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Things Happen I 9/14

A/N: Surprise!!! It suddenly became a 14 chaptered fic instead! =) I combined two chapters because there were originally one chapter and then I seperated them, but today before posting I realized I wanted them to be together again so I made them one chapter and now you guys only have five more chapters until the end. And there is a super secret surprise in this one =) You'll see. I hope you guys like the surprise.

Yesung felt that weird sense of déjà vu when he saw Eunhyuk by the floor with cans spread out in front of him.

“Eunhyuk? What are you doing?”

“Well, I was trying to get drunk, but then I remembered that Hankyung hyung stayed up almost all night with me last time and I couldn’t do it. So, now, I’m just rearranging the cans to amuse myself. And since I can’t cry unless I’m drunk or hyung’s here, I’m waiting.”

Yesung shook his head. Eunhyuk looked like he’s been crying already. He could see the tear tracks on the younger man’s face and Eunhyuk’s hands were shaking. Yesung sat down moving cans out of his way. He put an arm around Eunhyuk and leaned his head against the wall.

“I’m here. You can cry now if you want to.”

“No.” Eunhyuk said shaking his head. “I can’t unless hyung’s here.”

“I’m your hyung too.” Yesung said slightly hurt.

“I know, but you act more like a dongsaeng.” Eunhyuk said his eyes wide and innocent.

“Fine. See if I ever cook for you again.”

“That’s Hankyung hyung.”

“Clean the dorm?”


“Make you coffee?”


“Help you with your homework?”

“Yesungie, can we please to embarrassing you?”

Yesung frowned. “What would we do without him? I have to start doing more around here.”

“You should.” Eunhyuk agreed.

“Alright, my dongsaeng. Now, tell me what happened.”

Eunhyuk sighed. He leaned his head against Yesung’s shoulders. Yesung put his head on top of Eunhyuk’s and waited. He knew better than to rush.

“Hankyung left because he had to talk to Heechul. Something happened and I didn’t see what it was, but he left. Donghae was there. He said he loved me. God. I can’t take it anymore. How long does it take to hate someone?”

Yesung sighed. “You don’t hate him hyukkie.”

“I want to hate him. It would be so much easier if I did hate him, but I can’t. Every time I get close, I remember all the times we had together and I can’t bring myself to hate him. I can’t bring myself to believe that he never loved me. I don’t want to believe it. It’s too much for me. I just want to sit here and forget.”

Yesung smiled. That was the Eunhyuk he knew. He was glad that Donghae hadn’t hurt him too much. He was also glad that he hit Donghae. That was going to be an excellent story to tell.

“Yesung, have you seen Eunhyuk?”

Both of them froze. They looked at the cans around them, but decided it was too late. They heard Hankyung walk through the dorm. When he walked into the room, Yesung felt that familiar wash of affection. Hankyung was like a wave of warm water. They’d been friends for so long that they were practically the same person. Yesung knew that Hankyung would always be there. If anything, Hankyung would always be there.

“Yesung? Eunhyuk? What’s this?”

Yesung grinned at the warning tone. Yes, Hankyung was a parent.

“Eunhyuk did it.” He said.

“Did not.” Eunhyuk protested. “It was Yesung.”

“Was not.”

“Was too.”

“Alright, it doesn’t matter who did it. Pick them up.”

Hankyung’s voice was stern, but Yesung saw the fond smile. He turned to help Eunhyuk pick up the cans and throw them away. Then they went and sat back down on the floor.

“I’m sorry that I left you.” Hankyung told Eunhyuk.

“It’s okay hyung.”

“I do have a fun story to tell.” Hankyung added.

“Me first.” Yesung said. “Mine is better. I hit Donghae.”

Yesung watched Eunhyuk’s mouth drop open. Hankyung gaped at him and he smiled.

“You too?”

“Yesung you hit someone? Wait, what? Hyung, you hit Donghae too?”

“Donghae isn’t having a very good day is he?”
Ryeowook was expecting silence when he walked into the dorm. What he heard instead was Donghae.

“Eunhyuk. Please.”

Wookie recognized the heart broken tone. Wookie found Donghae face down on his bed. He said nothing as he pulled Donghae into his arms. He wrapped his arms around the shaking body. He knew what the problem was. He didn’t have to ask.

“Why?” Donghae finally asked. “Why me?”

Wookie just held Donghae tighter. He rocked Donghae gently and murmured nonsense into Donghae’s hair.

“Help me Wook.”

“I want to. Tell me what I can do because I don’t know. If there was any way for me to make it go away, I would do it. If you want me to I can go knock some sense into Yoona, but I don’t know if that will help. I’m sorry.”

