhyuk in bed so that he can stop asking Hankyung weird questions. And you, Wookie, need to sit Yesung down and smother him. They need to leave my damn boyfriend alone. He’s mine. If Eunhyuk and Yesung disappeared for longer amounts of time, Hankyung would pay attention to me. He’s always half there so don’t blame this on me or him. I’m getting my boyfriend stolen by yours.”

Ryeowook turned away. He made a noise that was somewhere between a scream and a growl.

“We need to do something.” He said. “We’re F3. We’re the best.”

“Were. Until the Golden Boys came.” Donghae called.

“No, no.” Heechul said excitedly. “Wook’s right. We are F3. We have looks, money.”



“We’re F3.” Heechul exclaimed. “We seduce. We don’t get seduced. I can hold his interest better and longer than Eunhyuk and Yesung. It’s just Eunhyuk and Yesung.”

“Just Eunhyuk? You mean just Hankyung. I’m better than Hankyung.”

Ryeowook watched Heechul double over with laughter. He couldn’t help but be slightly amused. He sat down and watched Donghae’s angry face.

“What are you trying to say hyung? That Hankyung, a Golden Boy, can beat me? I am F3.”

Heechul leaned into Donghae’s chair. “Donghae, Hankyung is the perfect Golden Boy. He’s their leader. They love him. I, Kim Heechul, gave up my dignity to get him. There is no way you can beat him.”

“I can. And Eunhyuk outshines you.”

“Again, I’m Kim Heechul. No one outshines me.”

“You two have to stop arguing so much.” Wookie put in. “Whatever you say, Yesung is the best.”

“That weirdo? Please.”

“What can he do? Sing? Hankyung sings and dances.”

“Eunhyuk dances better.”

“He does not. It’s different. Hankyung’s more traditional. Classy. Old fashioned. I like him.”

Wookie leaned back. “I love Yesung.”

He smiled at the outburst of protest from Donghae and Heechul. He was enjoying himself. This was doing miracles for his mood.

A/N: So there you guys go and I hope you like this chapter and I'm sorry for getting all emotional in the first A/N. Oh and do go check out ink_river10 's livejournal. She has a Hanchul story going that is just super awesome. And for you guys chapter three and chapter four coming tomorrow same time, same place.
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