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Things Happen I 7/14

A/N: Hey there my precious babies (Donghae's flirting virus is contagious) I loves you all!!!!!!!! So, thanks so much for going over there to my love's LJ and so like I promised, you guys get two chapters today. Yays! =) So here you go. This is the first one and the second one will be up after this one.

Donghae was so sick of Yoona. He had to keep reminding himself that it was temporary. He just had to put up with her for at most nine months then, it would be over. He had thought that seeing Eunhyuk would give him some strength, but instead, he’d walked in on something that he wanted to forget.

He’d seen that damn kiss. It made him want to go over and physically hurt Hankyung in some way. He didn’t care that it was Eunhyuk who kissed Hankyung. All he cared was that Eunhyuk was hanging off of Hankyung and that he seemed to be enjoying it.


Donghae closed his eyes. He tried to tune out the voice, but Yoona started poking him. He took a deep breath. The class was almost over. The class was almost over. The class was almost over.


“What?” he snapped. “What do you want? Can’t you see I’m trying to ignore you?”

“That’s not very nice.” Yoona pouted.

“I don’t need to be nice. Leave me alone.”

“I don’t want to. When you go see Hankyung make sure he believes you. And you might want to talk to Eunhyuk.”

Donghae’s mouth dropped open. He tried hard not to strangle the girl in front of him. He felt Wookie’s hand on his shoulder and he leaned back into his chair. Only ten minutes and he’d be free. He wouldn’t have to see Yoona’s face for more than an hour and he could get away from Eunhyuk and Hankyung. Every time he looked at them he wanted to hit someone. Hankyung hadn’t moved his hand from Eunhyuk’s wrist since the damn class started.

What could that do? It wasn’t like Eunhyuk would disappear if Hankyung wasn’t touching him. And that touch was way too intimate. Who touched another person’s wrist? And why wasn’t Heechul doing something? Hankyung was obviously over stepping certain boundaries.

“Did you hear me?”

“No, Yoona, no! I didn’t hear you! I’ve been trying to ignore you for the past hour!”

“Well as long as you understand that I have no use for you unless Eunhyuk likes you, which means that you have to get to work. I want him to be crawling after you. I don’t have time to find something to use against Hankyung and even though I don’t mind seducing him, I need to have something I can use.”

“You are one spiteful little bitch.” Heechul said voicing what everyone else was thinking. “And don’t even think about it. I’m not like Donghae. I wouldn’t mind ramming your plastic face into the desk.”

Yoona yawned.

Donghae gaped at her. He thought he was the one of those people who would never hate anyone, but Yoona was coming pretty close. There was nothing about her that explained her nature. She was just naturally evil.

“Come Donghae.” She said.

He rolled his eyes at her, but picked up his things. He grabbed Yoona’s wrist and dragged her out of the classroom. He walked out making sure to keep away from Eunhyuk and Hankyung. Out in the hallway he tried to leave but Yoona stopped him.

“Eunhyuk’s coming. Kiss me.”

“I hate you.”

“I do too, love.”

He glared at her, but did what he was told. He closed his eyes and tried not to run. He let his mind fall on Eunhyuk. He felt those soft lips under his, heard that voice that could get so soft when they were alone together. Eunhyuk.

“Oh, oppa I love you too.” Yoona said loud enough for everyone to hear as she pulled away.

Donghae looked past her. Eunhyuk was by the door watching them. He watched Eunhyuk desperate for a look, any sign of recognition, but Eunhyuk never looked directly at him. Donghae wanted one look, anything to let him know that there was still some feeling there, but he got nothing. The one who was looking and looking quite intently was Hankyung.

Donghae caught his eye and tried to put on a blank face. Hankyung frowned as he watched him. Donghae looked away. He didn’t know what Hankyung was looking for and it unnerved him. When he finally looked back up, he only caught a glimpse of Eunhyuk turning the corner and pulling Hankyung by the hand.

“Donghae, you need to make sure that there’s nothing going on between them. For all you know Eunhyuk could be trying to seduce the school’s main Golden Boy. But, I have things to do. I am going to visit my sister and I might even drop by and say thank you to your cousin.”

Yoona laughed as she walked away.

“Donghae do you think anyone would hold it against me if I hit her?” Heechul asked.

“I think the world would be a better place without her. I know I wouldn’t hold it against you if you did hit her.” But it was Yesung who answered.

Donghae narrowed his eyes. He watched Wookie tighten his hold on the other man and he didn’t care. Yesung led to Hankyung and Hankyung led to images of Donghae pounding that good looking face in. But, Yesung also meant a link to Eunhyuk.

“You can’t hit her.” Donghae said finally. “I’ll have to hurt you and I don’t want to know what that will do to our friendship.”

“Well, I can’t stand her, but I suppose since you love her, I’ll have to deal with her. But, enough about her. Hello Yesung. I haven’t spoken to you in a while. Mind telling me us what’s going on with my boyfriend?” Heechul asked.

Donghae watched Yesung smirk and for some reason it calmed him.

“You have to ask Hankyung that. Actually, I’m here about something else. I want to talk to you Donghae, before you talk to Hankyung.”

Donghae raised an eyebrow. At least he knew he was safe if it was only Yesung. If he wasn’t worried about Hankyung then he wasn’t worried about Yesung. Yesung wasn’t scary. His hair was cut in a way that was endearing, his bangs hanging below his eyebrows. And how could Yesung be scary when he smiled? Then again, that smirk was kind of scary and when he thought about it, Yesung had known Hankyung a long time now. He could have picked up some bad habits.

“Talk about what?” He asked finally.

“You know what. You were there when Eunhyuk talked to Ryeowook. You were there when he promised to take care of me. You said that none of you would ever do anything to hurt either of us. You promised Hankyung and he believed you. I know Hankyung will have a hard time talking to you, so I want to make sure you understand exactly what he wants to tell you.”

