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Things Happen I 10/14

A/N: Donghae virus is gone *sigh* It might come back later. But, hello there lovelies. How are you all? Good? I have a chapter for you all!!!! See, here it is. I hope you like it and well enjoy. *evil smile* A warning to you all. HANCHUL. That is all =)

Hankyung ran a hand through his hair. He wasn’t used to the color or the length yet. He didn’t know why he’d let Sungmin do it. If he thought about it, it was because he hadn’t seen Eunhyuk that excited in a long time. It all looked good he had to admit as he spiked back his hair.

“Hyung, get out. We’re going to be late.” Eunhyuk called.

Hankyung decided that no matter what he did there was no way to hide his new hair from Heechul. He had done an amazing job over the weekend, mostly thanks to Eunhyuk and Sungmin. The two together were one massive ball of hyperactivity. But, the weekend was over and he would have to see Heechul soon. He had even gotten Heechul a present, not because he was guilty, because he wasn’t, but because the mirror just reminded him of Heechul.

He had laughed when he bought it, but then he’d gotten home and had started worrying. He had never exactly gotten Heechul anything other than the occasional flowers. He had been so worried that Heechul wouldn’t like the present that he had written a whole five page letter explaining what it was exactly that he was trying to do. He had bought chocolates and everything. It was sad when he thought about it. The more thought he put into the innocent gift, the guiltier he seemed.

He sighed at his reflection one last time and slipped out.

“Hankyung-sshi.” Sungmin greeted looping their arms together.

“Sungmin-ah, how are you? Did you come to take me to class?” Hankyung answered.

“Yes, I came for Eunhyuk and Yesung too, but Eunhyuk won’t let me touch him. He says I’m wearing too much pink, but the school policy never specified that we had to wear white. It just says the pants, the jacket and a button up shirt. It never says what color.” Sungmin piped up happily.

“I have nothing against pink so fell free to stay with me.” Hankyung said following Yesung and Eunhyuk out the door. “And I suppose I owe you for the clothes and the hair.”

“I told you. I’m glad you like them.”

“Will you two hurry up?” Eunhyuk called over his shoulder.

“Why? Jealous?” Hankyung answered.

“No. You’re just throwing off our formation. You always walk in the middle of me and Yesung.” Eunhyuk frowned. “Sungmin you’re throwing everything off.”

“I wouldn’t be if you let me walk with you.” Sungmin said.

“Fine. Yesung and I are just going to walk back here and talk about you behind your backs.” Eunhyuk grumbled.

“Have fun.” Hankyung laughed. “Yesung hasn’t had his coffee yet.”

“I will. We both need to sleep and you and Sungmin are way too happy. It’s early. You should be tired and grumpy, you weird people.”

“So, Min, you play the guitar?” Hankyung asked ignoring Eunhyuk.

“Yup, I do. I hear that you beat Donghae at dancing. I hear you’re perfect.”

“I’m not.” Hankyung frowned. “Far from it. People come up with the strangest things. Nothing and nobody is perfect. And Eunhyuk beats anyone at dancing. And before you ask, Yesung has a voice that could make angels cry.”

“You know,” Sungmin said. “That was the perfect thing to say.”

Hankyung felt his face burn. He didn’t know what to do with the new addition to the group. Sungmin was almost addictive in a way. It could just be because he just had a way of making people smile. It could also be because Sungmin had permanently attached himself to Hankyung. But, Hankyung knew that the reason was always the same. Sungmin made Eunhyuk happy. Even if in the morning he didn’t leave Hankyung’s side, by the afternoon he and Eunhyuk were inseparable.

They continued their walk. Hankyung could hear Eunhyuk complaining softly and Yesung’s soothing voice. He was too busy concentrating on his own conversation that he didn’t notice where he was going and walked right into Donghae.

“Sorry.” He said taking a step back.

Donghae nodded but didn’t look at him. Yoona wasn’t with him either. That was unusual. Hankyung watched Donghae’s eyes follow Eunhyuk. He had watched Donghae for the past month and there was something wrong. If Hankyung didn’t know any better he would have said that Donghae was the one hurting the most over the breakup.


Hankyung looked up. Heechul was looking at him his mouth hanging open and his eyes burning. Hankyung forgot exactly where he was and what he had been thinking as he looked into Heechul’s eyes. That look, the burning, intense look that made him want to fall into those dark eyes. He stopped breathing, stopped thinking. Those eyes.

