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Things Happen I 6/14

A/N: Hey there my lovely sapphire blue angels =) I just love Donghae and how he thinks he can get away with not knowing Mandarin by being a complete flirt when he's with SJM (not that I'm complaining because he can call me lovely baby all he wants) Here is the next chapter and I added another one shot called Day by Day. It's a Kangteuk, TeukChul slight!Hanchul kind of fic. Read here if you want. =) And do read the A/N at the end for a very important message pretty please with an Eunhae on top or a Hanchul or a Yewook or any other pairing that will get you to read the A/N at the bottom. Guys, ink_river10 just updated her fic. Read here  

Hankyung woke up first. Sometime during the night he’d switched places with Eunhyuk. He was sitting in the middle of the couch with Eunhyuk’s head was on his lap. Yesung’s head was against his shoulder and he was numb. He moved and Yesung almost fell off. He couldn’t remember how they’d ended up sleeping on the couch.

“Yesung.” He whispered trying to move his right arm. “Yesung, get up.”

“I don’t want to.” Yesung mumbled. “I’m comfortable.”

He almost laughed. “Yesung the right and lower left sides of my body is numb. Get off so that I can move Eunhyuk.”

Yesung muttered something incomprehensible and rolled over to the other end of the couch. Hankyung was halfway to moving Eunhyuk when he realized that it wasn’t going to work. He sighed, so much for not wanting to wake up Eunhyuk. It was better for now if he slept as long as possible.

“Yesung go shower. Classes start soon.”

Yesung opened one eye. “I don’t want to.”

“Go.” Hankyung said moving his left arm. “Eunhyuk and I have to shower too.”

“Ugh,” Yesung complained. “Why can’t you sleep in once? Not even when you stay up all night. It’s not normal.”

This time Hankyung did laugh and Eunhyuk almost fell off.

“What time is it?” Eunhyuk groaned sitting up.

“Early. I’m going to make coffee. Shower when Yesung comes out.”

“I want coffee and water.” Eunhyuk moaned grabbing his head.

“What? You have a headache?” Hankyung asked innocently. “You mean those beers you had did that to you? I never would have guessed.”

“No, no, no, you have it all wrong.” Eunhyuk said following him to the kitchen. “You should be patting my head and asking if I’m okay. This is the part where you pamper me and shower me with attention.”

Hankyung laughed. He busied himself with cooking and the coffee while Eunhyuk suggested various ways to make him feel better. He was going on about how much he loved Hankyung’s car when Yesung walked in. Eunhyuk left to shower.

“How is he?” Yesung asked taking a cup of coffee.

“He’s being Eunhyuk. He’s joking about it. He’s being strong.”

“How long do you think it’ll last?”

“Until class.” Hankyung sighed.

He sat down across from Yesung. The cup of coffee in his hands wasn’t as interesting as it had been before. He put the spoon he’d been holding on the table. He let his elbows rest next to it and placed his face in his hands.

“What are we going to do with him?”

“We can’t do anything.” Yesung said. “He needs us. That means we take a break from Wookie and Heechul and spend some time with  Eunhyuk. They’ll probably be busy with Donghae anyway.”

“Donghae?” Hankyung asked suddenly angry. “Why would Donghae need them? He’s happy. He has Yoona. It’s Eunhyuk who loved him.”

“They might think that Eunhyuk isn’t going to take it well. A possessive Eunhyuk could be a problem to Donghae.”

“I won’t be a problem.”

Hankyung looked up. Eunhyuk was standing by the door. His short dark hair was combed neatly and he looked amazing. It took Hankyung a while to realize that Eunhyuk had done it intentionally.

“I won’t be a problem. I’ll be myself again.” He faltered. “As long as you promise not to let him near me.”

Hankyung nodded.

“I’ll make sure he knows what he lost. You were right Hankyung-sshi. I can get over this.”

“I’m glad you’re thinking that way.” Hankyung said standing. “I won’t have to kill him if you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.”

Hankyung knew it was a lie, but it was a start. He was glad Eunhyuk was doing something. He showered quickly but took his time dressing. He was always careful when he dressed. He frowned at the mirror but decided that it was the best he could do.

He found Yesung and Eunhyuk on the couch dozing. He shook his head and went to wash the dishes. After congratulating himself on not ruining his uniform, he went to see Eunhyuk and Yesung.

