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fall down. get dirty.
24 May 2013 @ 01:08 pm
I'm alone at my aunt's house and I want to write something new to get rid of this writer's block. also I just really want to write something so give me a prompt from whatever fandom (Merlin, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Shinee, Super Junior, Spartacus).

the person who requests minkey will get my eternal love
fall down. get dirty.
23 May 2013 @ 02:59 pm
Hey guys, thebig24 is holding a charity auction to raise money for the HIV/AIDS foundation. I am offering ficfor the following fandoms: Merlin, Supernatural, Spartacus, Shinee, Super Junior, Teen Wolf. Any rating. Any pairing.There are more details here.
fall down. get dirty.
03 March 2013 @ 01:31 am
Okay, so in my world it's not Christmas yet, okay. I owe three people things, and I swear I am working on that hanchul fic okay. I AM. BUT. This is a post because I really want fic and someone needs to go write it for me, and I thought that I'd make it fair and do this as a sort of exchange thing. So, I'll trade you one of my prompts for one of yours.

1. Minho/Key.
they're like a married couple and some pics for inspiration.

Basically, what I want is, minkey in some sort of trip to somewhere, doesn't have to be London. Sort of like a minkey power couple, think Brad and Angelina. Okay? OKAY.

2. Minho/Jonghyun.
anything with them being complete assholes to each other. but it ends in a good way. here have an aesthetically pleasing picture.

Make them rock stars or something. idk go wild.

okay, let's be real here. i would give you whatever you wanted, write you whatever you wanted, do you any favor you wanted if you wrote me this okay. LIKE WHATEVER. I would give you my kidney if you wanted it. Anything with the three of them so long as Minho's the main here, so it's more like jongho + minkey. Don't want jongkey with minho getting in the way. Make it sexy. Make it awesome. P L E A S E

That's what I want, and you can tell me what you want in the comments. So, one of my prompts for one of yours okay.
fall down. get dirty.
09 December 2012 @ 11:33 pm
So, I went and did it again. I signed up for something but this time for the SPN fandom because I LOVE THE SPN FANDOM WITH MY SOUL. Long story short, I finally found a show that I can say I relate a lot to (we're talking the relationships here not the monster hunting) and it physically hurts my soul to watch that, but it was also very therapeutic in my earlier days of sad. SO I am going to go write fic for this fandom now because it is only fair that I do. AND because I can't ever go slowly, I have a big bang to write, plus a pairing bingo card YAY FOR ME.

this shall be my archive until i put it all in my fic commCollapse )
fall down. get dirty.
06 December 2012 @ 08:27 pm
So, I never do anything nice for you guys on Christmas, or like, ever, so this is me wanting to give you something. I am only good at writing, so if you want to request, like art, or something, I can't guarantee it will be even remotely good. B U T it is the holiday season so you can ask for whatever you want from me. (By this I mean art[don't please, i can't draw and i will cry], writing, icons [lol that isn't going to work too well, but I can try], I will even make you a fucking collage of all your favorite things if you want, or like fanmixes for a fic of yours, or a podfic. GUYS I WILL MAKE YOU A FUCKING PODFIC BECAUSE I LOVE YOU) So, go ahead, and drop a comment here with what you want.

RULES and things to know:
1. If it's writing, I will only guarantee a drabble, but it may or may not be longer depending on the prompt.
2. For writing, I need a prompt, a pairing, a fandom, and a maximum/minimum rating. I will write you whatever you guys want, in whatever genre you want. Prompt away.
3. I will write for the following fandoms: Supernatural, Merlin, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Shinee, Super Junior. (I can't remember what else, but ask and I will let you know if I can).
4. For podficcing, I am American, so let that be your only warning.
5. Again for podficcing, you can chose whatever fic you want, but like, please be keep in mind that wanting me to talk for more than 3 hours straight is going to make me sad.
6. I will only do three podfics, okay.
7. For fanmixes, link the fic you want me to read and make a FANMIX for. I will upload all the songs on mediafire, so keep that in mind in case that doesn't work for you.
8. I am so serious about the collage. I will rip out things from magazines and whatever and make you something nice, but unless you know how to teleport, the only way you're getting this physically is if you let me know where you live.
9. CHRISTMAS CARDS. Okay, so this list is everywhere. But if you just want a Christmas card, tell me where I'm sending it.
10. Comments here will be screened
11. Yes, I know I left out art and icons because N O.
12. This is supposed to be fun.
13. Um, eventually, depending on how many comments I get and how much time I have after finals, I will cut off this post.

we should all do this and then i can go on your ljs and demand things from you.

A L I C E hi
fall down. get dirty.
24 October 2012 @ 08:39 pm
I am BORED and so tired I could cry, but it's that kind of tired where you're so tired you can't sleep because your skin itches and your eyes just hurt and everything hurts. I need to relax before I go to sleep, so maybe I'll go rewatch Jericho. But, I saw this meme on tumblr and decided I wanted to do it.

i swear this one is interesting, or well, i like itCollapse )

oh, god that was the longest most awesome thing i have done today.
fall down. get dirty.
Today, in my sociology class--where I am part of the few minorities, and the only person who comes from, what is essentially the lower class--we were having a discussion about education. Because, I honestly hope no one thinks that education for kids pre-k through 12th grade is equal. Quite, the opposite actually and pardon the long post, but some people need to wake up.

some things I need to clear upCollapse )

And there's more I could say, but honestly, I am way better off than most kids and we should be helping them not just talking about it.
fall down. get dirty.
So, I was looking through my docs and the amount of unfinished fic there makes me sad. So, I'm going to dump it here and pretend that that means I've posted it in comms and never have to look at it again. Then, I'm going to go and finish my stupid spnaubigbang fic and finish my first ever sterek fic and cry. THEN, I will try to go through my merthur fics and see if there's anywhere I can take those.

Also, can we all just talk about how there are a billion challenges/exchanges and I'm pretty sure combined, kingdra and I have joined all of them. Seriously, I quit my job. I am going to go into fic writing full time. Who needs money anyway.

Right, so here have a bunch of unfinished fic and if you leave a comment with the name of the fic, I will bombard you with fun facts and wonderful/random stories about where I got the idea for it or how I started writing it or whatever.

excerpt from a shinee, onho fic I was/am writing/editingCollapse )

a minho centric post-apocalyptic ficCollapse )

this was supposed to be a porn star merthur auCollapse )

this was, like incest minkey, idk guys, idkCollapse )

so this is another merthur canon au/ar thingCollapse )


remember my suju resistance dystopia au. well there's a shinee version.Collapse )

So, that's all I'm posting for now because the rest is just depressing. But, feel free to ask away and I shall answer. Also, most of these make me want to start writing them again, so I might.
fall down. get dirty.
10 October 2012 @ 07:31 pm
fic cheerleading: a writing hell haven
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fall down. get dirty.
09 September 2012 @ 09:43 pm

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