Donghae turned to Ryeowook, but his friend just shrugged and said nothing.

“What is it?”

“Hankyung isn’t thinking straight. He just wants to hit you, but I want to do so much more Lee Donghae. Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk who never drinks, who’s always laughing, our Eunhyuk got so drunk yesterday he couldn’t stand up straight. Hankyung stayed up with him all night because he didn’t want to be alone. He threw that ring you gave him out the window. Thanks to you, the Eunhyuk we know is gone. He joked this morning, but he’s cold, indifferent. You killed something inside him.” Yesung took a step closer. “What you did wasn’t even stupid. It was disgusting. You disgust me.”

Donghae wanted to agree. He wanted to fall on his hands and knees and cry. He wanted to run to Eunhyuk and hug him. He wanted to apologize. He wanted to find the ring and give it back. What he did instead was laugh.

“I disgust you. Your friend should disgust you. He’s path—“

He didn’t get to finish. Yesung’s fist connected with his jaw and he fell against Heechul. He closed his eyes when the pain hit. He deserved that and much more. He wished Yesung would hit him again. But, when he opened his eyes it was just to see Ryeowook and Heechul leaning over him. He straightened up.

“Are you alright?” Wookie asked.

Donghae touched his jaw then moved it. Pain shot through his jaw and he frowned. He looked around for Yesung but didn’t see him.

“He’s stronger than he looks.” Donghae muttered. “Where did he go?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll go find him.” Wookie said. “I need to talk to him. Don’t go see Hankyung alone. Take Heechul with you.”

“Yeah, I got him.” Heechul said.

Donghae frowned. Oddly, enough that punch Yesung had given him had cleared up his head.

“I can’t stand Yoona.” He said starting to walk.

“Well, no one can really. And you just have to put up with her for a bit longer.”

“What do you think Hankyung’s going to do to me?”

“Nothing. I won’t let him.”

Donghae groaned. “Just let him. I deserve it anyway.”

“Donghae, don’t be stupid. You don’t deserve to be hit. You could have handled the situation better. But you shouldn’t be hit.”

“How better? Ow! Never mind. Crap, Yesung hits hard.”

“Oh, you’re such a baby. Let me see.” Heechul said pulling him to a stop.

Donghae closed his eyes as Heechul ran a hand over his jaw.

“Better?” Heechul asked after a while.

Donghae opened his eyes. He looked past Heechul’s shoulder and wanted to hit himself. Hankyung was sitting on the floor watching Heechul’s hand on his face. He had to admit that it would make him angry too if he ever saw Eunhyuk and Hankyung like that.

“Donghae?” Heechul asked.

Donghae’s eyes flicked to the person next to Hankyung. Heechul turned and saw what he was seeing. Eunhyuk was sitting next to Hankyung, his arm across Hankyung’s stomach. He was turned so that his head rested and was buried in Hankyung’s shoulder. Hankyung’s arm was around Eunhyuk, his head on top of the other man’s.

Donghae bit his lip to stop from going over there and dragging Eunhyuk away. He saw Hankyung watching Heechul closely. Donghae watched him frown when Heechul put a hand on his shoulder. It gave him an idea. It was a stupid idea, but he needed to get Hankyung back for touching Eunhyuk.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Donghae asked.

Hankyung nodded. “I do. But, Eunhyuk is sleeping so I’ll catch up to you later. He didn’t get much sleep last night.” Hankyung answered nastily.

“That’s not my fault. I wasn’t the one keeping him awake.”

“Yeah, stupid me, I forgot. I was the one who didn’t let him sleep.”

“Then it’s your fault.” Donghae said knowing he was angry for no reason.

“Yeah, all my fault.” Hankyung said tightening his grip on Eunhyuk. “I was the one who—“

Hankyung broke off abruptly as Eunhyuk stirred. Hankyung shifted so that he had a better grip on the younger man.

“Let. Go. Of. Him.” Donghae growled before he could stop himself.

He saw Hankyung smirk. “Make me.”

The smirk was what did it. If Hankyung hadn’t smirked, he wouldn’t have done it. But, Hankyung did smirk and he did do it. All he could think of was hurting Hankyung like Hankyung was hurting him. It didn’t matter to him how. He had already destroyed his relationship with Eunhyuk. What did matter what he did now?

That’s why he reached for Heechul. That’s why he pulled him close. And that’s why he pressed their lips together. That’s why even when Heechul pushed against him, he didn’t let go. He wanted it to hurt. He wanted Hankyung to feel the pain he felt.

He kissed Heechul as hard as he could, his hands holding on to anywhere. He opened his eyes just in time to see Hankyung and Eunhyuk stand up. He hadn’t let go of Heechul and Heechul had stopped fighting him. The look on Heechul’s face let him know that he had done a stupid thing.

“I’m sorry Eunhyuk.” Hankyung said.

Donghae watched Eunhyuk nod. He had his back to them. Donghae let go of Heechul at the same time that Hankyung pulled him away and slammed his fist into the other side of Donghae’s jaw. He hissed at the pain. Great. There went his ability to chew and talk for the rest of the week. He just had to go and do something stupid.

“Don’t…ever touch him again.” Hankyung growled.

“Hankyung.” Heechul said holding Hankyung back.

Hankyung ignored Heechul, but didn’t hit him. Donghae saw the anger in those eyes before Hankyung dragged Heechul away and he was happy. He hoped it hurt.

A/N: See the great cliffhanger this would have been. I was going to leave it here, but not anymore. Now, you can chose to comment here or the next chapter or BOTH, maybe? *smiles and offers cookies* please. =) Thanks so much all of you and I hope you enjoy the chapters.
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