“Let’s go.” He said shoving them off the couch.

They groaned and stood. He threw them their bags and watched as they stretched and glared at him. He shook his head. How could they possibly ever question him as leader? They would be nowhere of he didn’t make them get up every morning. He smiled fondly. What was he going to do with them?

“Come on.” He said taking their arms. “We’re going to be late.”

Yesung sped up and walked down the hallway. Eunhyuk just leaned against him and dragged his feet.

“I don’t want to go to class hyung.” Eunhyuk complained. “I want sleep.”

“Heechul’s coming.” Yesung said suddenly.

Hankyung felt Eunhyuk freeze against him, but it was only a second. He watched Eunhyuk from the corner of his eye. Eunhyuk straightened and put on a face that could rival any of the rich kids in arrogance. Hankyung looked at Yesung and raised an eyebrow. Yesung shrugged in a very just-do-what-he-wants kind of way. Hankyung smirked. He was going to enjoy this very much. He put a hand in his pocket and tried out his own rich kid face. He knew he was doing a good job when the squeals started.

“OMO! They look so hot today!”
“Hankyung oppa saranghae!”
“Look at Eunhyuk-sshi! I think I’m going to faint!”
“Yesung! Oppa you are so gorgeous!”
“They really are the Golden Boys!”
“Look F3!”
“Shut up, it’s the Golden Boys.”
“Hankyung oppa we love you.”

Hankyung took a deep breath. He ran a hand down his jacket to straighten it and when that did nothing to stop his laughter he looked at F3. Heechul was watching him closely. Their eyes met and Hankyung knew that Heechul could barely control his own laughter.

He looked past Heechul and at Ryeowook. The younger man was watching Yesung. Hankyung frowned. He hadn’t really thought about how Donghae would affect him and Yesung. He supposed it was natural to assume that Heechul and Ryeowook knew. But, there was something in the way Heechul was watching him that made him think that the other two hadn’t known. He’d have to ask.

He looked back at Heechul who winked at him and he had to remind himself that they were in public. To distract himself he looked at Donghae. The little worthless…Donghae was smiling, actually smiling. He was chatting away with Yoona who was hanging off his arm. He glanced at Eunhyuk who was looking ahead with a cold, indifferent expression. Hankyung saw Heechul raise an eyebrow and he shook his head slightly.

“Hyung.” Eunhyuk said. “We’re going to be late.”

“Right.” Hankyung said moving forward.

The three of them moved together. Yesung made to go around the four in front of them, but a death glare from Eunhyuk stopped him. Hankyung bit back a smile. He really was going to enjoy this. He walked until he was right in front of Donghae. He looked down at the kid as if he had just seen him. He saw Heechul’s smirk and knew he was doing a good job.

“Move.” He said as politely as he could.

“That’s not polite at all oppa.” Yoona said.

Hankyung exchanged a look with Eunhyuk. He heard the whispers from the people around them, but Eunhyuk didn’t seem to care and who was Hankyung to deny his friend what he wanted?

“I was talking to Donghae.” Hankyung said. “I think we have to go to class.”

“And I think he said move.” Eunhyuk added.

Hankyung saw Donghae’s eyes snap to Eunhyuk. He saw the flash of something and frowned. There was no way he had seen pain in Donghae’s eyes. He had almost convinced himself that he’d imagined the whole thing when Donghae moved out of the way. Hankyung caught the confused look in Yesung’s eyes and nodded. Eunhyuk moved first and they followed. Hankyung watched Eunhyuk nod at Heechul.

When they got past the four and into the classroom, he didn’t hold back his laughter. He checked himself, but Yesung and Eunhyuk were laughing too.

“That was amazing, hyung.” Eunhyuk said.

Hankyung frowned. “That’s not like you.”

Eunhyuk shrugged and sat down too. Yesung took the seat to his left and Hankyung took the seat to his right. He put a hand on Eunhyuk’s head as the other boy buried his face in his arms.

“I’ll cry later.” Eunhyuk mumbled. “It wasn’t so bad though.”

“You’re a lot braver than you look hyukkie.” Yesung said.

Eunhyuk moved his head to look at Yesung. “I was born brave.”

Hankyung watched the two of them argue. He shook his head and leaned back into his chair. He had just closed his eyes when Heechul and Ryeowook walked in.