Donghae shook in Ryeowook’s arms and Wookie couldn’t help it. His own tears fell as Donghae cried. His friend was in pain and he could do nothing. He was powerless, all the money he could ever want and he couldn’t do anything. They were all powerless and Yoona controlled them.

“You should have heard him.” Donghae managed. “He said he hates me. Wook, he hates me. How am I supposed to make it better? If he hates me now then I’m never going to get him back.”

“Sh,” Wookie ordered. “He doesn’t hate you. You know him better than I do and I know he doesn’t hate you. He’s not like that. He’s just upset.”

Donghae shook his head fiercely, but didn’t look up.

“I thought I knew him, but no one ever did what I did to him. He has every right to hate me. I hate myself.”

“No. No, Hae. You can’t hate yourself.”

“But, I do.”

Wookie pulled Donghae closer and let him cry into his shirt while he cried into his hair. That was how Heechul found them when he walked in. Wookie hadn’t even noticed when Donghae fell asleep. Wookie and Heechul exchanged a look and then they both moved Donghae into the bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“What do you think?” Wookie said walking out. “He says he hates himself. He says that Eunhyuk hates him. He’s heartbroken. He’s sore.”

“He should be.” Heechul said shutting Donghae’s door behind him. “He got hit twice today. I think Yesung’s punch messed with his brain. Hankyung’s probably fixed it.”

“Hankyung!? Heechul! What the hell? You were supposed to be with him so that wouldn’t happen.”

“I know, but he’s going crazy. We were in the hallway and we stopped because I had to see if his face wasn’t ruined. We saw Hankyung and Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk was sleeping and Hankyung was holding him like you were holding Donghae. But, he went crazy. He kissed me!”

“He kissed you?”

“That’s what I said and how was I supposed to know Hankyung was going to hit him? He’s never violent or jealous. It was Donghae’s fault for doing something so stupid. He was getting back at Hankyung for nothing. Bet that right now the right side of his face is swelling. We have to get him ice.”

“Right side? Yesung hit him on the left.” Wookie said defensive for no reason.

“Yes, but Hankyung is stronger.”

“Stronger?” Wookie shook his head. “Hyung! This isn’t about whose boyfriend is stronger. What are we going to do about Donghae?”

Wookie watched Heechul run his hand through his hair. He had picked that habit up from Donghae, because Hankyung never touched his hair. He kept it perfect. As he watched Heechul, he remembered when the other man had dyed his hair blond just for Hankyung. They were F3 then. He wished they could go back to that. They should be strong, happy, the best. They had never expected the Golden Boys to be so much trouble. And even though he loved Yesung with all his heart, if they hadn’t met the Golden Boys, Donghae wouldn’t be crying himself to sleep.

“What do we do?” Heechul asked.

“We can talk to his father.” Wookie said not really enthusiastic. “No matter what happened, Donghae is still his son. His father loves him. There has to be some way he can help Donghae.”

“You know that Donghae is the future president and his cousin is the future vice president. They can’t have stains on their records even before they take over.”

“We have to try something.”

“You’re right.” Heechul said. “We do.”
                                         -----One Month-----
Eunhyuk woke up to the banging on his desk. He knew Hankyung was purposefully dropping everything within reaching distance. He didn’t even bother opening his eyes. It was Saturday. It had been a month since he and Donghae had broken up and if he wasn’t mistaken, it was a year ago that he and Donghae has celebrated their 100 days. Those were enough reasons for him to stay in bed under his warm covers.

“Eunhyuk. Get up.” Hankyung said.

Eunhyuk groaned, but didn’t move. He felt Hankyung slip in next to him. He rolled over and threw a hand around Hankyung’s neck. He was starting to doze when Hankyung poked his side. His eyes flew open and he wriggled away. Hankyung laughed and got up.

“Well, now that you’re awake, let’s go have breakfast. Or, as a matter of fact, if you can get ready in the next 30 minutes, I’ll—“

Eunhyuk didn’t bother waiting for Hankyung to finish. He ran to the bathroom. He showered in record time, but took his time changing and fixing his hair. He was turning into Hankyung ever since…well it had been a month ago. He had also started going to the gym with Hankyung. He was doing exceptionally well if he did say so himself.

“Hyung.” He called. “Can I call my friend?”

“Yeah.” Hankyung called back. “We’ll wait by the car.”


Eunhyuk picked up his phone and went three dorms down. He knocked once and there was Sungmin. Sungmin was in their year and had gotten in the year they had. Sungmin was very hyper, always smiling and being cute in the most innocent way. He liked his hair dark and long. Eunhyuk hadn’t met another person who obsessed with pink like Sungmin did. Eunhyuk liked him because Sungmin’s hyper-ness made him happy and he liked the earring Sungmin wore always.

“Eunhyuk-sshi!” Sungmin beamed. “What’s up?”

“You’re dressed. Want to come have breakfast with me and my friends?”