“Hankyung, what the fuck happened to your hair?” Heechul asked his voice more awed than angry.

He was going to answer, but couldn’t exactly remember how to form words as Heechul’s eyes ate him up.

“He let me dye it for him.” Sungmin answered after a moment of silence.

Hankyung winced. He waited for what he was sure was coming, but Heechul didn’t say anything. When Hankyung looked up, he saw why. Heechul was holding on to the arm of a young man and watching him. There was a challenge in Heechul’s eyes as he ran a hand down the guy’s arms. Hankyung’s breath caught in his throat. That was definitely not innocent.

Hankyung had looked at the guy and had to admit that the boy was pretty good looking, but he didn’t see why Heechul had to hang off his arm like that.

“Hankyung, Yesung, Eunhyuk…kid,” Heechul said eyeing Sungmin. “This is Donghae’s cousin Kyuhyun. He’s the youngest son of the youngest son on Donghae’s father’s side. He transferred here, because he has a very nice voice. And even though Ryeowook doesn’t think so, I think you have to watch out Yesung.”

Hankyung took a deep breath and tried to ignore how Heechul’s hand ran up and down Kyuhyun’s arm. He wanted to laugh. It was all so ridiculous. Why would Heechul be upset over a hair change? He thought it was ridiculous until he realized that Sungmin was hanging off his arm too. Interesting.

“Uh, Heechul, Donghae, Wook, this is Eunhyuk’s friend, Sungmin. Eunhyuk would have introduced him, but it’s too early for him to be up yet.”

“Hello.” Sungmin smiled.

Hankyung had to smile. He noticed the way Sungmin’s eyes flashed to Kyuhyun. He didn’t miss the searching lingering look Sungmin gave Kyuhyun either. But, looking at Kyuhyun brought his attention back to Heechul.

Heechul was looking at him while he took Kyuhyun’s hand. There it was again. That silent challenge. Heechul smirked as he twined his fingers with Kyuhyun.

“Come, Kyuhyun.” Heechul said voice silky and anything but innocent. “We have to go to class. I’ll take good care of you. I wouldn’t want you to get lost here.”

“Thank you hyung. It was nice meeting all of you.” Kyuhyun said politely.

Hankyung couldn’t smile. He just nodded and waited for what came next. He was watching Heechul.

“Hankyung-sshi, you have to get to class too.” Sungmin said suddenly. “I have to go. I’ll see you for lunch. Goodbye Eunhyuk. Bye Yesung. It was nice meeting F3 or F4 now, I guess.”

“That’s right,” Heechul smiled. “We’re F4 now.”

“Right,” Hankyung said reaching for Sungmin on impulse as Heechul watched him. “And we’re still the Golden Boys. Goodbye Sungminnie.”

He pulled Sungmin against him all the while keeping his eyes on Heechul. He knew it was stupid, this little act between them. He shouldn’t be so upset over Heechul holding someone else’s hand. Heechul was very touchy feely with a lot of people. It didn’t bother Hankyung. He had learned to live with it. It was fine…

Oh who the hell was he kidding? Heechul drove him insane. He couldn’t stand to see Heechul hanging off of Kyuhyun’s arm. He wanted to go over and wipe that polite smile from Kyuhyun’s face. He wanted to drag Heechul away and make sure he knew who he belonged to.

“Uh, hyung?” Eunhyuk asked quietly.

Hankyung looked away from Heechul. Everyone, including Kyuhyun was looking between the two of them. He blinked. He could tell from Eunhyuk’s voice that they had all noticed the silent battle between him and Heechul.

“We have to go to class.” Hankyung said walking forward to take Eunhyuk’s arm.

“Yes, class.” Heechul said pulling on Kyuhyun.

“Kyu. Can I call you Kyu?” Hankyung asked.

“Of course.”

“Kyu, it’s been nice meeting you. You look like a good kid. I would like to be your friend.”

“I would too hyung.” Kyuhyun said nodding.

“Right.” Hankyung said. “So, if you want to be my friend, I’m going to have to ask you to, please, let the fuck go of my boyfriend.”
“What the hell was that about?” Heechul asked later. “What happened to your hair?”

They were in one of the lounges near Hankyung’s room. Heechul was sitting on a chair by the door and Hankyung was leaning against the desk in the far corner.