“Hello Eunhyuk.” Ryeowook said, brushing Yesung’s arm as he walked by.

“Hello Wookie.” Eunhyuk answered.

Ryeowook nodded and Hankyung raised a hand in greeting. The two exchanged a look and Hankyung knew who his new favorite was.

“Hello Wook.” He said. “How are you?”

Hankyung almost laughed at all the shock around the room. Everyone turned to gape at him and Wookie looked like someone had punched him.

“I’m…I’m fine. I’m just going to talk to Yesung over there.”

Hankyung smirked and nodded.

“What was that about?” Heechul asked moving to sit on Hankyung’s lap.

“What was what?” he asked wrapping an arm around Heechul and keeping an eye on Eunhyuk.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with him.”

“He was Heechul-sshi. I saw him.” Eunhyuk said practically jumping up and down on his chair.

Hankyung laughed. He pulled Heechul down so he could whisper in his ear.

“He’s being Eunhyuk. He doesn’t blame anyone but…your friend.”

Heechul nodded.

“Hyung?” Eunhyuk asked.

“What?” Hankyung answered.

“Not you. Heechul hyung.”

Hankyung laughed at Heechul’s open mouthed expression.

“Hyung, you have something on you. Can you get up? I’ll get it.”

Heechul did what he was told and Eunhyuk jumped over his desk and threw himself into Hankyung.


“What was that?” Heechul snapped.

Eunhyuk looked up, eyes wide. He blinked innocently.

“What was what?”

Heechul’s eyes narrowed dangerously. Hankyung ignored the death glare and pointed looks Heechul was giving him. He only blinked when Eunhyuk put an arm around his neck.

“Hankyung.” Heechul growled.

“I love it when you get jealous.” Hankyung winked.

He watched the blush on Heechul’s face. He leaned forward and Heechul smirked. Their faces were inches from each other when Eunhyuk coughed. Hankyung looked at him. He’d forgotten Eunhyuk was still on his lap.

Heechul put a hand over Eunhyuk’s eyes and pressed his lips softly against Hankyung’s. Hankyung reached forward with the hand that wasn’t holding Eunhyuk. All he saw was Heechul. He could feel Heechul’s hand in his, their lips pressed together in a tender kiss. He sighed when they broke apart.

“We’ll finish later.” Heechul promised.

“Uh, Heechul-sshi,” Eunhyuk called. “I’m still here.”

“And that’s why I said what I did. Don’t get too comfortable. That’s my place.”

“Aw. But I was here first and only Yesungie beat me.”

“Eunhyuk.” Hankyung warned seeing the look on Heechul’s face.

“Sorry hyung. You know I love you.” Eunhyuk said kissing his cheek playfully.

Hankyung knew Heechul would have done something, but Donghae and Yoona walked in. Hankyung saw Donghae take in the scene before him. He saw Donghae look at Eunhyuk, follow Eunhyuk’s arm around his neck, see the arm that Hankyung had around Eunhyuk. There was no doubt in Hankyung’s mind that Donghae had seen the kiss. He kept watching the younger man until their eyes met.

Hankyung frowned. There was something wrong. The look in Donghae’s eyes wasn’t appropriate or someone who had gotten the love of their life back. He looked like someone who had seen the love of his life in the arms of another. And when Yoona looped their arms together, Hankyung didn’t miss the annoyance.

“Donghae,” he said. “I need to talk to you, after school. I’ll find you.”

“But, Hankyunnie, Hae oppa will be with me.” Yoona pouted.

“First off Yoona, no one gave you permission to call me that. I’m older than you. Learn some respect. Second thing, I was talking to Donghae. You should be quiet more often Yoona. You’re prettier that way.”

Hankyung had the satisfaction of seeing Yoona red with anger. There couldn’t possibly be a girl more annoying than her. Even Jessica had left Yesung alone after the last time.

“Eunhyuk, get off my boyfriend.” Heechul said.

Eunhyuk shrugged and stood. He brushed past Donghae and Yoona and sat down. Hankyung frowned. There was something wrong with Eunhyuk. That cold, indifferent look just wasn’t him. He looked at Yesung who was sitting down and knew that Yesung was thinking the same thing.

Eunhyuk wasn’t Eunhyuk.

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