Sungmin’s smile was infectious. He was wearing jeans and a pink shirt. He had a vest over that and Eunhyuk took a moment to brood about how he would never pull off pink. Sungmin looped their arms together.

“I’d love to. Lead the way.”

They walked down with Sungmin chatting away. Eunhyuk liked that happy tone. Hankyung was leaning against the car. Yesung was sitting in the back and they had the hood rolled down.

“Omo, you didn’t tell me you knew Hankyung-sshi!” Sungmin gushed.

“Yes. I do.” Eunhyuk said. “Min, I am one of the Golden Boys. How would I not know Hankyung and Yesung?”

“Well, I don’t pay attention, but your hyung is hot.”

Eunhyuk frowned. “He’s with someone.”

“Oh really? Well, I didn’t mean it that way then. I just…well, I could do so much with him if he let me. Has his hair been blond too long?”
Eunhyuk shook his head. He dragged Sungmin over.

“We’re here. This is Sungmin.” Eunhyuk said. “Sungmin’s in our year. Min, that’s Yesung and this…is Hankyung.”

“Hello.” Hankyung said.

“Nice to meet you.” Yesung nodded.

“Hello Yesung-sshi. Wow, you have amazing cheekbones. Have you ever thought about growing out your bangs a bit more?” Sungmin asked.

Yesung smiled. Hankyung raised an eyebrow and Eunhyuk grinned. He had wanted to see how Hankyung and Yesung reacted to Sungmin. Sungmin was way hyper than either Yesung or Hankyung. It was amusing seeing how Hankyung tried to figure out what to make of Sungmin.

“Hankyung hyung how long have you been a blond?”

“Oh, I don’t know, almost two years.” Hankyung said opening the car door.

“Have you ever thought about changing your hair back to its original color?” Sungmin asked going over to grab Hankyung’s hair. “Maybe cutting it and spiking it? It would look good on you and it would go great with the uniform. And your clothes, I can help you with those too. Let me help, please.”

Eunhyuk bit his lip to keep back the laugh. Hankyung caught his eye and Eunhyuk saw the question in the older man’s eyes. Hankyung was very conservative when it came to this looks. He made his own decisions. It had taken him and Yesung months to convince him to dye his hair.

“I don’t know.” Hankyung said finally.

Eunhyuk saw Sungmin widen his eyes. Hankyung’s own eyes widened in response and he looked at Eunhyuk for help. Eunhyuk bit back his laugh and got into the back with Yesung. He smiled at Hankyung’s glare and winked. Meanwhile, Sungmin was busy with the cute and innocent act.

“Please, Hankyung-sshi. Please. I promise that you’ll like it.”

“I’ll tell you what. If Eun…if Yesung says yes then I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

“Why Yesung-sshi?” Sungmin asked.

“Because,” Yesung answered. “He knows he has a better chance of getting a no from me.”

“Exactly.” Hankyung said.

Eunhyuk frowned. He watched as Sungmin half turned in his seat to look at Yesung. He batted his eyelashes and Eunhyuk was surprised that Yesung didn’t give in. He would have.

“Eunhyuk, help me.” Sungmin complained after they had breakfast and Yesung still hadn’t budged.

“No. No help.” Hankyung said putting an arm around Yesung. “Yesung decides.”

“Eunhyuk-sshi.” Sungmin said looping their arms together. “You have to help me. Please.”

“Okay.” Eunhyuk said. “Watch and learn Sungmin.”

He walked over to Hankyung and Yesung pulling Sungmin along.

“Hyung,” He said talking to Yesung. “I really, really want Sungmin-sshi to help Hankyung hyung, please.”

Eunhyuk saw Yesung falter. He pushed back his excited smile and pouted instead.

“It would make me very happy.” Eunhyuk insisted.

“Really?” Yesung asked him.

“Yesung.” Hankyung warned. “Don’t do it.”

But, it was pretty much done already. Eunhyuk watched Yesung survey him. He knew that this was the first time he was really asking for something since…well it had been a month ago. It was the first time he was assuring Yesung that he would be happy. It was a low way to get what he wanted, but he really, really wanted this.

“Alright.” Yesung said finally. “I say yes.”

“Yes!” he and Sungmin yelled at the same time.

He turned and threw his arms around Sungmin on impulse. He expected Sungmin to push him away, but the other man hugged him just as tight.

“Let’s go!” Sungmin said as he pulled Eunhyuk to the car.

Eunhyuk frowned. Sungmin’s hand felt oddly comforting in his. Sungmin’s hand felt right. He had forgotten the feeling. The hug had made his heart leap for the first time in a long time. And it wasn’t love or even a crush, but it could head that way. It had been so long since he had felt well and he didn’t question it. He just sat next to Sungmin and listened as he told Hankyung where to go.
“I don’t understand why I have to do this. I don’t get why you want to buy me my clothes either. I’ll pay for it. You’re Eunhyuk’s friend, go make him over.” Hankyung was complaining.

