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over the mountains of the moon, down the valley of shadow

"ride boldly, ride," the shade replied. "if you search for el dorado."

fall down. get dirty.
Hi, I'm Ana.

s t u f f

I am into a lot of shows and books. But everybody should definitely read The Imperial Radch Series by Ann Leckie because it is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. If you like sci-fi and are interested in challenging your conventional views on gender, then read The Imperial Radch trilogy and come talk to me about it.
t o

I made this livejournal many years ago, so this profile is more sparse than it was back in the day. I also haven't really posted anything in a while, as I am more active on other forms of social media, but welcome. I always like making new friends.

k n o w

Most of my writing is on AO3 now, at static_abyss. I keep old fic up here on this journal and my old shared writing comm drownwith_me. Fic are open on this journal and that comm, so no need to friend if anybody is still here for the super old fic of back in the day.
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