“Nothing happened to my hair. I dyed it. Is that okay with you? Do I have to ask for your permission when I breathe too?”

“Cut the attitude, Hankyung. I don’t want to hear it.” Heechul said getting up. “Why did you let him do it?”

“Why were you all over Kyuhyun?”

“I asked first.” Heechul said.

Hankyung sighed. He turned away. He was so tired, for no reason. Heechul was too much. There was too much emotional energy that went into the relationship. He knew that to everybody else, it seemed like he was confident, like he was sure and Heechul was the one that had to be careful. He knew that his friends thought he was happy and he was. He was just upset, because nothing with Heechul was ever certain.
He knew Heechul loved him, had to love him to shower him with all the gifts. But, Heechul came with that personality of his. He laughed easily with others, touched other people way too frequently. And it wouldn’t have bothered Hankyung so much if there had been a difference between him and the others, but there was no difference.

Heechul hugged him the way he would hug anyone else. Heechul held hands with other people the way he would hold Hankyung’s hand. For all Hankyung knew, Heechul kissed other people the way they kissed.

“Heechul.” He said finally. “I’m tired.”

“Tired? That’s your best answer. You were tired so you let that little pink fluff ball dye your hair? You could have come to me. I would have taken you and done a better job.”

“Heechul, can I ask you something before you keep yelling at me?”

Heechul rolled his eyes and Hankyung took that as a yes. He walked over to where Heechul was and leaned down until they were looking at each other.

“What would you do if I ended things between us?”

He watched Heechul’s face carefully. He had to know. He needed to see a reaction, anything.

“You’re not leaving me.” Heechul said finally.

Hankyung looked away. He didn’t know what to do, because, damn his life, but Heechul was right. He couldn’t leave Heechul. He loved him and he knew that whatever Heechul did, that would never change.

“I have to go apologize to Kyuhyun, don’t I?” he said.

Heechul laughed. “I love your hair.”

“I have clothes that go with this.” Hankyung whispered leaning forward. “Want to see?”

“Don’t push it.” Heechul said. “I’m going to have to keep you to myself for the rest of the day and well into the night for this, you know that right? You’re not allowed to see the pink fluff ball ever, unless I’m there too.”

Hankyung nodded. He would have agreed to anything to get Heechul to open the door already.

“I have a present for you.” He said.

“A present? For me?”

“Yeah,” Hankyung blushed. “But, don’t expect too much.”

He refused to look at Heechul. He opened the door to his room and pushed Heechul inside. He handed the package over without a word and went to stand near the window. He calculated that it would take all of ten seconds to open the window and jump out. The floor wasn’t that far. He wouldn’t die.

“Hankyung?” Heechul called after a few minutes.

Hankyung didn’t know why his heart beating so fast. It was just a present. That was it.

“Hankyung. Look at me.”

Hankyung turned, not because he was any braver. He turned because of that voice that was laced with something that sent Hankyung’s heart racing in a very, very good way. Heechul was looking at him the way he had always imagined he would be looked at. Their eyes met and Hankyung swore he could touch the electricity running between them.

“Heechul.” He said half breathless already.

And that was it. He didn’t know how he got across the room so fast. One second he was looking at Heechul and the next he had Heechul against him, his lips pressed tightly against Heechul’s.

“I fucking love your hair.” Heechul gasped as Hankyung’s mouth moved down his neck.


“I’m going to kill Sungmin, but…god…I love your hair.” Heechul said pulling on Hankyung’s hair.

Hankyung smiled against Heechul’s neck and bit down. He heard the soft moan and then the quiet panting and wondered how much self-control he had. Not much it seemed as he pressed Heechul against the nearest wall.

Their mouths met again in a heated kiss, their lips moving together not quite together, but together enough, their hands had long ago been lost somewhere along each other, their bodies close, so close. They moaned at the same time and Hankyung swore there was no sweeter sound than Heechul’s quiet whimpers as his hands explored every inch of Heechul he could reach.

“Hankyung.” Heechul said, but it was more a moan than an actually wish to talk. “Hankyung have I mentioned how much I love your hair. Except for the clothes. Get rid of those now.”

Hankyung was more than happy to oblige.

A/N: Don't shoot the author. I know I failed -_- I rewrote this chapter so many times. After reading all the comments for the last one I didn't want to disappoint my Hanchul lovers out there so I tried guys. I really, really, really, really tried. *sigh* I don't know. What did you guys think?
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