They were in one of those stores Eunhyuk would never go into. It was a rich kid store, a Sungmin store.

“I already told you. I want to. I have more money than I know what to do with.” Sungmin was telling Hankyung. “Think of it as a loan. If you don’t like it, you can keep the clothes and you don’t have to pay me. If you do like it, which you will, then we’ll decide on the price later. Now, stop complaining. Put the clothes on while I go see Eunhyuk and Yesung. Remember that you start there and go that way. Leave that one for last. You know what? You need me. Let me help.”

Eunhyuk sighed. He had been having fun until they actually got to the store. He and Sungmin had picked out clothes for Hankyung, leather included. Then, they’d tried to get Hankyung to put on the clothes and the world exploded. He had tried for ten minutes then he’d given up. Sungmin had taken over and things seemed to be going well.

“You should have known it wasn’t going to be easy.” Yesung called from the armchair he was in.

“Well, you weren’t much help. If the three of us had tried, we would have gotten though faster.”

“I never said I was going to help.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Eunhyuk said. “Sungmin seems to have everything under control.”

Yesung laughed. “Yes he does, but you know Hankyung and a pretty face. He will take anything and do anything for a pretty face.”
“Yes, I do know about hyung and a pretty face. That’s why I never understood how he ended up with you.”

Eunhyuk laughed. He dodged the pillow that Yesung threw at him.

“But, seriously,” Eunhyuk said unable to help his smile. “Hankyung’s just doing what he’s doing because Sungmin flirts like crazy. He’ll flirt with anything that doesn’t walk away first. He’s like Wookie except he doesn’t date everyone he flirts with.”

“Wookie changed.”

Eunhyuk smiled at the defensive tone in Yesung’s voice. “Yes, people change.”

They were quiet for a second. Eunhyuk knew what Yesung was thinking and Yesung knew he knew. Eunhyuk waited for the apology that always came, but before Yesung could say anything Sungmin walked in dragging a very reluctant Hankyung.

“It looks fine. You look great. I promise.” Sungmin turned to them. “Doesn’t he look great?”

“Wow.” Yesung said softly.

Eunhyuk had to agree. Hankyung was wearing jeans that were more fitted than the ones he usually wore. He had on a plain white t-shirt, but somehow Sungmin had made it look stylish. Maybe it was the pair of sunglasses or it might have been the plain colored bands on Hankyung’s left hand. Whatever it was, it worked perfectly, except for the hair.

“Uh, Sungmin?” Eunhyuk started.

“Yeah, I know. I hate the hair, but don’t you just love the way he looks?”

“He looks amazing.” Eunhyuk conceded.

“I own these things.” Hankyung said turning away.

“Not these you don’t.” Yesung said.

“I think it’s the sunglasses.” Eunhyuk mused.

“It is. I picked out more for him, but these go with this outfit. But, before you see the rest, he needs to fix his hair color. Come. There’s someone up front who can do it.”

They all followed and Eunhyuk ignored the glares from Hankyung. He was having fun again until Sungmin shoved them away.

“Why can’t we see?’ Eunhyuk asked.

“Be quiet a sec Eunhyuk. He’ll be there.”

When Hankyung walked out he was wearing the same clothes, but his hair was soft, short and black. It was styled to the right side of his head.


“Yes, woah.” Eunhyuk agreed.

“Great! Now, wait for the next one.” Sungmin said shoving Hankyung back into the dressing room.

As they sat and waited, an idea occurred to Eunhyuk. It amused him and he was sure that Hankyung and Yesung hadn’t thought of it yet.

“Alright,” Sungmin called. “He’s coming out. Don’t pass out.”

“Pass out? Oh…”

Eunhyuk laughed at Yesung’s open mouth. He laughed until he turned. Hankyung was wearing tight indigo jeans, a tank top, a leather jacket and sunglasses. His hair was spiked back neatly as was his custom, always neat.

“Hyung, I think I’m in love with you.” Eunhyuk said and he meant it.

“Shut up.” Hankyung said his face going red anyway.

“Nope, he’s right.” Yesung said.

“I know!” Sungmin gushed. “He wouldn’t let me put him in leather pants so these had to do. He has great legs, really long, doesn’t he?”

Yesung nodded. “He does.”

Eunhyuk smiled. “Heechul is going to kill you.”

A/N: SUNGMINNIE! Like? Dislike? I had to have Minnie in there. I noticed the lack of kyumin (oh oops gave it away) and couldn't live with it. So, here you go. Comments are much loved. Who wants Kyumin?
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